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Kim Hyunjoong MVIO Spring 2010 Collection Photoshoot


hyunjoongie your eyes are just too magical~! LOL
[and you know what, the first thing i noticed on the photoshoot was how his luggage remind me of hwang buin's!!! xDDD]

Friday, January 29, 2010

Joongbo Episode 12 Quotes

Episode 12 Quotes

They found out that their mission is to have a vacation with another couple.

HB: Why are they coming anyway?
HJ: I feel uncomfortable with strangers..
HB: Really?
HJ: Yeah..
HB: For me I feel uncomfortable when we're alone!

HJ: It's weird when there are other people.
HB: Then is it better to just stay with me?
HJ: That's right!... Just imagine having another person like Buin.. *laughs*

Hyunjoong told Hwangbo that he got to watch her on TV while in Japan.

HJ: You looked very peaceful.
HB: *laughs* That's not it..
HJ: You told me that you were so lonely but when I saw you you were so happy and laughing so much!
HB: *laughs* You didn't feel it? Then you still don't know me. While I was laughing, half of my thoughts were about you.
HJ: *smiles*

Both are planning on what to say once the other couple comes.

HJ: You want me to ask them if they want to leave?
HB: Tell them like this..
HJ: What?
HB: "Since we're here as couples, let's play separately.. See you next time~!"
HJ: Don't you think that's too much?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: How can we say that to the people who are coming just to see us? *laughs*
HB: You made me look like a bad person again...
HJ: We can say it like this then..
HB: How?
HJ: "We are still newlyweds... and we have so many things we need progress on.. So can you just let us spend more time with each other?"
HB: *laughs*

HB: Let's talk a lot.
HJ: Alright.
HB: Don't talk to other women.
HJ: I won't!
HB: When they speak to you, just do gestures.
HJ: Like a mute?
HB: Yep.
HJ: Got it! Whoever comes, I will act like a mute!

While sitting on the beach, Hwangbo spots Alex and Shinae arriving.

HJ: I think I'm feeling awkward already... I think it's better if we pretended we never saw them.

They both agreed that they will wait until Alex and Shinae apologizes to them.

HB: What time is it now~?
Shinae: But we had to walk all the way here..
HJ: No, it's fine!
HB: *falls* It wasn't supposed to be like that!

Hwangbo was the bad person again. ha!

Private Interview:

HB: I was comfortable. It was comfortable that Alex was leading us. "Open your luggages~", "Let's do this~", "Come here~" It was comfortable to do as I'm told. But it's not like my husband doesn't know how to do something like that.. I think it's because since he thinks he's younger and I'm his Nuna (older sister), he's letting me lead. If I don't do anything, I'm sure he will be leading in his own way also.

Alex wants to take a picture of both of them.

HB: Do I look weird right now?
HJ: You look fine.
HB: You sound like you're lying.

First game: Rock paper scissors.

Alex: Let's play a game of rock paper scissors. Whoever loses will be buried in the sand.
HJ: *competitive* That's perfect!

After winning..

Alex: I've never seen Hyunjoong this happy before.

Second game: Keep The Flag

HJ; Don't worry, we're used to losing anyways.
HB: *starts taking sand off the sand mountain*
HJ: BUIN! Don't lose! Don't lose!
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Oh, what's wrong with me? *laughs*

When it was Hyunjoong's turn, the flag fell.

HJ: *stares at Hwangbo* I don't think I'm good at this... It collapses every time I touch it..
HB: This is too much..
Alex: No, this is your fate!
HJ: *stands up and pretends to throw a boomerang* AISH!!
HB: *laughs*

Third Game: Palm Touch

HB: I don't want to lose! I don't want to lose! I don't want to lose!!!!
HJ: *holds her arm* Please show your Asian power!
Shinae: *pushes Hwangbo, Hwangbo falls down*
HJ: *catches Hwangbo* You can still stand!

Hyunjoong also lost to Alex when it was his turn.

HJ: *runs to the beach frustratedly* AHHHHH!!!! I'M GOING INSANE!!!!

Private Interview:

Q: You saw your husband without his shirt on.

HB: When he took off his shirt, I was like "Whoa~" but then I wondered why he took off his shirt in the first place. I thought he was gonna put it back on right away but he didn't. I thought, "So he has matured." *laughs*

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo wrote letters for each other on the beach.

