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Hyunjoong Photo Spam - Persona In Seoul Encore Concert

Hyunjoongie!!!! I don't think I can call you Hyunjoongie anymore because you are so manly now~~~

I heard he cried before singing green peas..

hyunjoong.. i really like this outfit on you..
*gets beaten with a leek by hwangbo* xD

he reminds me of jung kyungho with his morning mustache & camera angle :)

akanishi jin, is that you? hehe~~
(if you know jin of kattun, he always has this face when he's dancing.. or singing.. even when taking pictures... xD)

i think i saw the same necklace on hwang buin! o.o;;

if you want to remake this shirt, print out "persona in seoul" in the font bleeding cowboys (click here to download. move the file to computer + local disc + windows + fonts :)), use transfer paper and place it on a white shirt and it will be ezaketelly like theirs!

time for me to sleep! haha!

Joongbo Couple - Kim Hyunjoong & Hwangbo #1 Most Attractive WGM Couple At Chosun Poll!

Who Is The Most Attractive WGM Couple?


  • 15%, 1025 votes - Jokwon & Gain
  • 73%, 4988 votes - Hyunjoong & Hwangbo
  • 2%, 151 votes - Crown J & Seo In Young
  • 2%, 108 votes - Kim Yong Jun & Hwang Jung Eum
  • 1%, 52 votes - Andy & Solbi
  • 1%, 68 votes - Alex & Shinae
  • 0%, 33 votes - Marco & Son Dam Bi
  • 1%, 47 votes - Hwanhee & Hwayobi
  • 1%, 45 votes - Park Jae Jung & UEE
  • 3%, 231 votes - Hyundon & Taeyeon
  • 1%, 43 votes - Lee Sun Ho & Hwangwoo Seulhye
  • 0%, 23 votes - Shin Sung Rok & Kim Shinyoung

Hyunjoong's Diary Entry 2/26 ".........................."

Credit: + (Chinese translation) Ýåìà + (English translation)

[CroMagnon Human] .............................. 2010-02-26 AM 12:30:50

See you on Saturday & Sunday.......................... I have nothing else to say

Keu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

After the concert, let's play StarCraft

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Who Is The Most Attractive WGM Couple?


Guys let's support our Ssangchu Couple on this poll!

Who Is The Most Attractive WGM Couple?
'우결' 커플 중 볼수록 매력이 있는 커플은?

  • 조권·가인 (Jokwon & Gain)
  • 김현중·황보 (Hwangbo & Hyunjoong)
  • 크라운제이·서인영 (Crown J & Seo In Young)
  • 김용준·황정음 (Kim Yong Jun & Hwang Jung Eum)
  • 앤디·솔비 (Andy & Solbi)
  • 알렉스·신애 (Alex & Shinae)
  • 손담비·마르코 (Marco & Son Dam Bi)
  • 환희·화요비 (Hwanhee & Hwayobi)
  • 박재정·유이 (Park Jae Jung & UEE)
  • 정형돈·태연 (Hyundon & Taeyeon)
  • 이선호·황우슬혜 (Lee Sun Ho & Hwangwoo Seulhye)
  • 김신영·신성록 (Shin Sung Rok & Kim Shinyoung)
This poll started on the 22nd, but will continue on to the 28th!
Right now, more than 60% of the votes are for Joongbo xDDD!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

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Heartwarming Story of Nan & Hyunjoong

Dear Triple S

My name is aovalak_por. I am writing this email to you with my hope that you can help us !!

We are Triple S in Thailand, running website in K Star Corner...Triple Kim of SS501 HJL HJB & KYU we have almost 80 members joined us.

Our Host (webmaster) is Nan , she is 24 year olds and love Hyun Joong Leader.!! We are waiting for the coming of SS501 in Bangkok for a long time ofcouse Nan is so !!

As you all know the boys are coming for Persona Concert in Bangkok in 2 weeks time. We should be Happy, Right !! BUT IS NOT for Nan.

Last week, she went to hospital for Kidney Operation, it seem to be ok because her father gave his kidney to Nan !! But the truth is not....The operation was unsuccessful..something has gone wrong with their kidneys...Now, Nan hasn't known about it (she now has only one side of kidney and it works only 5%) She has to stay in Hospital longer in spacial room and no chance to meet anyone.

