Saturday, December 17, 2011


You have noticed the blog has changed again!
We now upgraded the comments section to Disqus. You can use your Facebook, Twitter and OpenID to login! You can 'like' comments and such hehe

The chatbox section is moved to the footer so it could be larger. 
(but if you preferred it in the sidebar we can move it as well, please tell me ^^)

The links section has been moved back again to the sidebar for easier navigation. The facebook pages for Ssangchu Couple FB & Ssangchu Heaven TV has been added there too. For any links I may have missed, please comment below ^^

And this is the first time actual pics of Joongbo is made to be the banner!! 
Here are the photos used. (You can use them as your avatars :DDD)

edited using photoshop ^^




I think that's it for now hehe~
I will organize it more in a bit!
For now, off to work!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ssangchu Santa News!


This is Ssangchu Santa and I give happy news! 
There have been requests for full episodes on SHTV
and since all of you are on my nice list, that wish shall be granted! 

Merry Ssangchu Christmas to all!
*flies away in a lettuce sleigh*

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[MV] Kim Hyunjoong - Marry You / Marry Me


Should we be ready for 2012? yahooo!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[Photos] Hwang Buin Pics!



hwangbuin how can you keep a straight face? xD

she seriously looks like a model to me in this one..

[Video] Little Heaven - Amazing


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ssangchu Clips

Hey guys! This is SH ^^ Belated happy thanksgiving ^^ I missed you all! 

I have been trying to find a way to upload Joongbo Clips/Joongbo Moments on Youtube, but a minute after it is uplaoded, it already gets blocked. Facebook has a nice video uploading application, and the link is on this badge right here. ------------->

The name is Ssangchu Heaven TV hahaha xD I don't know what else to name it, if you have any suggestions comment below ^^

Finals week will be next week so I hope you guys get good grades! Study hard, we can do this! HWAITING!!! TO THE WORLD!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Wow, it's been awhile since the the last update. We're so sorry here at Ssangchu Heaven.  
Real life kind of does have a funny way of interring in all the fun things we would like to do.
Regardless of the lack of updates, it doesn't seem to stop our devoted Joongbo family from visiting.
It's always good to see the chat box always full of chatter and "spazzes."
In the States, Thanksgiving has just come and gone.
Most of us are still recovering from the massive feast and "BLACK FRIDAY"
but we still would like to use this time, even though we may be a couple days late,
to give thanks to all the Joongbo fans and family here at Ssangchu Heaven.
It's great to know that there is a group of people out there who can 
share our interest and spazz with us!!  So, from the SSangchu family...
Thank you for being you!!! TO THE WORLD!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

English Translation Of Joongbo Songs

credits: sassychicks + glitzyglam@soompi + goro-chan + warghalv +kpoplyrics@aol + goro-chan

I'm So Fortunate

For meeting you and being able to touch your hair,
For meeting you and being able to breathe looking at each other,
For being able to hug you and being able to let the tears flow when it's tough,
I'm so fortunate...

For this beautiful world that knows you and has you.

In the violent wind and under a wet roof, I'm not getting tossed by myself.
Wearisome of daily life and toilsome survival,
By some chance is not something meaningless.
Because of an amazing person,
Always remaining by my side,

For meeting you...
And being able to make meals we share
For meeting you and being able to hold your hands when it goes numb
For being able to hug you and being able to give you comfort even though it doesn't help,
I'm so fortunate..

I'm Thankful It's You

For quite sometime now
I smile at the thought of you
Holding each other's hands
As I walk you home
When I see you, your sweet, joking words
Makes me smile.

I love you, I love you
The words I want to say to you everyday
Thank you, I love you
The words I want to hear everyday
I love you, I love you
The feelings I want to cherish
..The feelings that I want to express to you, my everything.

Even when we're walking on busy streets for a long time,
I don't get frustrated
The first day we met 
It was fine
While you say your sweet, joking words.

When I close my eyes, 
I imagine you walking towards me
But I worry you'll leave me
I pray for us everyday 
Do you know how I feel? 
You are my love

I love you, I love you
Thank you, I love You
I love you, I love you
Don't send me away

The warmth and comfort and the anticipation
I love you, I love you
I'm going to see you now
and secretly hug you
My everything
Thank you, I love you
You are my everything
I love you, I love you
Thank you, I love You
I love you, I love you

I Believe 

I believe...
That although you are gone,
This cannot be the end, can it?
I believe...
That your journey back to me,
Is just delayed, isn’t it?

I remember so well
That I hurt myself as I cry.

I hope you don’t cry as I do
I hope you won’t cry as you leave
I know you will return someday
Because I believe,
I will wait for you, just you.

I believe...
You should not cry
When you think about my pain
I believe...
My tears will bring you back to me
My eyes cannot forget that it is you who made them cry.

Before I met you,
The world wasn’t so beautiful
Beneath the same sky all alone,
I cry but I will wait here just for you
Even if waiting is hopeless,
It’s already enough to think of love.

Time means nothing to me
I will wait for you, just you.

Only You

Only you can make me smile
Only you can wrap me in your arms
Only you, only you, 
Shine brighter than a jewel
You're brighter than a sunshine
Your mind is wider than a sea
Only you, only you make me live.

I passed by the farthest stars to meet you
I must have come too far
I want to love you as one, just like that warm sunset
Give me your heart that never dies

Even if I gave you my poor love,
You gave me even more love
Only you, only you can give me happiness

Your eyes are twinkling just like a star
Your lips, your two hands, you don't have any place to hate
We're starting to become alike, it must be happiness.

For you, for you
There's something I have to say,
Have told you that I was thankful?
Since the time we started to love, I was always sorry to you.
I want to love you as one, just like that warm sunset
Give me your heart that never dies.