HJ: "Good Hwang Buin by Hyunjoong"
HB: "I like the awkwardness by Hwangbo"

Shinae: They really are quiet.. Did you guys argue? Why don't you have conversations?
HJ: We always don't have any. *laughs*
Shinae: I think you guys talk less than us.
HB: But I don't think it's important now.. I know everything just looking at him.
HJ: Don't worry. The times that we do have conversations are all aired in the show!
HB: *laughs*

Fourth Game: Catching Fish

HB: Shinae caught one? Really? Please don't tell Hyunjoong..
Shinae: Huh?
HB: Don't tell him you caught one. No way, no way. I will hurt his pride. Hyunjoong didn't catch one last time too..
Alex: *talks about how they got a fish*
HB: Don't say that you got one he might hear it! Just go ahead and eat it! *throws her bait in the water* One fish.. Just one fish..

Private Interview:

HB: I didn't want Hyunjoong to know they were able to catch one. The moment they caught it I told them not to tell him. When my husband was checking out my fishing rod, I can really see his anticipation. We even lost a lot of the games, so I felt really sorry. I think I haven't done anything for him recently... I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from that..

Hyunjoong found out that Shinae caught a fish.

Private Interview:

HJ: At that moment I wanted to scuba dive with a spear. Of course I thought I would be able to catch one! But the boat was too big, and I think the engine was so noisy that the fishes swam away.

Q: But Shinae caught one...

HJ: Maybe it was a male fish. *laughs*

Private interview:

HB: We couldn't catch a fish! It made me so mad.. We also lost a lot of games because of me.. I hate situations like.. You know when you when you watch movies and the girls always make everything worse? Have you watched something like that? He could've ran away and saved himself but because of the girl.. Because of that one girl he wants to protect, both of them eventually die at the end of the movie! I've always thought then that girls become burden to men, so I hate being one. I hated the fact that I couldn't be of any help to him at that time and it felt like he was losing because of me..

HJ: So are we going to starve if we couldn't catch one?
HB: No way! We're gonna catch one! Don't worry about it. I'll catch one for you!
HJ: No, I think we should stop..
HB: No I can catch it! Ahh.. I know I can catch it..
HJ: To surrender early might be the source of success.

HJ: How come we keep on losing?
HB: You told me you're good at fishing!
HJ: I've always caught at least four.. What went wrong today?
Alex: Oh, so he can't catch one when he's with Hwangbo..
HB: *shocked*
Alex: I'm just kidding..
HB: But I think so too. *laughs* Now that I think about it, it's true. You can't catch fish when you're with me, huh?
HJ: Yep! I thought so too.
HB: I think we don't match..
HJ: Then shall we go back to shore and visit a fortune teller?
HB: *laughs*

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Hyunjoong The Wedding Singer!!!


This was for his cousin, or his uncle?
There are different infos going around, anyways,
I will update about it when I found out. xDDD~
btw, pic from:

SS501 Persona Encore Concert Sold Out! Interpark Server Was Down!

credit: k bites

In the coming Feb 27 & 28 , top group SS501 will hold their Encore concert in Seoul Olympic Park.

The group started their Asia Tour since Aug 2009 and been touring overseas and visited places like Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei, and Hong Kong. They will end their overseas concert by throwing a concert in Bangkok – Thailand on Feb 13,2010.

As for their upcoming Encore concert, an online ticketing site Interpark opened the 1st Day SS501 Persona Encore Concert ticket reservation yesterday (Jan 27,2010) from 7:00 pm local time. And according to Interpark staff, “The site visitor concurrently reached up until 50.000 people and this has made Interpark server down, yet, we recovered the site hurriedly and continue the ticket sales”. It is also reported that the soonest it’s opened Interpark has sold the whole 15.000 seat for the 1st day concert.

The Encore concert will be held at the Olympic Park – Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul in 2 days schedule : Feb 27 (7:00 pm) and Feb 28 (5:00 pm). DSP Media also stated that the fans will enjoy more interesting shows as the concert will be different from last year’s concert.

Meanwhile, SS501 2nd day Encore concert ticket reservation will be open via Interpark site as well.

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Hyunjoong's Basic House Store Photos

credit: 비온뒤에 @invhj

this was the outfit he wore on the interview with yoon eun hye!!!
you think the hands are his? kinda looks like his hands right?

Hyunjoong's Pics On SS501 Diary/Planner

credit: may of hktriples

i would be so distracted having this planner... o.o

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Kim Hyunjoong: Tthe Story Behind It All


This is the video uploaded by a lot of fan groups for Hyunjoong.
I really don't know what to say about this issue right now.
What do you guys think? Is it too much or the right thing to do?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hwangbo Got Asked About Hyunjoong On Radio Show

Hwangbo sounds like she has colds ;___; Anyways, listen to 3:40!!!

