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Making Of Playful Kiss On MNET Japan To Air In March

credits: mnetjapan + phikaq@hyunjoongchina + kelamama@501wangja

Weekdays from 11:30am to 12noon, 30minutes each
Tuesday late night from 4am to 4.30am
Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 2.30pm
Performers: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Lee Tae Sung, Jung Hye Young, Lee Si Young

Youth No.1 Hanryu Star Kim Hyun Joong’s makeup-less face disclosure

Being the leader of popular group SS501 and as actor who is actively engaged Hanryu Star: Kim Hyun Joong’s first leading male actor in TV drama ‘Playful Kiss Making Of’ will be exclusively broadcast
In this program will see a totally different Kim Hyun Joong apart from TV shows!

There’s Kim Hyun Joong in serious acting and also in relaxing mode, there’s even Hyun Joong in slight nature (*klmm – i think it’s referring to makeup-less Hyun Joong), his charm will be revealed through this program.

[Video] Hyunjoong On Channel [V]


and I dunno where to put this, but I wanna share the two wallpapers I made recently :)

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KHJ Official Mobile Site Staff Blog

credits: KHJ Official Japanese Mobile Site + miyo@lovekimhyunjoong

Staff secretly tells about at backstage!
True self of KHJ!

Entering the end of January….
2011/01/24 DA staff T

Hello~ This is Digital Adventure Staff T!
As usual it the weather has been cold, how is everyone doing?
Recently at Digital Adventure office, people who are wearing mask for prevention of influenza are noticeable. (I’m taking it easy so no mask for me ^^; laughs)
Everyone please be careful not to catch a cold.

By the way!!
「Kim Hyun Joong’s blog」has been updated last week, have everyone seen it already?
There is a handwritten message from Hyun Joong right♪
I feel that even the illustration of God of Universe gives the Hyun Joong feeling (laughs)
All of the staff smiled when they see the illustration~ Surely everyone felt the same right? (^ω^)

Recently Hyun Joong has been preparing the new album, meeting friends which he wasn’t able to meet up as he was busy till now, having a good sleep, slowly spending his time.
Same as everyone, I am also looking forward to what the new album will be~(^∀^)

Well, on a change of topic, it has been decided that for the next month’s present will be an autographed photo of Hyun Joong!!
Autographed photo of chic style and wonderful Hyun Joong, waiting for all of your applications♪

In addition, due to good response,「Kim Hyun Joong Fortune Telling」which was opened during 1st ~3rd January will be opened again from February!!
It will not be just the daily fortune telling but also a wonderful Hyun Joong wallpaper for download☆
Hope that you will enjoy it~(*´∀`*)

Till then, see you again at the next staff blog~(^∀^)ノシ

[Scans] The Face Shop Notebook Photos

more beautiful than a flower~~~ hihihihi~!

KHJ Official Website Notice: Information About 'Playful Kiss' Taiwan Promotions


Greetings everyone.
This is Keyeast.

Welcome the new year, 2011.
We wish you a Happy New Year!

We'd like to say some information about 'Playful Kiss' Taiwan promotions that was supposed to start the end of 2010.
Last November, Some of the media said that Mr. Kim Hyun Joong would visit to Taiwan for 'Playful Kiss' promotion.

At that time, Keyeast and drama production were talking over the promotion. After the closing of the drama, Mr. Kim Hyun Joong had a lot of schedules. That's why we were under discussion with the production about Mr. Kim Hyun Joong's schedules.

The Taiwan media said that Mr.Kim's visiting to Taiwan is confirmed. In addition, Some goods and events were sold related his visiting for 'Playful Kiss' promotion. We're very sorry about that unexpected news and even goods and events for sale led you to confusion.

After this incident, Keyeast will take a strong measure with news and event for sale from an unconfirmed source.

We will do our best not to give you other confusions. Please don't forget we only notify every Mr.Kim Hyun Joong's official schedules on ""

We are really appreciative of your support and love. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours

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[Quainte] WGM Joongbo Cut Episode 5 - Housewarming Party Part 2


"It felt weird. I really felt like we are a real married couple. I was just embarrassed. But it's strange that it really felt like we're a married couple that moment... They told us to live happily... It felt real. It was very interesting." - Hwangbo Hyejung

Download (164.76 MB) : Vimeo

[Photos] Hyunjoong Activities From Keyeast


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[Quainte] WGM Joongbo Cut Episode 4 - Housewarming Party Part 1


"It came over me in a rush,
When I realized that I love you so much 
That sometimes I cry,
But I can't tell you why...
I love you Hwangbo."
- Kim Hyunjoong

Download (174.05 MB) : Vimeo

Happy 1000th Day To Our Joongbo Couple

Hyunjoong asked Hwangbo to throw somethings away as he prepares an event on the beach. When she came back..