I am her noona friend, has given promised after she is out from hopital, I will take her trip to Korea (she wants to visit Hyun Joong's country)...But Now, I really don't know when or it would never happened to Nan...

Triple S, You may wonder why I write this to you !!

I have to try to ask you some help...because you are in Korea, very much closer to SS501 than us... I would ask you to pass this message to SS501..if you can let the leader Hyun Joong know the story...I don't dream much that HJL can do much about this.. but PLEASE try to pass this word to him. It would be good to give my friend a wonderful moment of HJL to think of one TS Thailand who is ill but love him...even just one little word from him..

Sorry for disturb you..but I only see is you
Thank you for reading till end.


Dear TS all around the world,

The miracle just happened in Thailand.

As you know about Nan’s story, we try to send the letter in all ways but his schedule very changed. Anyway, in stamp room all fan not permit to bring every things to the boy (I don't have the Photo book) but my plan is tell someone to send the letter to KHL or SS501.

I printed the 20 letters for my plan but on the time we bring those to reporter (But the boy cancelled reporter) I hide only one for my plan and send to someone who will go to the room
and she just want me to take care her girl between she in the room
(the litle girl name's Preem, she is very naughty and we ran very much for see them before SS501 go to the room)

Anyway, Preem's mother hide the letter and put it in front of Kyu sii (her favorite)
and give her ring in his hand (Wow) before his securities take her off.

I just hope Kyu sii will read the letter and send it for Joong.
I think only him or Minnie-Sii have a chance to tell Joong about the story that you known very difficult to closely KHL.

But the miracle happened!!!!!!!!

Yesterday before concert My friend received call from SS501 translator to tell about Nan's.

She said the boy just got the letter last night and they worry about Nan
(don't sure that from Preem's Mother but I think yes because she said don't sure it is right message).

How is she? Today Nan can go to see concert? How about her father?
Between taking my friend hear Korea language from the boys tell the question by themselves
(I very excite because my friend said their sound seem worry)

When known story, we were crying and dance in front of Hall.
After they check Nan's story is real
(hospital Name and everything about Nan that she tell)
SS501's Manager go to hospital in afternoon and give the KHL's stuff to Nan.

He said KHL got a Message and he can't go with himself because he will go to concert
and will go to Japan after that but today he send the stuff which he chosen by himself.

This is hiss’s message to Nan and her father as following.

His cousin ever sick like Nan and he known how feeling.
Pls be strong and tonight though Nan can't go to see him
but he will try the best and will send DVD's concert to Nan after that.

Pls share this news to your friend that he and his Bro so sweet
and the boy who we like he is the real angle including his baby boy (Kyu Sii, Minnie Sii, Sanggie Sii and Baby Jun)
they are the good boy I never think the Idol will have a nice like that but SS501 is best one.
Pls support them forever like us will love them forever.

Additional, in concert the boy very cute and like an angle and Jong Min Sii very nice when he sang Thai Song.
I have a clip and will share for you soon

And everyone who go to see me before concert at 3 Kim café Thailand that I appreciated is and hope my home
(Thailand) give a good memory to you. Slow Falling nice to see you, you is a nice girl my friend like you too

Thank you for Joong's heart, SS501's heart, and Triple S's heart.

Thank god who give the miracle to us.


Upon hearing about Nan, Hyunjoong encouraged her in a letter and also gave her a doll.
Dear Nan,

I read your story on internet by a chance. First of all I am very sorry to hear that your kidney transplant surgery went bad. It is really sad and very harmful for the remaining family members if one of family members is sick. Because I had the experience that my grandma was sick. I know how it is hard to go through. Even though the treatment for surgery is hard to endure please be as brave as possible thinking of your family and get a treatment well. If you keep receiving a treatment I am very sure you will successful result. I will pray for you to recover well. Also I hope your father get better soon. I know that you can not come to see this concert, but I really wish that you come to see my next concert. I will always do my best in order to show my performance well for all my fans. Best regards.


Let's all pray for nan's speedy recovery and of her father's as well.

SamSung Card ‘Share Prices Bounced Up With Artistes’ Humor?’

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Samsung Card recently released ‘Teaser CF’ and gained all kinds of attention, and with its success the successful rebound in their share prices.