Out of the blue, the MC asked if she still talks to Hyunjoong but she replied no. Then she joked that it's because he's too famous and she doesn't want to bother him since he has so many activities already.

The MC then mentioned that she thought after WGM, Hyunjoong and Hwangbo would meet privately but Hwangbo replied saying she is not the type to take the initiative to do that, but if ever they will meet, Hyunjoong would probably be talking about so much things. ^^

Hwangbo was referring to Hyunjoong as "dongsaeng"
I dunno about you, but dongsaeng is only used when you're talking to a younger sibling or if you're really close to someone o.o~~

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Korean Netizen's Opinions About HJ & Ex President's Controversy

Credit: mydaily + (Chinese translation) 妃茵 @ TripleS.TW + (English translation)

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong received unrelenting attacks from Korea netizen due to his participation in former president Chun Doo Hwan's 80th birthday party which was not of his own will.

On the night of 18th, 6pm, at a wedding hall in Seoul Gangnam-go, former president Chun Doo Hwan's 80th birthday party, Kim Hyun Joong made a surprise appearance of over 10mins. It was said that he was there together with his management company, DSP CEO to greet former president Chun Doo Hwan.

According to one journalist who went to interview on that day, Kim Hyun Joong was indeed there together with his management company CEO and he did go infront of the former president couple to shake hand and greet them. When the former president secretary introduced Kim Hyun Joong to the former president couple, the former president Chun Doo Hwan said: "Ah~ So you are Kim Hyun Joong." and happily welcome Kim Hyun Joong.

Due to this and being despised by Korea netizen, Kim Hyun Joong revealed through SS501 official website: "Today I was a bit hurt, so I came to leave my message. I only went to attend my CEO's birthday, why did everybody have to say like this? Although I did attended the former president birthday party, what political power do I have?"

However, the netizen thought that Kim Hyun Joong wasn't careful when choosing to attend the birthday party. The netizens said: "As it was a sensitive occasion, he should be extra careful with his choice. It is too late to explain after the incident, if he was more careful in the first place, there won't be such news isn't it?"

Other than that, other netizens reprimanded: "Living in this society, it is inevitable that there might be some incident that might caused misunderstanding by others. However, if only when there is some misunderstanding and then saying that you will take in full responsibilities, then who will be responsible for those irresponsible person?"
(妃茵 note: Because Hyun Joong mentioned in his message that he will hold full responsibilities in his own name for this incident)

Towards the management company CEO who brought Kim Hyun Joong to attend the birthday party, his inconsiderate act also received bombardments from netizen. The netizens expressed, since Kim Hyun Joong is a well known artist, for the sake of Kim Hyun Joong, his CEO shouldn't bring him to attend the former president Chun Doo Hwan's birthday party which would cause the whole Korean's resentments.

DSP released their notice yesterday regarding this, as they have originally scheduled to have dinner with CEO Lee's to celebrate his birthday, before the dinner, since Kim Hyun Joong has some private schedule, CEO Lee accompanied him to go to the meeting place, on their way, CEO Lee received a phone call and as a last minute notice, he brought along Kim Hyun Joong to the former president birthday party location."

Certain netizen responded sarcastically to his company notice. "For the management company to do such move, it was really very inappropriate. They were really reckless to even bring their popular artist to such occasion. They should obviously knew that how bad the impression the whole Koreans have towards the former president Chun Doo Hwan."

Rumours Regarding Singer Kim Hyun Joong Attending Ex-President Chun Doo Hwan's Birthday Party

Credit: SS601 + (Chinese translation) + (English translation)

Already confirmed with the news report and confirmed that it is the truth...."We have the photographs but do not release."

On 18th evening, everybody has many speculations about whether Kim Hyun Joong attended the former President's 80th birthday party, and many has started to discuss about this.

According to the news report regarding the 18th, former President Chun Doo Hwan held his 80th birthday party in one of the wedding event hall in Seoul, Gangnam-go. Attending the events were many former cabinet members during his presidency, military officers and active politicians. Attracting most attention was popular singer SS501's Kim Hyun Joong who was also among the guest.

Once the news was released, netizen immediately raised their opinion regarding 'Reason of Kim Hyun Joong actually didn't attend', most of the opinion think that the news report was biased, and the news started to spread in a flash.

Because certain netizen's opinion were too intense, causing media who mainly report entertainment news quickly reported news regarding "Kim Hyun Joong management company strongly deny". All in a sudden, the original news report was mistaken as a wrong news.

However, after further investigation with the related news company, after confirmation, Kim Hyun Joong actually attended the former president birthday party.