Even if I give you my entire life,
There's nothing to feel regretful about.
Only you, only you, 
You're the only reason that I'm living for.


I won’t go, I’ll just wait here
Like a fool crying beside you
I don’t know why you had to hurt me
I won’t leave, I’ll keep on waiting.

I miss you, I miss you
At times you may hate me
I want to cry, kneel down for me
If it may turn out that there's nothing we can do about it…

The memory of being madly in love
I find you in those memories
We couldn’t have been more in love
I won’t choose this for you
I will never let it happen
But I’ll miss you as you’re dead

I miss you, I miss you
At times you may hate me
I believe this is the right way
I’m leaving to go to you

If I Only Have Him

You said you are leaving me because you love me,
Those words that were uttered through tears, 
I can’t believe them
But because you meant everything to me,
I refrain from holding you back, 
So as not to be a burden to you.

If you are doing what’s best for me, 
Who is filled with memories of you,
If this is for my sake, 
When I'm collapsing little by little,
You should stay beside me, just as you are.

You can’t leave my side,
Even if I forget everything of this world, 
It's okay..
If only I have him, if only I have him.

The times we laughed together,
The promises we made to each other,
I’ll remember them forever.

Think it through one more time,
You know what truly is best for me.

Watch over me forever by my side,
Don’t leave me,
Even if I forget everything of this world, 
It's okay,
If only I have him, if only I have him.

If you are doing what’s best for me, 
Who is filled with memories of you,
If you want to do what’s best for me, 
Who is pathetically collapsing,
You should stay beside me, 
Just as you are,
Don’t leave me.

Even if I forget everything of this world, 
It's okay,
If only I have him, if only I have him…

I Love you

I love you
I don't want to hear a sad song right now
I love you
I ran and ran and finally found this room
This isn't a love that forgives anything and everything
We're both like stray cats
And this room is like an empty box filled with fallen leaves
So you cry out like a kitten

Bringing tenderness to the creaking bed,
We hold each other tight
And then we close our eyes again,
So the sad song will not cause our love to fade

I love you
We're too young and our love holds a secret we can't touch
I love you
We'll never get there living like this
Dreaming of a love that makes us one
We just keep getting hurt
Over and over you say, "I love you"
And that you can't live without this love.

So Goodbye

So goodbye, 
I think I should have told you,
That I`m still yours..
So goodbye, my love.

So goodbye, 
I hear the birds singing,
It`s time to go
So goodbye, my friend.

I thought you would do, but I was wrong
Now I see myself still left alone
Now I think I know where I belong
I don`t want to let this life go on, 
No more, no more..
So goodbye, 
Those bitter sweet memories once so lovely
So goodbye, I`m gone.
So goodbye, 
Those pretty starry eyes once just for me
So goodbye I`m gone.

So goodbye..

The Person That Hurts

Thinking about it now
Still makes my heart ache..

You shyly confessed to me,
"When the cherry blossoms appear
Until winter comes,
I will always want to be with you."

What do I have to do to forget her?
From the day we separated,
I stayed here,
Hoping you would return.

I was really scared
How can I live without her?
Were the moments we spent together too much?
The more I think about it,
The more I wish to apologize.

It really hurts...
I was young and naive
I had too much tears.

I's really hard...
Thinking about it again,
I wonder, how much did I hurt her?

I... I'm the person who hurts...
If only I could apologize.
I... I... The person who hurts...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

[Video' Kim Hyunjoong Fansigning Event

hyunjoong is so cute with kids.. there's just something so cute about it..
btw there was a part where he nearly hit his face with the poster xDDD oh, hyunjoong.. xDDD

[Photos] Hyunjoong Departure - Sendai To Sapporo


Saturday, November 12, 2011

[Photos] Hwang Buin Photo Update


Kim Hyun Joong’s limited edition album pre-orders cause servers to crash

credits: TVdaily + Nate + Mydaily + carolicity@Allkpop

With pre-orders opening for limited edition copies of Kim Hyun Joong‘s ‘Lucky Guy’ album, fans rushed to online sites to purchase their copy.

Not only was the album completely sold out for pre-order, the flood of fans logging in at once caused servers to crash.

Key East Entertainment stated that the limited edition album was created to express Kim Hyun Joong’s gratitude for the fans who’ve shown his album much love. The limited edition album will contain merchandise decorated with Kim Hyun Joong’s official character ‘U:ZOOSIN’ and 50 pages of never-before-seen photos.

Fans have already petitioned for a release of more pre-orders, since many were unable to purchase theirs in advance with the servers crashing.

The limited edition will be officially released on November 14th, and will be available for sale in record stores.

Kim Hyun Joong to release Japanese solo album through Universal Music Japan

credits: Sports Chosun + Nate + Osen + elliefilet@Allkpop

Kim Hyun Joong recently held a press conference revealing that he has signed with Universal Music Japan, and announced the expected release date of his first Japanese solo album.

The star had his first showcase in Japan on November 7th, and has been receiving numerous “love calls” from big record labels since then. Out of all the offers he received, Kim Hyun Joong decided to go with Universal Music, the label that houses Korean artists like SNSD, KARA, B2ST, 4minute, and Supernova.
Universal Music stated, “His powerful performance during his showcase in July left an impression. Kim Hyun Joong has a unique charm that is hard to find in other Korean idol groups that are currently promoting in Japan, so we’re sure his solo activities in Japan will be successful.”

Kim Hyun Joong will be touring around 8 more cities after his first concert in Osaka on the 9th, and will release his first Japanese solo album on January 25th of next year.

[Photos] Kim Hyunjoong Japanese Press Conference + Airport