On 22-Feb, Samsung card (019120) comparison to previous day increased 1% ~ 3.13%, currently at 2.58pm, showing a slight rising trend, the day trading comparison increased to 1.17% at 51,700won.

Meanwhile the Samsung Card CF is about Samsung Card supporting people on things they want to try on with its ‘Why Not’ campaign. ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Kim HyunJoong, Hwang JungEum who has impassioned performance in ‘High Kick Through The Roof’ and other famous entertainers honest talking are the talk of the town.

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Hwangbo Pics + HJ & The Joongbo Shirt Update

credit: estella816@twitter + superammy@twitter

i love your long, beautiful hair unni T___T


update from elisa c.!

hello :) the backpack that saengie picked up and contained two joongbo shirts was given by triple s philippines. i know this because I watched the Persona BKK (the boys were great!) and the girls who threw the bag on stage are my friends :D the bag had two shirts, but saengie was only able to give one to hj. the other shirt that the dancer picked up and handed to hj later on is from a thai fan, from what we've heard. :)


...and oh! while i was on twittah, i saw these poics from superammy!

saengie showing the shirt to hyunjoong!!! :D

here he is with the shirt~ do you spot jins? *w*~~

[English Subbed] Samsung Card KHJ Making Film + CF Version 2


Kim Hyunjoong - Samsung Card Making Film + KHJ Version CF


Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Comeback Of The Joongbo Shirt!

Lookit!! 0:57 :)

Update 1:

From what I've heard, there were two Joongbo shirts given to him. :o

One was given to Youngsaeng during the last song. He ran to Hyunjoong and gave it to him. (It was their wedding photo ---the sitting one)

Then the next one was during the encore. A female backup dancer saw it on the floor and she gave it to Hyunjoong. He had the shirt on his shoulder till the end of the encore. ^^ (This one was the family pic with Jins)

Do we have Thai Joongboers to confirm this? hehehe~

Update 2:

Youngsaeng caught a bag and this had the two shirts. He ran to HJ and showed one. Because it was HJ's part of the song, YS put the shirt on HJ's shoulder. Then when he ran back to his spot, he saw there's another shirt in the bag but he placed it on the floor because it was his part of the song. Luckily, this shirt got picked up by the female backup dancer and was given to HJ as well!

Anyways, I remember the good ol' Korean Music Festival days when he caught the shirt hehe~

Hwang Buin Has A Twitter Account?


She posted this on Feb 16:
Dear my every fans~
first, I'm real hwangbo!!^^
trusting me!!
I'm soooo~ happy for yours...
philippine,Thailand,Taiwan,Malaysia,japan etc... fans..XD
We are to to the worldhaha

The pics are new to me, I haven't seen them on naver/daum/cyworld, and I clicked on the people she's following and it includes noh hong chul, shim tae yoon, song euni & dj koo :D

This will be a great way for International fans to communicate with her *w* I see she replied to a lot of fans already!!!

Right now I'm crossing my fingers that this is really her, coz this is just TOO AWESOOOME!!

Thanks claire for the tip!

Happy Birthday Changmin!!!

Guys, sorry again if it's not Joongbo related.. but it's my hubby's bday today!!!

He's now 23!!!~~ He's like 3 years older than me but it's okay Minnie, if Joongbo did it, we can too! lol Age doesn't matter hehehe~

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Kim Hyunjoong #7 Idol With "Good Entertainment Sense"


[Fancam] Hwangbo On Fansigning Event

This event was held a week ago, but I just saw these fancams today!!!

For her gorgeousness pic spams click here and here ^^

[MV] Kim Hyunjoong - I'm David

*w* that smile~~~~ *sigh*

yes finally i can sign in to blogger again.. o.o
did anyone have the same issue too?

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[Fancam] Hyunjoong Persona In Bangkok

Happy Valentines guys!!!!~~~
Hope you all celebrated it awesomely!!!!

I know Valentines is not really for wishing and stuff like that,..
but I sincerely wish that Hyunjoong and Hwangbo will love... and be loved this year... ^^
They both deserve it, right? :)

I believe!!!
Love you all!!!!!!