The news editor department related person revealed on 19th, "Kim Hyun Joong really attended the former president's birthday party, we not even have the proof, and also hold photographs of Kim Hyun Joong shaking the former president hand during that time." He further explained, "We do not release the photo because of requests from fans, we are fully awared of their feelings of not wanting their beloved idol to be linked to politics."

"The reason Kim Hyun Joong attending the party was because their company higher management is the former president close friend. Therefore regarding Kim Hyun Joong attending the birthday party, he himself do not have any relation with politics."

Also, Kim Hyun Joong's management company personnel when being interviewed also pointed out "Because this is his personal schedule, the company could not fully control, and also we had already requested the media to modify the contents of the news reports."

The management company hope that the wrong news report of Kim Hyun Joong didn't attend the party will be rectified, so that it would not mislead the general public and also hope that this topic will calm down soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DSP Official Statement About HJ's Controversy

Credit: + (Chinese translation) + (English translation)

Hi everybody, this is DSP media
Since yesterday, a lot of people after reading Hyun Joong's report, tried via many methods to enquire about this matter.
We think we should at least let TS know the entire process of Hyun Joong went to the location in the news report. The detail is as the followings:

18 January, yesterday is CEO, Lee Ho Yeon's birthday
That night other than Jung Min who was filimg human theatre, we have scheduled appointment together with Hyun Joong, Kyu Jong, Young Saeng and Hyung Jun to have dinner together.

Before going to the appointment place,
Hyun Joong who originally had other scedule in the day, when to the disccusion location together with the CEO,
on the way, the CEO received a call
On the way they went in for a while then left and proceed to the appointment location as scheduled.

Without any intention or planning, this incident just happened coincidently
There's no room for choice
Hyun Joong was not used to receiving bad comments and seems to receive quite hurt by it

Whether stay for 1 minute or 10 minute, no matter what is the situation at the moment
Just making an issue by going or not going, although we don't expect everybody will understand
But we hope you should write the article after understanding the truth.

Kim Hyunjoong and Jeon Doohwan controversy

SS501’s member Kim HyunJoong is currently mad due to the controversy that is encompassing him in Korea. This controversy of this matter involves the ex-president of Korea, Jeon DooHwan.

What is it exactly that the netizens and citizens are making a fuss about? KBites will lay out the facts.

In Korea on the 18th, the news reported that Kim HyunJoong had gone to the birthday celebration for the former president of the Republic of Korea. This could seem like a simple birthday celebration, however, the fact is that it wasn’t

Many of you guys may not know about the reputation Jeon DooHwan has in Korea. Many of you guys might not also know that some Koreans are just waiting patiently for his death. Jeon DooHwan was the president that caused one of the most notorious act in Korea, also called the “Gwangju Democratization Movement.” Before, Jeon DooHwan had pressured Koreans under the military power, basically making sure that everyone was following him. However, in Gwangju, several hundreds of citizens gathered together and formed a “movement” for the democracy in the government. Unfortunately, the armed forces were too much for the weak citizens to handle, and along with the movement, several hundreds of the citizens were brutally massacre in 2 days, causing a short period of war between the citizens of Korea. This wasn’t his only mistake, but one of the mistakes he is critized the most for.

Jeon DooHwan celebrated his eightieth birthday in Korea, and a suprising guest came on to the scene, and it was no other than Kim HyunJoong. When the news first came on to the scene, it was said that DSP Media had no idea Kim HyunJoong had attended this event. However, it was revealed that he had actually been there at the event and DSP announced once again that HyunJoong had gone there with someone else that knew the former president. DSP Media also made sure to emphasize the point that Kim HyunJoong had only been there “for a while.”

According to one photographer that was present in the birthday scene, he revealed that Kim HyunJoong waited in line along with the other guest to greet the president, and eventually ended up meeting the former president and shaking his hand as well. The controversy continues with Kim HyunJoong’s journal entry he posted. The journal entry will not be posted here, however, HyunJoong was mad about all the response that came to him and he continued on about how he was taken to the birthday party and he didn’t have a choice at all.

compiled by: nulsaranghae @ k bites

As I read Hyunjoong's diary.. I really feel bad.. He's really hurt about this.. His words are so strong, and I can see his frustration. I just hope everything will be cleared up already...

This, like many other news is something that was blown out of proportion. and Hyunjoong was the one a lot of people were pointing their fingers at. I really can't believe why netizens are swearing at him! Did they even know what happened first? No. Did they even know why he was there? No. They just bashed him without knowing anything. It's ridiculous..

I can't reveal the diary entry to you guys here, but it is to protect Hyunjoong. TS members wanted to ask everyone not to post it to any International blogs until the issue clears up. Please understand.

