Monday, August 30, 2010

HwangBo, “I don’t have a boyfriend now but I wish to get married before 35″


Singer HwangBo comes clean, “I don’t have a boyfriend currently.”

HwangBo was guest appearance on KBS 2TV Happy Birthday aired on 30th August together with Yoon JungSoo, Lee YoonMi, ZE:A members and Kim SookEe.

On the show that day, HwangBo was asked “Do you still not have any plans to get married?” and she said, “Honestly, even though I wish to, but I don’t have the interests yet.” And when asked if she has a boyfriend, she answered, “I am not seeing anyone now. But I hope not to cross the age of 35 to get married.” She also added, “I like a man who is understanding.”

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!

Hi guys! I am back from my vacation! How have you all been? I missed youuuuu!!! T___T

Sadly before we left my laptop didn't arrive yet, and I was internetless for basically 3 weeks o.o Can you imagine? I was just looking at my emails and the chat messages and I realized that I do need help for the blog... Since a year that this blog has been opened, I have been running it alone. Life has been very busy recently and I fail to update as much as I used to. I do still wish to spread Joongbo love and I know many others do as well.

If anyone is interested in helping me update the blog, please email me at

Diving to the blogging sea can be very stressful sometimes and since I do not want to pressure anyone to update the blog with me, I thought of having guest bloggers per month? A Joongboer of the month? There are many fans who have different opinions and I think it would be really cool to have various insights on Joongbo happenings!

As for requirements, you have to be a one that:
  • Loves Joongbo
  • Loves Hyunjoong
  • Loves Hwangbo
  • Has nternet access?
I dunno what else to add.. Those are the important ones though hahaha! but please do email me if you're interested ^^ AND HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL TO EVERYONE WHO WENT.. TO THE.. UHM.. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL DAY!! WOOHOOO!

Btw, I have a laptop now, first one bought with my own hard earned money!!! :D

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[Photos] Ready, Action! Kim Hyunjoong In Spain Photobook

I need this photobook omg *nosebleeds*

Besides Kim HyunJoong, Park JungMin & Kim HyungJun too...SS501 Disband?

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

In June, leader Kim HyunJoong moved to another management company which aroused rumors of disband, the other members of SS501 will choose their own path themselves following their contract expiry with their current management company DSP.

Kim HyunJoong moved to Bae YongJoon’s company Key East, in fact the group seems to be disbanded since Park JungMin and Kim HyungJun are looking for a new company themselves too.

Park JungMin announced on 10-Aug that he has signed with CNR Media, which is a Korea and Taiwan joint venture company, Kim HyungJun has not confirmed any contract with new management company but it is known that he is preparing for his own activities.

Rather than announcing the official disband, it has been observed that SS501 members wish to keep the group. Park JungMin announced his contract with CNR Media on 10-Aug and wrote in the homepage “I will come forth with the name of ‘Park JungMin’ from ‘SS501’. Of course, I will always be ‘SS501’s JungMin’..! JungMin in SS501!”

He also wrote “Though there are many worries and nervousness, please give lots of strength to JungMin who is taking his first step now..! In the future, I will work harder and make progress.”

Earlier on, Kim HyunJoong also revealed his similar stance on this matter.

However, most analysis shows that it would be difficult to have their activities together in reality if they are with different management companies.

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong will be starring in MBC new Wed-Thu drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ where he acts as a genius pretty boy who has an IQ of 200. ‘Mischievous Kiss’ will succeed ‘Road Number 1’, starting its broadcast on 1-Sep.

[Photos] Hwang Buin and Brian Filming Storm


Hyunjoong Keyeast Profile Page


Hwang Buin Tweetphotos

can i have like... a body like hers? LOL

Playful Kiss Reveals A Kissing Still

With the upcoming drama MBC Playful Kiss scheduled to air in less than a month, another still has been released.

On the 11th, Playful Kiss revealed a striking still of a kiss scene between Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong’s drama role) and Oh Hani (Jung So Min). The filming for this still took place during the past three days at a studio located in Seoul. Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min and the staff spent a reasonable amount of time scrutinizing every little detail for the kissing still, such as the placement of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min’s fingers and arms.

Meanwhile, the kissing still was taken as if the actor and actress are about to delve in for a sweet kiss. The witnessing staff had an enjoyable time shooting for this still as they tried urging the two to lean in towards each other.

Jung So Min expressed:

“I still can’t call Hyun Joong without adding the word sunbae after his name. I’m diligently practicing and going over the script, so I definitely feel like I’m starting to become more like the character, Oh Hani. When it comes to filming the kiss scene, I’ll be portraying Oh Hani’s true feelings towards Seung Jo.”

The drama will air on September 1st, replacing Road No.1. -allkpop

Mischievous Kiss Homepage


Kim HyunJoong-Jung SoMin, Touch or No Touch ‘Mischievous Kiss’

Credits : + (photo) Group Eight + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

The most anticipated drama in the 2nd half of 2010, MBC Wed-Thu mini series ‘Mischievous Kiss’ released the mischievous kiss photo of Kim HyunJoong (as Baek SeungJo) and Jung SoMin (as Oh HaNi).

From Kim HyunJoong, Jung SoMin, to the recently casted Annyoung Bada have attracted a lot of attention for the drama, they shot the photos of ‘Mischievous Kiss’ in a studio located in downtown Seoul on 3-Aug. Leading actors/actress Kim HyunJoong. Jung SoMin, Lee TaeSung, Yoon SeungAh, Jang AhYoung and Annyoung Bada were all present for this shooting, and the highlight of this days’ shooting is in the later part on Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin’s mischievous kiss. Due to the unique nature of this scene, the considerate producers only allowed few numbers of staffs to be present and went into intense shooting.

With an in-dept study on the pros and cons of the original comic and Taiwan version of drama, and in order to make a perfect concept in Korea version of ‘Mischievous Kiss’, the producers paid attention to every single detail, even down to where the fingers should be placed. Kim HyunJoong, with his prior experience in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, naturally lead Jung SoMin in posing, telling her where the arms should be positioned, etc, they filmed with affection making the atmosphere at the filming scene comfortable.

In the intense shooting, one staff who was watching their lips seemingly touching or not, sadly ordered them “Just a little more!” making the people who were present laugh. “I haven’t been able to speak causal to HyunJoong sunbaenim yet” Jung SoMin could not hide her bashful smile, she expressed her feelings, “I read the original comic frequently and I am being assimilated to HaNi. Just like how I am going to live as HaNi now, I am filming the kiss scene bearing the feeling of HaNi’s one-sided love for SeungJo.”

‘Mischievous Kiss’ which has gained attention locally as well as overseas, has attracted a lot of talking points from its announcement of production to the casting of actors/actress. Bringing the sweet homemade romance, MBC’s new Wed-Thu drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ is scheduled to be broadcasted on 1-Sep at 9.55pm.

KHJ Spain Story Special Movie