Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hwang Buin Recently, New Show!

Hwangbo will return as newly married wife on the popular sitcom "Oh My God!"!!!

She also attended the Men In MBLAQ concert!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kim HyunJoong lugging fans' love, not leaving anything and bringing all away

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Kim HyunJoong left Taiwan on 17 August, around 200 over fans squeezed in the airport to send their idol off, he made his stop in Taiwan for 4 days 3 night, the number of luggages he had were massive, he said that inside all those luggages were gifts he received from Taiwan fans, he had specially reminded his staff to pack all back, not leaving back even a single gift.

Because of Kim HyunJoong's consideration for his fans, his check-in luggages were overweight 121kg, and need to pay more than NT42000 (Around S$2100). His staff said, although knowing that he will need to pay the fines, Kim HyunJoong still insisted to bring the gifts along with him. Since young his family was not very well off, so he has caltivated a bit of being thrifty, but because of fans' love gifts, he doesn't feel heart pain, but smile briliantly.

During Kim HyunJoong's visit in Taiwan, he had an exclusive interview with MTV channel 'JK Music Craze' MC Calvin Chen.

He said that his hobby is playing soccer and revealed that he has joined a Korean Celebrity Soccer team, and would gather his celebrity friends to rent a soccer field to play all they want.

He even played the 'Fishing Competition' game with Calvin Chen, upon hearing that the prize was spicy beef jerky, Kim HyunJoong who favour spicy food put in all his might to win the competition, when he won the beef jerky he immediately opened it up to eat, and kept saying: "It is really spicy! delicious! delicious!'

Kim Hyun Joong "In haste To Build Up Body, Had Blisters on Palms"

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On the 6th broadcast of 2TV "Performing Arts Live" (literally trans from Chinese) Kim Hyun Joong who was still having his album activities, in regards to his abs muscles, "Was very eager & in haste to build up my body, when at home, I lift weights, went toilet did 10 times, came out did another 10 times, kept practicing continuously. During that time, I was too seriously practicing that the blisters on my palm that were formed that time were still very obvious now." He even showed to everyone.

He claims that "Abs muscles are actors & singers basic options." During the program Kim Hyun Joong even broke the news that "before he dies, he wants to get the body build of RAIN in "Ninja Assassins", and he will hit that goal before he reach his 30s.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011



This lovely video is made by nerietangonan from youtube!

To the woman who has inspired many to do their bit for society,
the kind-hearted Hwang Buin, 
We love you!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong's long-awaited 1st solo concert tour in Japan!

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The long-awaited “Kim Hyun Joong’s 1st solo concert tour” is confirmed to be held in Japan!

Kim Hyun Joong will be coming here with his 2nd solo mini album that is estimated to be released this fall. He will start off the tour with a concert in Osaka and approximately 20,000 fans are expected to attend it. (Detailed information about his 2nd solo mini album will be announced in Japan in the near future) Please look forward to it!

[Concert Tour Schedule]

November 9th (Wednesday) @ Osaka: Grand Cube Osaka (Osaka International Convention Center)

November 11th (Friday) @ Sapporo: Sapporo City Shimin Hall

November 12th (Saturday) @ Sendai: Zepp Sendai

November 15th (Tuesday) @ Hiroshima: Hiroshima Alsok Hall

November 16th (Wednesday) @ Yokohama: Pacifico Yokohama

November 18th (Friday) @ Nagoya: Century Hall (Nagoya Congress Center)

November 23rd (Wednesday) @ Fukuoka: Fukuoka Cultural Center

* Dates and venues may change. We hope for your understanding.

* We will make an announcement about ticket selling methods and etc after making our decision.

SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong Dumped by Girlfriend for Calling His Ex's Name

credits: star news + jbarky@soompi

SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong confessed that he was dumped by his past for calling her his ex-girlfriend’s name.

Kim Hyun Joong appeared on the radio show for the 26th, SBS Power FM (107.7 Mhz) Kwang Hee and Yewon’s Young Street Summer Special. Kim Hyun Joong stated, “I’ve called my past girlfriend my ex-girlfriend’s name and broke up, he said her name without thinking several times and the past girlfriend gave me a cold look.”

He continued, “I was also used to my ex-girlfriend’s likes and pointed at foods she liked to my past girlfriend saying ‘you like this, have some. We ended breaking up because of that incident.”

Kim Hyun Joong also talked about how the past girlfriend got revenge, “This particular girlfriend also plotted revenge on me by calling me her ex-boyfriends name and also suggesting things that the ex-boyfriend liked, it really ticked me off. Most men are indifferent to these things but after going through hit first hand I know what the issue is.”

On this radio show Kim Hyun Joong also confessed other facts: “I’ve only received one confession of love, and I was born on Memorial Day and until elementary school I thought they were putting up the national flag because it was my birthday.”

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