[I know a lot of international fans are worried about him also... so if you wish to read the it privately, I can send you the entry. But remember it's only for you, and not to be reposted anywhere else.. Email:]

****to the email ad with "hula" I can't send anything because I have to be approved first? ^^;; I don't know what to do..***

Let's all pray everything will be fine by tomorrow.
Hyunjoong, have strength...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hwang Buin Photo Spam [01/18/10]

[These include her photos in Haiti and Hong Kong]

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Hotsun Chicken Photos


It feels like he's more than endorsing chicken for Hotsun xD

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hyunjoong & Jaejoong Fanaccount In The Airport

Well, let see! Where should I begin? It’s about my experience with meeting two famous Korean celebrities while waiting for my flight at a business launch in Canada Airport.

They are Kim Hyun Joong (Jihoo from BOF) and his friend, Kim JaeJoong. I’m an old chap, not a big fan of anything, but I do watch/listen to Korean drama and music. My two nephews are dedicated fans, so they keep me updated once in a while.

The two young men were sitting right across from my seat. Since I was busy working on my laptop, I didn’t notice their presence until one of their travel companions dropped something on the floor.

KHJ looks quite young in person. His complexion is amazingly nice. He’s very fair, and very pretty. He looks ethereal, almost like an angel himself. His skin is as nice as a child‘s. Women would go for extreme measures just to have that kind of skin (so unfair).

Kim JaeJoong is also very handsome. He looks a little quirky, but that makes him sexy. I found Jaejoong a little more approachable and down-to-earth, since he does not have that “God” vibe look as KHJ does.

Those two seem very close. They didn’t talk much, but the way they exchanged eyes contacts and shared a drink showed their closeness. I watched them from behind my laptop (he he … shame on me, an old lady). At one point, they made some loud noise and looked at me wary. I smiled just to reassure them. Jaejoong nod his head and I thought he said sorry. HyunJoong just smiled and shyly looked down. Right at that moment, I understood why they called him ‘prettier than flower’.

If I’m not wrong, Jaejoong is older than HyunJoong right? The younger one leaned on his friend’s shoulder and slept like a baby, while the older one sat till and even tried to put a coat on his young friend. I guess only Asian can show such affection to same-sex friends without the thought of been mistaken as homosexual. I found them really cute, and innocent.

I didn’t want to disturb or make them uncomfortable, I planned to wait to right before I leave for the flight to ask for their signatures, and pictures. Those will be great gifts for my two nephews. However, when I came back from the wash room, they were gone.

As a punishment for failing to get their pictures, my two nephews insisted me to write a fan account (?) to share my experience with all the fans. So, here it is, my first ever fan account. I hope you all enjoy it.

It was great to feel young, and being a fan girl once again. Thanks to the two gorgeous young men.

To my nephews, Lauren and Alexandra

With love, Mia Ng.

Credit: Mia Ng + (English translation) Alex Ng + UniNg @
Original text in French
English translation by Alex Ng.

Kim Hyunjoong is Most Anticipated Artist Born In 1986

Credit: + (Chinese translation) xinhm @ + (English translation)

Singer turned actor Kim Hyun Joong and actor Daniel Choi are selected as the most anticipated tiger star born in 1986.

Movie Magazine 'Cine21' conduct a survey on 1-12 January with a theme of '2010 Most Anticipated Tiger Star born in 1986'. After participation of 1217 netizen (reader), Kim Hyun Joong won the top position and Choi Daniel No.2.

Kim Hyun Joong won by 34.5% votes winning the rest of the participants and ranking in the top position.

SS501 group Kim Hyun Joong via his role in 'Boys over Flowers' emerge as a hallyu star...

No. 3 is 'Kim Oh Bin' who as the acted as the main lead in the movie 'The Bat' (14.3%) and No. 4 is Yun Si Yun (12.7%)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Jaejoong And Hyunjoong Fanaccount In Canada [Pacific Center]



20:21 Diary Information: Seunga’s Diary

While I was shopping in the Pacific Center with Haein we rested because we were exhausted

We were going to Robson to eat dinner when we saw someone who looked like Kim Hyunjoong

I thought “It’s Kim Hyunjoong” but because I was hungry, I thought I was hallucinating.Then, Haein suddenly went “That person looks exactly like Kim Hyunjoong” so when I looked again, it was actually Kim Hyunjoong
Hyunjoong was looking for something in his pockets, taking his hand in and out again, with a very clear face

He looked like a baby that was just born. His eyes were so big… he was so pure.

After he looked around his eyes met mine and with a blank expression he waved his hand to me and Haein. He was so cool and cute.
Behind him was Jaejoong.

