Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hwang Buin Pic Spam

It's been a long time since I did this!
Behold, Hwang Buin's gorgeousness!!!

..and I just read about one comment, Chansung on Nodaji??
OMG!!! He's with Hwangbo again? o.o
I have to watch it soon... o.o

but first.. calculus homework o.o;;

love this hippie hairstyle!!!

omg.. the lavender?? magenta?? what color was that dress on her o.O
anyways, this is my favorite pic on this bunch ^^

so sultry~~

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hellos + New WGM & Other Things xD

Sorry for the absence!!! T___T

I know I missed a lot of news esp. on Hwang Buin's side... I don't check the news blogs as much as last summer so feel free to shoot me an email if there's some sizzling news I missed!!!! ^^

[On the side of the blog there are some links on youtube channels for Hyunjoong & Hwang Buin, and if you subscribe to them you'll be up to date on the shows they are in ^^]

The oh-so-shmexiness of Hwang Buin~~~

Man.. I wish my abs are as toned as hers...

OHHH! Has anyone been continuing on watching We Got Married? To tell you the truth I watch it but not really feel much for it...BUUUUT the recent episode with Jung Eum & Young Jun was so cute... *w*~~~ The event Jung Eum did was so romantic and it reminded me of Joongbo... T___T

They're a very cute couple actually...

AND! Did you guys hear? Jo Kwon from 2AM and Gain from Brown Eyed Girls will be the new couple!!! If you don't know Jo Kwon you gotta check out this video!~ Look for the weirdest boy and that's him. xDDD

(Wooyoung, Taec and Chansung are miiine~~ j/k)

His personality is so 4D, but a different kind of 4D-ness. Hyunjoong is the prince 4D, where you can see his charm on his wit and outside thinking... but Jo Kwon... he's the... I dunno.. It's like he came from a farther planet than Hyunjoong lol. Like way waaaay out there xD

Okay I think I typed too much hahaha~~ SH out!

Recent Hwangbo GIFs

She has loads of photos on her cyworld! Let me just upload them all xDD~~

Kim Hyunjoong's Weird Face


2:50 xDDD

I remember when Jaejoong did the plastic thing too lol... they look very similar o.o

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hyunjoong and the Hula Hoop


[English Subbed] Family Outing With Kim Hyunjoong & Seungri Part 1

credit: ibreathelifemusic


I didn't watch the whole thing yesterday, just the end of this episode actually...
but now that I'm starting it, why does "Almost Paradise" play everytime he comes on? xDDD

Thursday, September 24, 2009

KHJ #1 Easy Magazine Most Popular Male Artist

source: [daum]
translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net

I was dongbang-bloghopping and I saw this article!!! KHJ is the #1 Most Popular Male Artist!!

#1 – Kim Hyun Joong
#2 – Yamashita Tomohisa
#3 – Akanishi Jin
#4 – Kamenashi Kazuya
#5 – Park Yoochun
#6 – Ikuta Toma
#7 – Kim Bum
#8 – Kim Jaejoong
#9 – Wuzun
#10 – Kim Heechul
#11 – Lee Min Ho
#12 – Kim Junsu
#13 – Lee Jun Ki
#14 – Tachibana Keita
#15 – Ryo Nishikido

Sorry for the non-blogging ^^;;;, I had 4 exams this week!!! o.o
I might not like stress but when it comes to exams I am focused haha~
(I live for it? xDDD~~)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kim Hyunjoong Goes On A Sweet Date With Ideal Woman Lee Hyori


credit: k bites

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong goes on a short sweet date with his ideal type of woman Lee Hyori.

Kim Hyun Joong has joined the family on SBS Family Outing aired on 20th September, and in one part of the episode he was seen going on a short but sweet date with Lee Hyori.

Kim Hyun Joong has revealed since debut that his ideal type of woman is Lee Hyori. Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Hyori used to be from the same company. And on the show, when he was asked by MC Yoo JaeSeok “How is Hyori?”, he answered, “Hyori noona brought us up.”

(Watch from 1:35)

And then later part of the show Kim Hyun Joong has chosen his ideal woman Hyori to go get ingredients for making dinner. And they spent a little romantic time together.

Not only did he expressed his gratitude to Hyori for showing him (and SS501) care when they were in the same company, there were also times when he would put Hyori in a flustered spot by saying, “The noona who brought us up threw us aside”, “Noona looked like she aged much” etc showing his 4-dimensional side.

A translation of a part of their conversation

  • Hyol: “You look very cool in BOF”
  • KHJ: “As long as you have a white sail and wind, you can go anywhere. I’ll be Lee Hyori’s honoured fire fighter”
  • Hyol: “Will you put out the fire in noona’s heart?”
  • KHJ: “It’s good to that people like JiHoo seonbae’s character. But his image is also a burden to me. I wish to shed that image.”

Friday, September 18, 2009

Help Me Think Of A New Layout ^^


Hey guys!

I'm planning to change the look of the blog again (hasn't this theme been here for a long time??? O.o), and fully switch it to blogger's new widget-capable layout...and I thought it's best that I ask for your opinions first!