Please Be Good

The shimmy lol

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kim Hyunjoong Samsung Card CF [English Subbed]


oh reallyyyyyy~~~
*evil laughs*

[Fancam] HJ Leaving Incheon Airport + Arrival In Bangkok

Incheon Departure

Arrival At Dungsit Thani Hotel In Bangkok

Are you guys ready for the Persona Concert????

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Joongbo Episode 13 Quotes

Episode 13 Quotes

Alex and Shinae were being lovey-dovey and dancing on the yacht.

HB: *pretends to throw up*
HJ: *acts along with her*
Alex: Oh, hello!
Shinae: Welcome~
Alex: You can't just throw up here~ Please keep it inside your body~
HB: It's not that. I was just watching a movie but it made me throw up.
Alex: What movie?
HB: A weird movie, with people dancing.

Alex: Let's watch Hwangbo dance!
HJ: Buin do the tecktonic or technician dance!

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo starts dancing to club music.

HB: *goes to the pole*
HJ: Why are you grabbing onto that pole? *takes her hand and leads her away from it*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Aish, really~ Don't grab the pole!
HB: "Don't grab the pole"? *laughs*
*Both of them start dancing again*

As they were dancing, Hyunjoong jumped to the pole and whirled around it!

HB: Whoa! That was so cool! How did you do that?!
HJ: I go crazy whenever there's music!

Hwangbo and Shinae had a private conversation in their room.

HB: Alex has leadership skills. Hyunjoong is the leader of SS501, and I was also the leader for Chakra, but we don't have leadership skills!

Hwangbo found out that Alex brought the same shirt as her.

HB: Can you take it off?
Alex: Why?
HB: So I can give it to my husband.
Alex: For Hyunjoong? Okay~
HB: *grabs him* But my husband hates couple shirts..
Shinae: Oh that's right!
Alex: *tries to go out but Hwangbo grabs him back*
Shinae: This is your opportunity to wear couple shirts!
Alex: *throws Hwangbo to the bed*
HB: Don't give it! My husband hates couple shirts!

Alex made Hyunjoong wear the "couple shirt".

Alex: Hyunjoong-ah!
HJ: Yes?
Alex: Hwang Buin is looking for you.
Shinae: What a nice shirt~!
HJ: What's wrong?
HB: *hides behind Shinae*
HJ: What's wrong~
HB: Shillang... Please forgive me... *shows her shirt*
HJ: Was that the reason why he asked me to change?
HB: Sorry..
Alex: I was wearing that shirt when I went to their room and she had the same shirt.
HB: He was wearing it so I said "I have the same one!" Then he asked me to wear it with you.. He forced me to wear it when I said I didn't want to...
HJ: It really is the same.
Alex: For men and for women.
HJ: But it's not that bad, it doesn't look cheesy.
Alex: *claps*
HJ: At least it doesn't have a mouse.
HB: *laughs*

HJ: The stuff that you wanted.. *hands her a bunch of items*
Alex: Whoa~ you guys look great together~~!
HJ: Shower cap... disposable underwear.. Do you know how embarrassing it was to get that?

Private Interview:

HB: The good thing about him is that he is detailed. He is very blunt but then he never forgets anything.

Alex: Is this bag yours? Your phone is ringing.
HB: Omo~ Who could it be.. at this hour.. *picks up the phone*
Alex: It must be a guy...
HB: Answer it, answer it! *gives the phone to Hyunjoong*
HJ: Who's calling?
HB: Say hello.
HJ: Hello? Yes, who is this? Hello?
HB: It's my mom!
HJ: *quickly gives the phone back to her*
Alex & Hwangbo: *laughs*
HB: Mom, that was my husband. Yeah, that was Hyunjoong. *chases him*
HJ: I have adult-phobia!

Hwangbo showed Hyunjoong how Shinae was blow drying Alex's hair.

HJ: Does that look good to you?
HB: It doesn't?
HJ: It's good...
HB: I did that for you before, right?
HJ: Yeah.

Both of them sits down...

HJ: Do you want me to do your hair?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Do you want a neck massage, then?
HB: No, it's fine..
HJ: I'll do it for you.. *puts his hand on her nape* Lift your chin up... Isn't it refreshing?
HB: Yeah...
HJ: *gives her a neck massage*

Alex: You know Hwangbo... when I made you wear that shirt.. In her heart she really wants you to wear it but she kept on saying, "My husband really hates these things!"