The first thing that came to my mind was, wow I’m looking at Jaejoong.
What in the world.. it was really Jaejoong.
I was so surprised my mouth wouldn’t close.
He was so dazzling. That’s the only word that comes to my mind…

Today, I was so lucky..^^
Maybe it was because there were no Koreans, because Jaejoong kept talking to us

I did a interview with him but it was too long
He was holding a camcorder and kept shooting us. It was embarassing.
When I hid behind the clothes counter he asked me why I was hiding and told me to come out. I kept pride-crushingly hiding again and came out ^_^. I didn’t want to be broadcasted.

Luckily they said they were going to Japan so I stuck my head out?
Anyway, Jaejoong asked Haein how many years she/he lived there and Haein said 5 years (it’s really 6 years) and asked me how long and I said 5 months (really 4 months) (I’m still not sure why we lied) Then said I must be really bad at english and I said I was good then told me not to lie

I was a bit scared they might make me say english but I was thankful they didn’t

But it was such a burden that they kept shooting us with the camcorder ㅜㅜ

Anyway after a few minutes I was walking around with Haein and we went down the escalator. Beneath us we saw Hyunjoong and Jaejoong again and Jaejoong started shooting us with his camcorder again. Since he was shooting from below I was a bit worried about my chin fat.

So I covered my face and said “We’re not following you, we’re trying to find the exit….we’ll go home”

and he said

“The exit is here. Where are you trying to get out? keke”

When I looked around, all exits were closed besides that exit and I was embarassed again.

Truthfully, we were following Jaejoong and Hyunjoong.
They’re hard to find even in Korea so we were so happy that we met them in Canada.

We went out together and walked together with Jaejoong and Hyunjoong to Hoe St

Jaejoong said there weren’t any Korean people there who were good at english so he asked us if we went to school, and if we’re not busy to translate for them.

Haein said she would like to kekekekekekekekekekeke

When they come out in a Japanese show I’m going to capture to them..
It said it was Nippon TV..

Anyway I was really excited but unfortunate (that we had to depart)..

After that, we went to eat because we were hungry. I was happy because there was another episode of me and Hain ^_^
It was such an amazing event that we met Korean celebrities in Canada..Not to mention it was the the best DBSK’s Jaejoong and F4’s Hyunjoong..hehe

If my cousin Harin who is a major fan of DBSK saw him, she would’ve fainted.

When I called her in Seoul she kept screaming KyaKya~!!..keke

thanks to Cindy (msxlayz3e)
source: freelucky8
trans by: steph@sharingyoochun

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

KHJ Has Prepared A Heart Pulling Act For SS501's Persona In Bangkok

Credits : Do-Concert + (English Translation) ornnatee @

Kim Hyun Joong, leader of SS501, along with the members will be performing on the first Asia tour concert of their lives in ‘SS501 1st Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok’ at the IMPACT Arena, Mueng Thong Thani on this coming February 13, stated that they have prepared the best performance to be a present for fan clubs on the Valentine’s Day.

Had succeeded in stealing the Thai girls’ heart with the role of “Yoon Jihoo” from the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers (Korean’s F4)’, Kim Hyun Joong and SS501 members; Park Jong Min, Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng, and Kim Hyung Joon, titled as ‘Asia’s Best Idol Group’ from the ‘Yahoo Buzz Awards’ of South Korea, China, and Hong Kong is now getting ready to make a grand concert of the year in ‘SS501 1st Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok’ at the IMPACT Arena, Mueng Thong Thani on February 13, 2010 at 7pm (Gates open 6pm). The show will be in a full pack of great performances such as the dance steps that display stamina, individual performances which reveal each member’s charm, including a song exclusively prepared for the Thai fans. Recently SS501 has sent a video clip inviting everyone to join in this coming concert. The clip can be watched at

The real fans can’t miss!! Get ready to countdown for the 5 snow princes coming to this grand concert of the year in the concert press conference on Thursday, February 11. 2010 at the Park Paragon, Paragon Department Store. Then take a part in an impressive-to-be concert on February 13, 2010 at the the IMPACT Arena, Mueng Thong Thani. Tickets are available for sale at all branches of Total Reservation or or Call Center 02-8335555

Special offer: Every ticket purchased for all seats and zones are viable for the lucky draw to meet and greet with SS501. The result will be announced on February 5, 2010 at

Concert Information:

Performance Date: February 13, 2010
Time: 7pm (Gates open 6pm)
Venue: The IMPACT arena, Mueng Thong Thani
Artist: SS501
Label Company: DSP Media (Thailand)
Promoter: Do Concert, Ltd.
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High Cut Issue 21 - CF Shooting Star

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

One fine day in January where the heavy snow falls over 20cm, the warm spring atmosphere lingers in the studio paying no attention to the snow world outside.
‘High Cut’ exclusive reporting at the photoshoot scene of warm 2010 S/S season photos by ‘Perfect Pretty Boy’ Kim HyunJoong, chosen by MVIO.

