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Kim HyunJoong’s ‘Kiss’ is sweet? Lee SeungGi's ‘Nine-Tailed Fox’ Mysterious?

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Viewers, especially female viewers have become very troubled in choosing their TV channels.

Not long ago, fans have been excited when they heard news about typical HoonNam* idol star Lee SeungGi and Kim HyunJoong’s drama comeback. However, unfortunately, both dramas have become head-on rivals broadcasting during the same timeslot. Both drama genres are romantic comedy.
*Hoon Nam is a term used for guys who are nice, warm hearted, etc. Can’t find a good English word for it atm.

Both Lee SeungGi and Kim HyunJoong are especially popular among older female fans. Both of them are singer-turned-actors, and similarly went through the same path that the dramas which they have acted in are a huge success and their value was enhanced. Their names cannot be missed even in conversations of some of the attractive celebrities. With their popularity and celebrity qualities, it is hard for them not to gain advantage.

From mid-August to end-September, the battle between Lee SeungGi and Kim HyunJoong’s drama is an opportunity to fight for pride and recognition through viewership ratings.

Lee SeungGi has started with ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox’ on 11-Aug. With a huge success of over 40% viewership rating last year with ‘Shining Inheritance’, this is Lee SeungGi’s second time as leading actor. This summer TV series is a fantasy romance drama, Lee SeungGi acts as a guy with strong refreshed character.

Kim HyunJoong has been selected for MBC Wed-Thu drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’, which originated from a Japanese comic. It will be broadcasted 3 weeks later than Lee SeungGi’s, from 1-Sep onwards. From then on, the intense competition will commence.

Kim HyunJoong’s acting experience is shorter than Lee SeungGi’s. His only drama being ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which was broadcasted last year. But ‘Boys Over Flowers’ has broke through 40% viewership ratings too. All thanks to the wonderful viewership rating records, this competition is being called ‘40%’s Competition’.

Even though they went through similar paths in the entertainment industry, their roles in dramas are poles apart. Lee SeungGi acts as an orphan who lives in a rooftop house, and despite his situation, he is an ‘upright man’ who doesn’t lose his healthy beauty. While for Kim HyunJoong, he acts as a ‘perfect guy’ who has good family background as well as talents.

Besides fans, broadcasters are also concerned with the competition between them. An outsourced production representative said “When planning for the drama, Lee SeungGi and Kim HyunJoong are the stars who will be listed first to be the main lead actor. We will be able to see the outcome of the competition as there will be viewship rating figures announced.”

DON! NTV Hyunjoong & Oguri Shun's Meeting


Kim Hyunjoong & Oguri Shun!!

Korean Japan "Flower Boys" star, Kim Hyun Joong-Shun Oguri Meet each other
Credit: Nate + ss501fighting+ ArtNews + Quainte

The Korean-Japanese star of the original Japanese comic drama made in Japan and Korea "Hana Yori Dango" meets. The hero Kim Hyun Joong and Shun Oguri.

Kim Hyun Joong was appointed the role Yoon JiHoo in Korean version "Boys Over Flowers" which was aired on KBS 2TV early last year, while Shun Oguri acted the role as Rui in Japan version of "Hana Yori Dango" in 2005. Korean version's Yoon JiHoo is the same character as the Japan version's Rui.

Kim Hyun Joong and Shun Oguri meet on 20th afternoon secretly at the Seoul Sinsa-dong restaurant, schedule to be interviewed etc. Top star of Korea and Japan with the karma which acted the same role from drama place them together.

An official said "Two people meeting is to be processed in private, some media from Japanese will have a brief time to process an interview."

The short film which Shun Oguri produced by himself `½´¾ó¸® ¼¶µ¥ÀÌ`(Surely Someday) is with the director qualification to get invitatied to the Bu Chun International Film Festival, the first visits of him to Korea on 19th afternoon. After finishing the film festival schedule, he will have the meeting with Kim Hyun Joong.

Meanwhile, last February Shun Oguri attended the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival "Pleasant Companion" also had the meeting with Goo Hye Sun in good karma. Goo Hye Sun acted the lead beautiful female heroine of "Boys Over Flowers".