[[The new widget layout would really help me in organizing the blog... Coz as you can see the news tab is so late. The photos and other things too... I f I can label those correctly, everything would be fixed! Also, an "older/newer" post link will be added, the archives would be better seen. And as far as the "followers" widget many asked for, I think you can only get that if you switch to the new layout? I'm not really sure haha! ]]

Anyways, what would you like the new theme to be? Or what colors? style? feel?

Some ideas I had were:
  • Wedding (light pinks, white, cream colored stuff)
  • Fall (Falling slowly.. haha!)
  • White linen
  • Black/White/Gray
  • Victorian
  • Candy????

Everytime I start making one it never reaches a final product haha! Every opinion/idea will help~~ thank you and much love!


KHJ Returns On September 16, Will Resume Activities After Fully Recovering

Credits : gumnuri@sportschosun.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Prettyboy Kim HyunJoong who received medical treatment for H1N1 influenza in Japan, has been discharged on 15-Sep and will be returning to Korea on 16-Sep. His company said “His condition is due to accumulated fatigue. After he recovers to normal condition, they will resume their activities for the later half of this year.”

Kim HyunJoong who received medical treatment for H1N1 influenza in Japan, has been discharged after 8 days and will be returning to Korea on 16-Sep.

Kim HyunJoong’s company DSP Entertainment representative said on 15-Sep “Even though he has recovered from H1N1 influenza, he has accumulated a lot of fatigue during this period. Their activities for the rest of this year will resume once his condition returns to normal.”

Because it is impossible for SS501 to go into activity without leader Kim HyunJoong, the rest of the members will be taking a break until Kim HyunJoong returns to the team. However, due to activities such as Asia Tour and album release’s schedules piling up, it is expected that it would be difficult for them to rest for a long period of time.

Kim HyunJoong developed high fever on 7-Sep after ‘Boys Over Flowers’ event in Yokohama on 5~6 Sep, was sent to hospital and diagnosed with H1N1 and received medical treatment. He won the male popularity award voted by netizens in ‘Seoul Drama Awards 2009’ held on 11-Sep.

Fans were glad to hear about news of Kim HyunJoong’s return after recovery. Some fans have prepared a welcome ceremony for him at the airport.

Kim HyunJoong’s activities for the rest of the year will mainly consist of group activities with SS501 members in the music sector and his individual CF schedules.

SS501’s Asia Tour has already finished with Seoul and Tokyo concerts, and will go round Asia such as Taiwan, Singapore, China, etc till early next year.

Their official album or mini album will be released in October, where they will have promotional activities in Korea. One close source said “It was originally planned for an official album, but due to Kim HyunJoong’s infection of H1N1 and other reasons, the schedules were being upsetted, thus there is a slight possibility to change it into a mini album instead.” However, with the tight Asia Tour schedules, they will only be able to have about 2~3 weeks of activities in Korea.

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong’s appearance in ‘Family Outing’ (SBS) will be broadcasted on 20-Sep.

Hwangbo Performs Arisong

Last September 17, after just being in a car accident, Hwangbo performs Arisong!

Kim Hyunjoong At Gimpo Airport “Recovered From H1N1”

Credits : zzam@joongang.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

SS501 Kim HyunJoong returned back to Korea at Gimpo Airport on 16-Sep at 2.25pm. Having recovered from H1N1 influenza, he was discharged from hospital on 15-Sep and came to show himself in front of his fans on 16-Sep.

Kim HyunJoong arrived at Gimpo airport on 16-Sep at 2.25pm on flight OZ1015, he appeared with a light blue mask and black cap. Kim HyunJoong looks a little thinner and his face is pale, he talked about his current condition to the fans.

Kim HyunJoong said “Thank you to many of you who came here. I will become healthy again soon, so as not to let many of you worry, I will show it through my activities.” Kim HyunJoong has recovered from H1N1 influenza, but is still having slight fever resulted from the accompanying sore throat. During the short interview on this day, he is unable to raise his voice to talk. He seems to be haggard and still not completely recovered yet.

After a short interview on his arrival, Kim HyunJoong was escorted out of the airport by 4 managers. Even DSP Entertainment CEO Lee HoYeon came to the airport for Kim HyunJoong’s arrival. The company took extra precautions to take care of Kim HyunJoong’s safety.

Gimpo airport considered and suggested for Kim HyunJoong to use the secret passage instead of the main door out, however Kim HyunJoong said “I have to go and greet the fans who are waiting” showing strong will to use the normal passage way on his arrival. There are about 300 fans at the airport on this day, waiting for about 1 hour prior to his arrival. There are huge banners hung in the arrival hall, wishing for Kim HyunJoong’s good health. Kim HyunJoong’s parents who went over to Japan to look after him, returned first on 15-Sep after he was discharged.

SS501 which Kim HyunJoong belongs to, will be releasing their official album end of this month, all activities are put on halt for the time being so that he is able to rest.

Kim HyunJoong attended to KBS drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ promotional event in Yokohama Japan on 5~6 Sep, and developed high fever which later confirmed to be H1N1 influenza and had to be admitted to hospital to receive treatment. One member from SS501’s dance team was also diagnosed with H1N1 influenza on 10-Sep.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009