Kim HyunJoong, Spring is Coming with HyunJoong

At the photoshoot with the concept called ‘Re-charging’ meaning to revitalize life, Kim HyunJoong wore lovely colored clothes with colors from the pastel series like white, green, blue, light pink, etc, transforming into a messenger of Spring.
In order to give off the feeling of recharge and relaxation, he wore comfortable casual clothing as well as a variety of accessories like fedora, sunglass, big bag, etc, beautifully displaying himself as a fashionista.

Among them, we shall release 2 photos.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hwangbo In Hong Kong!


This pic is from baidu and they said she was there on December 28th!!!

Our couple loves travelling these days, huh? ^w^

Hyunika's Radio Request!!

It was dedicated to all of us *w*~~~~

Thank you!!!~

Fanaccounts Of hyunjoong & Jaejoong In Vancouver

Credit: (Original Source) cyworld + junjun198705 @ Baidu Tieba + (Chinese Translation) �‡›N + (English translation)

2010.01.09 Hanareum Mart

I couldn't stop shouting
I am so happy today!
This few year I have been very hardworking and learn in the library. On my way, on another street's Hanareum Shopping centre and also together with Xiong Oppa we were chatting. Coincidentally saw in the lift.
Song said: That person look like Kim Hyun Joong.
Xiong also said: He is Kim Hyun Joong ah!
At that moment, I........ can't say anything, as if my heartbeat stop beating
But.... infront of me, it is the real Hero Jae Joong.....
I am stunned and keep staring at Hero Jae Joong....
He just walked passed me
Smiling and greet: "Hi" TTTTTTTTTTTTTT
The Kim Hyun Joong who was beside him said: "There is a Ppongtta(Korean frozen desserts) in Canada, too."
We just see both of them chat
My all mighty Xiong Oppa, cunningly asked Kim Hyun Joong, saying that he is too charming and wanted him to sign an autograph for his sister. Song also requested for his signature.
After received, hehehe, but.... it is very small, hehehe
But Song also accepted it happily.
Today all thanks to Xiang Oppa, we could talked to Hero Jae Joong
Even joke with him, really like won a lotto.....
He kept walking around infront of me
Even if I don't eat I also can live, hehehe

Credit: (Chinese translation) Jea Joong Tieba + (English translation)

Location: Vancouver Pacific center
Date: 9 January Canada Time

Jae Joong & Hyun Joong Canada tour

From: Xiaonei

When the fan came out from the lift and saw them,
(The fan might have probably ask him whether he is Kim Hyun Joong)
Leader say: "I looked like Kim Hyun Joong?"
Jae Joong said: "You are Kim Hyun Joong!"
I have no comments........

Seems like Kim Hyun Joong & Jae Joong currently are at Vancouver, there's photographs, but sorry, we can't share. Some of them saw them eating in Vancouver and drinking.
Yesterday night they left Korea at 5:30, taking Air Canada and arriving in Vancouver at 11:00. According to them, they will leave Vancouver in a short while to Toronto (Maybe they already went to Toronto). They left together with their manager and stylist.
Hero Jae Joong came to film a japanese documentary. As what we see, seems like they were filming together (This I am not so confirm)
I was told tomorrow we could see the phototgraphs.
Hi everybody, I am a 3rd Yr High School student in Canada Vancouver! It's a bit.... messy.... try to be understanding!! Today I have good luck~~
First.... My elder sister is studing in Americas University, she come back for holiday for some time... now the holiday just ended , she is leaving for America tomorrow~