Drama 'Boys over Flowers' Korean and Japanese protagonists - Kim Hyun Joong and Oguri Shun met up with each other.

Both of them met up on 20th July in a restaurant in Seoul Kangnam area, and held interviews with the Japanese presses. The reason why both of them are sharing this affinity is because of their portrayal of the same character in a same drama. Kim Hyun Joong starred as the Korean version of 'Boys over Flowers' as Yoon Ji Hoo, whilst Oguri Shun starred as the original Japanese version of 'Boys over Flowers' as Hanazawa Rui. Both of them had been taken in fiery comparison with each other very frequently. This drama had achieved huge success and popularity in many other countries as well.

On this day too, many fans, especially Japanese fans, came down specially to Korea just to see these two megastars.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is preparing for his next work 'Playful Kiss' and Oguri Shun is now in Korea to participate in the 13th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival with his directed work 'Surely Someday'.

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Brian To Hwang Buin: "I'm Trying To Make Her My Girl"


Kim HyunJoong & Jung SoMin in, Mischievous Kiss

Days earlier, we revealed that Park Eun Bin and Jung So Min had emerged as the final candidates for the opportunity to be cast in the upcoming drama, Playful Kiss.

Well, the result has finally been revealed by Group Eight on July 16th who have decided to cast Jung So Min, who will now move on from Bad Guy and romance Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss.

PD Hwang In Roe who had personally chosen her, expressed,

“Although Oh Hani (female character name) hasn’t received assurance of love from the man she has kept in her heart, she is a girl that is always smiling and happy. Therefore, her smiling face is very important. When I saw Jung So Min’s big smile, I was certain that she was the one.”

This will also be Jung So Min’s second drama after debuting in Bad Guy. She had edged out 100 others who had auditioned which included Park Bo Young, Park Shin Hye, f(x)’s Sulli, KARA’s Seungyeon, Park Eun Bin, etc.

Filming will begin soon and it will air from September 1st through MBC.

HyunJoong and JungMin Ideal Type of Girl

Credits : Shirley/shirbogurl + + SS601 +

In Inkigayo 'Take 7' magazine, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min & other artists revealed their ideal type. Kim Hyun Joong mentioned he was a bit nervous since he have not drawn for a long time. He said the first thing he notices about his idea type is egg-shaped face and long hair. The appearnce have to be cute and naive but also possess sexiness. Kim Hyun Joong is attracted to this type of girl. He said "innocent and attractiveness is my ideal type." But after looking at his drawing of his ideal type, everyone burst out in laughters because the girl portrayed in the drawing does not look cute or attractive.

On the opposite, Park Jong Min gave a detailed description of his ideal type: posses "pretty collarbone, double eyelid, big eyes like deer, long brown straight hair. A girl that can converse with me and not fake so I can feel her natural beauty."

Hwang Buin And Brian Focus On Storm


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Kim HyunJoong Confirmed For Drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’

Group SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong has been chosen as the final lead for ‘It started with a kiss’ / ‘Mischievous kiss’.

Kim Hyun Joong’s side Keyeast has revealed that they successfully finished discussions with the drama’s production company Group Eight recently. However, although Kim Hyun Joong has not had signed the papers with Group Eight, they have finished and confirmed his partake in the drama. In awhile more, Group Eight will be releasing official notice of this.

To Kim Hyun Joong’s participation in this drama, he has been on a fiery go with many other strong rivals right until the end, with considered nominees like CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa and DBSG’s ChangMin. Though ChangMin was the final consideration along side Kim Hyun Joong right until the final decision, and that his agency SM Entertainment did meet up with Group Eight with quite a keen stand, MBC’s production company has finally taken a firm stand with Kim Hyun Joong as the choice for male protagonist.

Kim Hyun Joong’s character name will be Baek Seung Jo in the drama, and he plays a genius who has never failed in getting a Number 1 across the entire school who particularly excels in physical education and cooking, not just that, he is also a perfect guy who knows almost every thing under the sky. He will be falling in love with a simple girl Moon Ha Ni (undecided for choice) who has never done anything right, on the contrary to him.