Shinae: What things do you like about your husband?
HB: The way he seems carefree. His intelligence.
Shinae: What things do you want him to change?
HB: His useless intelligence. It's the same as the good point. That is his good and bad point.

Alex: Even at the beach... and also when we were fishing.. I see how she really cares about you.
HJ: I know she cares about me.. but since I can't express my feelings well... she thinks I don't care about her..

Alex: Honestly... I didn't expect we would be with you guys today... but I'm so grateful.
HJ: Me too, me too.
Alex: Shinae was so nice to me today... I think it's because of Hwangbo. After seeing how nicely Hwangbo treats you,.. *laughs* That's why I'm so thankful for both of you. Shinae's not like that when we're alone! I was really surprised!

Shinae and Hwangbo planned to pretend that they're fighting while the husbands went away to get food. When they came back, the wives are sitting far from each other and not talking.

HJ: What's wrong? You don't feel well?
HB: *stands up and goes to her room*
HJ: What's wrong?

Hyunjoong followed her to the room.

HJ: What's wrong? *touches her shoulder* What's wrong?
HB: This is crazy.. What should I do?
HJ: Why? What's wrong?

As the situation got bigger...

HJ: You have to tell me what's wrong so I can help you. Don't be upset about it.. If you tell me what's wrong, I can try to fix things and both of you can make up. *looks at her and smiles*
HB: That's not the problem.. *slowly smiling* It's nothing.. It's just..
HJ: If it's nothing, why can't you tell me? Why? What is it? *smiles* What is it? Tell me.
HB: I don't want you to hear it.
HJ: No, no.. I'm going to listen. *pulls up his beanie to show his ear*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: See? Laughing is good! *smiles* I'm always open. *pulls up his beanie again and points to his ear* Open ear~
HB: *laughs* I'm feeling better already..
HJ: should.

HB: Since I'm her older sister, I shouldn't be like this, right?
HJ: Not at all. You don't have to hold back just because you're older than her. *puts his hand on her shoulder* Don't hold back your feelings. If a grandfather did something wrong, the grandfather is still wrong!
HB: *laughs and elbows him*
HJ: I'm not kidding, I'm being serious right now. *laughs*
HB: *tries to hit him again*
HJ: That's better,... you smiled.

When Hwangbo went to Shinae and "apologized", Shinae cried.
As Hyunjoong and Hwangbo walks to the living room...

HB: I really hate those kinds of people..
HJ: *holds her arm*
HB: I hate those who just cry. It's done once they cried because the person who didn't cry would be the bad one.
HJ: That's not it.. It's just the difference between between someone who has more tears and have less.
HB: *smiles* I have a lot of tears too..
HJ: Hm?
HB: I have a lot of tears too..

When Shinae and Hwangbo revealed that the fight was only an act and it was because of a high five... Hyunjoong and Alex could not believe it.

HJ: So really it's not about you having less tears. It's the difference between an actress and a singer!
HB: *laughs and falls on the floor*
Alex: Did you guys lose your minds? What were you doing?
HJ: That really scared me..
Alex: I almost swore when you said high five!
Shinae: It was a success!!
HB: Ohh~~~~ *pretends to cry*
Shinae: *tears of joy*
HJ: I think I have to consider a divorce.
HB: *laughs and throws a pillow at him* How can you joke about that? *throws another pillow*
HJ: I'm just joking..
HB: Is it a joke to you?
HJ: No, of course it's not... *organizes the pillows back to the sofa* High five!!!!!
HB: *high fives him as Alex drags him away*

Private Interview:

HJ: After the prank, I think even in real situations in the future... I wouldn't know if it's real or not and I'll just end up messing up everything. I hope it doesn't happen again...

HB: In that serious atmosphere, he was acting so cute.. and I can't help but laugh. But it was really unexpected.. I didn't put my hopes high.. I didn't expect him to take my side.. But I was surprised that he stood by me.

Later that evening, they went back to the beach again for fireworks.
Hwangbo shows them the fireworks that she bought.

HB: These are enough, right? We're not going back till we finish all of these!
Shinae: Whoa!
Alex: Really?! But what's with the f-killer (mosquito spray)?
HB: Because there are so many mosquitoes.. My husband hates them..