My sister's birthday falls on the 22nd of this month, to celebrate the party, so we went to eat Korean food. When we go to XX to buy cake!! We saw DBSK's Hero Jae Joong & Kim Hyun Joong!!!!!!!!!!! Although my eyes were wide open, but I felt like I am dreaming.... my expression was completely..... (Like a blooming flower)
Soooooo....... charming!!!! Completely charming, my heart were beating loudly~~~
I wanted to take photographs, but my hand was shaking!!! I have only brought my handphone with me~~~ The manager when saw me taking the photographs immediately said: "No!" TT
But ..... they are reallly very charming ah!!!
In order to have some close up photo, I don't even click my eyes and looked at Hero Jae Joong and Kim Hyun Joong.......
Even if they met my eyes for..... 0.0000000000000000000000000001 seconds also.... hehehe
Kim Hyun Joong.... looked very tired and don't smile, Hero Jae Joong is also similar.
When paying the bill, there's some Japanese mothers around !!! and they used japanese to chat for a while.
That's all, because I am too shocked causing me to not remembering anything..... so..... even never seen in Korea but actually seen them in Canada!!!! It is really very great~~~
Really too charming... and their face were small... every the foreigners also cannot compare with their charm. Really too charming TT
Ah.... really too good.... TT
Although very regret... TT ah... should have used my own camera to take Hero Jae Joong... should at least greet him TT
Really.... no matter what!!! Quick, completed! Learning time, going back to Korea to meet them again!!!! Not matter what!!! Must !!!! Ahh..... really very regret that I didn't greet them. TT "Korean undergraduate overly excited, heart almost exploded's missing story, and there's no photographs, there's only text" Thanks for reading everybody...... hehehehe

Kim HyunJoong Declines Acting In Movie ‘You Are Pet’

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Group SS501’s member Kim HyunJoong will not go into movie industry.

Kim HyunJoong has made a decision not to act in movie ‘You Are Pet’ recently. After he received the proposal to act for ‘You Are Pet’ last year, it looks favorable that he will be acting in it, but in the end he expressed his decline to the film creator.

‘You Are Pet’ has gained a lot of attention when Kim HyunJoong was casted to act in it. Kim HyunJoong’s representative said “Kim HyunJoong has gained a lot of attention on his acting after appearing in KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. We considered ‘You Are Pet’ and finally expressed to decline acting in it.”

After SuAe, who is the strong candidate for the female lead for ‘You Are Pet’, Kim HyunJoong has declined acting for it, they are currently contacting other actors/actresses. The film creator’s representative said “The production for ‘You Are Pet’ is going on smoothly. We are currently searching for male and female leads.”

‘You Are Pet’ is originally a Japanese comic of the same name. It talks about a fashion magazine editor and a pretty boy who cohabit and the stories during their cohabitant.

Kim HyunJoong, Doodling World During Radio Broadcast ‘Shall we decipher the 4th-dimension doodling?’

Credits : http://www. + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Famous for his 4th dimensional mentality (?), singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong’s doodling photos have gathered much attention from netizens.

In November last year, Kim HyunJoong attended SBS Radio Power FM ‘SS501’s Music High’ with his members, he was not concentrating on the broadcast but was doodling, this behavior became a topic of discussion among netizens once again.

Maybe it was because the broadcast started at 2am, Kim HyunJoong looked tired unlike the rest of the members. The members chattered around but Kim HyunJoong immersed into his own world of doodling.

According to the writers, the photos of his doodle was revealed and made the netizens laugh. Kim HyunJoong wrote his own name in Chinese characters (Hanja) on the script and also a word ‘Luxembourg (?)’.

He wrote thrice ‘Love Like This’ which is the title song from their new album. In addition, the drawing which resembles the crazy ‘Joker’ also makes people laugh. Seems like even our famous Korean netizens are unable to decipher 4th dimension Kim HyunJoong’s doodles.

He draws really well don't you think? if you try to google all the doodles he made nearly all of them looks scary or from another planet xDDD

anyways, does anyone have any idea why he wrote luxembourg? o.o
all i know is that it's having a buzz right now coz of winter olympics hehehe~

4D Leader called JaeJoong Because Of A Fan's Question

Credit: + (Chinese translation) xinhm @ + (English translation)

This is from a post of a Korean fan. From the post we can see Hyun Joong's 4D-ness.

TS: Hyun Joong oppa, where is Jea Joong oppa?
Hyun Joong: I am not sure

He was signing for me, then I saw him calling. From the voice, it seems like he is calling JaeJoong.

Hyun Joong: Hyeong, where are you?
Jea Joong: I am at Apgujeong Dong. Wuss up?!
Hyun Joong: Nothing, I will call you again later.

Hyun Joong oppa put down the phone.

Hyun Joong: "He said he is at Apgujeong Dong."

LOL.. oh Hyunjoongie... xD

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hyunjoong In Vancouver, Canada!!!!

Here I am thinking it's only a rumor o.o

Jaejoong landed in Vancouver a few days ago and some Cassiopeians from Canada blogged about how they actually saw our Hyunjoongie with him~!

And it's true!!!
[Btw, a lot of places said that they are now in Toronto. ^^~]

I would totally fangirl if I'm just grocery shopping and suddenly two handsome flower boys appear O.O;

How can people handle that?