HJ: I.. I have a present for you. It's not something I bought but I brought it from somewhere...
HB: *laughs* From the dumpster?
HJ: No way~
HB: But didn't you just give me three presents?
HJ: I have one more last present. Can you see the line on the sand? The fine line? When you stand up..
HB: Oh I can see it, I can see it! From here to.. that's the end?
HJ: It circles around us...
HB: Oh, a circle?
HJ: In this circle, I've buried 5 things... Find them.
HB: In here?
HJ: Yeah.
HB: I have to dig it?
HJ: Yep.
HB: 5 things?
HJ: Yep~
HB: But the circle is so big...
HJ: Aigoo, yeah I think I made it too big...

Hwangbo tried to find all the things he hid on the sand. Hyunjoong also helped because he forgot where he placed them. After she found all of them...

HB: I found all of them, what's next?
HJ: Like what I mentioned before.. when you gather a thousand paper cranes, your love will come true... You found 5 today and I made you one before, but it was gone because it got wet...
HB: So then?...
HJ: Including that one..
HB: 994 cranes more.. is it?
HJ: I will make those for you..
HB: *tried to hide her face* *smiles*
HJ: *hands her the cranes* I think I'm gonna hide them in harder locations next time.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I'll be good for the next 994 days!
HB: Then you won't be nice anymore on the 995th day?
HJ: Well that's when I'll start folding paper turtles. *laughs*
HB: *laughs* Thank you..
HJ: It's nothing..

Private Interview:

HB: Like always.. a jewelry.. a ring.. I don't expect them at all. His smiles and the things he does that make me smile.. I think those are the most important and hardest things to have. I thought... If you have both of those,... why would you fight or break up?


@anon: here's a sea turtle design for origami instruction :D hope this helps~! You need to follow the first 4 steps of the pliosaur design, then continue on with the sea turtle. :)

[Photos] Hwang Buin Cyworld Update


Police Officer xDDD

She looks so cute with kids!

[Interview] Hyunjoong On Spring 3

credits: +

In the center of the unprecedented second Hanryu boom, there are a lot of superstars, talented in both of singing and acting. Kim Hyun Joong, introduced in the top, is a member of SS501, one of the most popular pop group in Korea ; he is now breaking into a stardom as an actor. With his crisp smile, he may knock out the Japanese girls ?

The person who accelerates the 2ndHanryu Boom is Kim Hyun Joong, a member of KPop group SS501, and is now spotlighted as a leading male actor. He called the attention as HanazawaRui (YoonJiHoo) of Korean version of BOF, climbing up the steps to the stardom after acting as a genius with a hot-cold personality, Irie Naoki (BaekSeungJo) in Playful Kiss. His popularity is rapidly growing without ceiling.

“ The year of 2010 was a substantial year for me, not only of shooting of my first leading role drama, Playful Kiss, but also having had a lot of opportunities to perform in many countries. I had very little time to stay in Korea. In Japan I was so busy, and it made me dizzy (laugh) When I am busy, I try to enjoy it to the maximum. Because I believe it will lead me to show my best performance as artist”

The role of cool, nice-looking guy which he acted in BOF and Playful Kiss is perfectly suited to him. Does he happen to be a hot-cold personality in a real life when he is in love ?

“ I am bashful in front of strangers, people may think that I am such type (laugh). But once I am fallen in love with someone, I completely devote myself to her. I can do for her every sort of things, leaving nothing to be desired. If I have a date with a girlfriend in Japan? Well, I would like to visit Sapporo (the metropolitan city in Hokkaido, the most noth part of Japan) and to enjoy a hotspring, looking at snowy landscape. “

“ It may be fantastic to see a beautiful scenary of the sea in an island of Okinawa where I visited once. I do not play any marine sport, to tell the truth, because I am afraid of being in the sea.”

Asked about his favorite female fashion style, he pointed out the cover page of our magazine, Spring. By sorting page by page, he said in Japanese “ this is NG ! “ , pointing the lady with mode-makeup (a bit heavy make-up style). In terms of both fashion and make-up, “I prefer a natural and crystal image. As a color, I like beige, white which gives refined, soft and warm image, rather than clear vivid colors such as red and yellow. When it comes to my fashion favorite, “grunge stle” is my basic. I like a long and loose top and tight pant. That’s my recent favorite style.”

What are your objectives for 2011 ?

“ To release two solo albums as well as acting in one drama. I have an ambition to have a concert for all the Asian fans in future, and therefore, I would like to establish a solid position as singer with my solo albums. In drama, I would like to challenge for a villain part, and would like to act many characters, thus showing unforeseen part of myself. “

I tried editing his face... hahahha! Listening to IU's Someday.. xDDD
Original scans are from elley, here and here.

[Video] Guesting On Hanryu Fondue


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