Using her firework, Hwangbo points to the sky.

HB: *poses like a superhero* I won't forgive you in the name of justice!!!!

Hwangbo hands everyone a sparkler.

HB: You know how to do this right? You do know, right?
HJ: Should we make "L.O.V.E."?
HB: Oh! How did you know?

Hyunjoong asked Hwangbo to throw somethings away as he prepares an event on the beach. When she came back..

HJ: I.. I have a present for you. It's not something I bought but I brought it from somewhere...
HB: *laughs* From the dumpster?
HJ: No way~
HB: But didn't you just give me three presents?
HJ: I have one more last present. Can you see the line on the sand? The fine line? When you stand up..
HB: Oh I can see it, I can see it! From here to.. that's the end?
HJ: It circles around us...
HB: Oh, a circle?
HJ: In this circle, I've buried 5 things... Find them.
HB: In here?
HJ: Yeah.
HB: I have to dig it?
HJ: Yep.
HB: 5 things?
HJ: Yep~
HB: But the circle is so big...
HJ: Aigoo, yeah I think I made it too big...

Hwangbo tried to find all the things he hid on the sand. Hyunjoong also helped because he forgot where he placed them. After she found all of them...

HB: I found all of them, what's next?
HJ: Like what I mentioned before.. when you gather a thousand paper cranes, your love will come true... You found 5 today and I made you one before, but it was gone because it got wet...
HB: So then?...
HJ: Including that one..
HB: 994 cranes more.. is it?
HJ: I will make those for you..
HB: *tried to hide her face* *smiles*
HJ: *hands her the cranes* I think I'm gonna hide them in harder locations next time.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I'll be good for the next 994 days!
HB: Then you won't be nice anymore on the 995th day?
HJ: Well that's when I'll start folding paper turtles. *laughs*
HB: *laughs* Thank you..
HJ: It's nothing..

Private Interview:

HB: Like always.. a jewelry.. a ring.. I don't expect them at all. His smiles and the things he does that make me smile.. I think those are the most important and hardest things to have. I thought... If you have both of those,... why would you fight or break up?

One of my favorite episodes... ^^~~
The Joongbo love gets bigger and biggerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DBSK JaeJoong Staying 3 Days A Week With HyunJoong

Credit: Japan Magazine Ladies Feb + (Chinese translation) ”ÜäŸ + (English translation)

DBSK Kim Jae Joong
6 years Friendship, Staying in home of best friends whom he can confide with, Starting of the 3 days a week 'Flower Boys' living together

(omitted front introduction)

Jae Joong travelled to Australia together with his members Yu Cheon and Jun Su in the beginning of the new year. After returning to Korea for few days, he was discovered touring around Canada together with SS501 Kim Hyun Joong who acted in Korea version of 'Boys over Flowers'

According to media in Korea: "Both of them seemed like do not want to be noticed and dye their hair black, and was shopping happily in a Canada shopping centre. Heard that it is a personal trip planned by Jae Joong.

Though both of them seemed to be rivals in entertainment circle, but the truth is they has 6 years of friendship.

Kim Jae Joong, cancelled hostel which he stayed together with his members

Korea critics Song Yu Joong expressed her own opinion over this. "Both of them came from different management company, but they already knew each others before debut. Both were hardworking kids who grown up from poor lower income families and having similar plight. Therefore, they can be each others spiritual support. Jae Joong is the youngest child among his 9 sisters. When he was 15 years old, after passing SM's interview, he shifted from his hometown to Seoul. In the initial 2 years trainee period, in order to pay for his fees, he started to work as a waiter, sending newspaper and taking up other part time jobs to support his livings. Similarly, Kim Hyun Joong also grown up in a poor lower income family, he also worked independently until attaining his current position.

Both of them are very hardworking and devoted in their work. In actual fact, DBSK debut in 2004, SS501 debut in 2005. Currently both are Asia 2 most popular groups. Critic Song Yu Joong expressed: 'Doesn't matter whether both groups were busy, they always invite each other to go out together in private. In 2009, DBSK's sister group 'SNSD' held their concert, both groups members invite each other to watch SNSD concert together. They will also date each others to watch movie together. Currently, Jae Joong and Hyun Joong is considered as 'half living' together.