The drama’s production company felt that Kim Hyun Joong’s Yoon JiHoo in Boys over Flowers is somewhat similar to this Baek Seung Jo of ‘It started with a kiss’. Though that being the case, Yoon Ji Hoo was a character very sweet and loving, whereas Baek Seung Jo is one who is cocky and proud, totally on the stark end.

As for the female lead Moon Ha Ni, it hasn’t been decided as of yet. Considered nominee Park Bo Young is facing contract issues with agency company, so her participation will be considered with reservations. As to actress Park Shin Hye, KARA’s Han Seung Yeon, f(x)’s Sulli have all been undergoing auditions for the role, which was gaining about a huge amount of attention after this was known.

‘It started with a kiss’ will begin airing after ‘Road Number One’ drama on MBC in latter half of year.

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There are many discussions about his casting, but you know... to tell you the truth, I am quite nervous. I am one of the people that was not exactly impressed with his acting on Boys Over Flowers. ^^; I do know, however, that Hyunjoong is a very hard worker. He will not improve on his acting if he doesn't take more projects, right? As for the female lead, I would like to see Park Shin Hye ^^ 1) She's a great actress and can pull off the naive heroine. 2) I am not worried for love scandals or anything because, you know I really have a big, big feeling Shin Hye and Jang Geun Seuk are meant to be! :D

and LOL, another reason for my happiness is because one of the boys being chosen is the love of my life, Shim Changmin. o.o~ Now that I think about it, when comparing the snarky factor for the character, I do think Changmin is snarkier than HJ. Hyunjoong is more of a witty/funny person in real life while Changmin is witty/sarcastic in real life. Changmin can easily put that in the drama because he is like that all the time. But then again if he was cast and would kiss another girl infront of me, I don't think I will like it that much lol. I think I'm gonna cry if that happens actually!! But afterwards I will forgive him... I love him that much xDDD

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SS501 'Let Me Be The One' Music Video


You know after watching this, I feel hopeful... The boys look happy, and it made me feel like maybe this time around they will be happier. They may not be in the same companies, but I feel like they will still go on as SS501.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ Male Lead, Kim HyunJoong vs Jung YongHwa

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There is intense competition among stars to get the male lead for drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’.

Drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’, which is scheduled to be broadcasted at the 2nd half of this year, is made into drama from a Japanese comic that sold 27 million copies in Japan alone.

Young actors who are currently gaining a lot of attention such as Lee MinHo, Kim HyunJoong and Jung YongHwa, are some of the actors discussed for the male lead.

Lee MinHo has revealed his intension with “I have no plan to take part.” Kim HyunJoong has debut successfully as an actor through ‘Boys Over Flowers’, Jung YongHwa also gained a lot of popularity through drama ‘You’re beautiful’ and group CN Blue.

Production Group Eight revealed “We are currently at the final stages to finalize, we have not confirmed who would be casted for the roles yet.”

Who would be Kim HyunJoong’s partner? ‘Potential candidate’ Park ShinHye vs Han SeungYeon
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‘Mischievous Kiss’ which became a hot topic as to whether Kim HyunJoong will be casted, continues to draw attention on who would play the female lead.

Group Eight who will be the production crew for ‘Mischievous Kiss’, they have created a craze with ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which is made from the same titled Japanese comic also named as the bible in romance comics, each and every time any news related to this drama is released, it has gained extensive interests.

Kim HyunJoong, who has recently moved to another management company, has raised a hot topic as a potential candidate for the male lead. Park BoYoung, girl group Kara’s Han SeungYeon, Park Shin Hye, Chungmuro ShinAe Baek JinHee, have all been discussed to be playing opposite him.

Drama representative said “Recently, we are comparing between Han SeungYeon and Park ShinHye. Seems like it would be one of these two.”

‘Mischievous Kiss’ which shows the love stories among the youthful stars, will be directed by Hwang InRoi who also directed for ‘Goong’, ‘Ijimae Returns’. It is scheduled to be broadcasted after ‘Road No. 1’.