Critics Song Yu Joong revealed: "Although both have hostel which are provided by their company to stay together with their members, but, Hyun Joong also rented an apartment in Seoul. Since long time ago, Jae Joong always go to play in Hyun Joong's home. Following by that, during last year Summer, when DBSK court case began, Jae Joong cancelled his company's hostel. However, his living place in Korea was grouped by many fans, so Jae Joong could only choose to temporary stay in Hyun Joong's home. He will stay in Hyun Joong's home about 3 days in a week.

In Korea, if a male friend could help himself to the other party's home fridge, taking out food or beverage, it represented the best friend relationship. Both Hyun Joong and Jae Joong other than good in cooking, also loved to drink. Both of them will cook their dishes to go with their drink, while drinking together, they will open up their hearts and confide with each others their problems, or discuss about music and acting type of topics.

Growing up under the same condition, after working hard and become popular idols, it is understandable that they can get along well together."

2 popular idol staying together, make others wanted to take a look at their home!

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Hwangbo's English! [Star Golden Bell Cut]

They have to translate Korean sentences to English ^^

I love G.O.'s answer xDDD~~
MBLAQ had a very chic style on their debut, but seriously they lost their sanity a few weeks later xDDD

Love seeing Hwang Buin on shows like this *w*~~

MBLAQ's Seungho's Ideal Type Changed?

Start at 0:15!!
(oh! for reference, here's the radio show that's why Hwang Buin knew Seungho likes her, click!)

hmmm I think I know what the problem is..
He's scared of this:



(and the possibility that Rain wanted Buin for himself too, MBLAQ's probably scared of him xD)

More Hwang Buin Pics On Fansigning Event!!

thanks to rui for the tip!
credit: +

she looks so demure.. so pretty!!!
if i saw her in person, i would be the crazy fangirl screaming and continuously taking pics of her o_o;;

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Korea’s Top 50 Best Voices – Male (Top 25)

01. Kim Junsu (TVXQ)
02. Kim Jae Joong (TVXQ)
03. Se7en
04. Kim Ryeowook (Super Junior)
05. Andy Lee
06. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)
07. Jung Ji Hoon/Rain
08. Lee Min Woo
09. Park Yoo Chun (TVXQ)
10. Kang Ta
11. Cho Kyu Hyun (Super Junior)
12. Lee Hong Ki (F.T. Island)
13. Jun Jin
14. Shim Changmin (TVXQ)
15. Kim Jong Kook
16. Kim Ye Sung (Super Junior)
17. Shin Hye Sung
18. Son Ho Young
19. Kang Daesung (Big Bang)
20. Oh Jung Hyuk
21. Lee Seung Gi
22. Kim Jong Hyun (SHINee)
23. Tae Yang (Big Bang)
24. Ryan (PARAN)
25. Lee Dong Hae (Super Junior)

source: [baidutvxq]
shared by: + sharingyoochun
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[i dunno which survey this is based on but for me #1 would definitely be park hyo shin.. the guy is just.. amaziiiing.

then not in particular order.. the guys on my list would be alex chu, xiah junsu, jo sungmo, shin seung hun, wheesung, tim, kim bum soo, kyuhun, brian joo, seulong, hongki.. and shim changmin!!! haha (coz im biased... just trying not to be obvious.. lol)

anyways, for me the top 3 male groups that really have awesome vocals: dbsk, 2am, sweet sorrow *nod nod*]

Congrats Hyunjoongie of course~~
and to my hubby Shim Changmin for being number 14 WOOOHOOOO!!!!

please forgive me for putting you in the end of my favorite singers, okay? xDD~~
then just to show all the joongboers how awesome you are...

sorry for fangirling guys! hahaha! xD
i'll be back to my normal self tomorrow~

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hyunjoong & Yoon Eun Hye's Basic House Photoshoot Making Film


I know.. it's so weird to see "Making film" instead of film making.. ^^;;
why can't they just say behind the scenes? o.o

Hwang Buin Recent Photos!

credits: + daum

i really like this hairstyle on her coz it reminds me of that day when hyunjoongie was her manager xDDD~~

pics are from her hairdresser ^^~~

ring ding dong!!!

i've been reading about hyunjoong & hwangbo's recent fascination with skulls ;)

fansigning event ^^