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[Throwback Video] Before WGM, HJ & HB Also Met On XMAN...

he always manages to make her laugh ;)

LVK's Photo Of The Day

To LVK Unni who has brightened our days this November.. thank you, thank you so much. There are many times this month that the Joongbo ship met tumultuous waves and howling storms, but you helped us hold on strong and remember that it takes both rain and sunshine for us to see a rainbow :) To the world!!!! Joongbo hwaiting! LVK hwaiting!!! (...and can I just say OH SNAAAAAP!!! on that middle pic over there?! O.O~~)

My time is up and before I leave…I just want to say…my deepest
heartfelt THANKS to SH & meme whom contact me and encourage me to
share my Photoshopped images of my favorite couple Joongbo on Ssangchu
Heaven where all walks of life can come together, and enjoy HB & HJ’s
whereabouts, events and most of all…spazzing.

Photoshop is used in almost all the print media. If you think
celebrities and models never need a Photoshop enhancement…that’s a
lie. Photoshop is essential to their career and the image. Click on
this link to see what I am referring to
Using photo enhancement tools & human skills…we create health
beautiful hair, glowing, smoothing & flawless skin…fix the eyebrows
evenly…reshape the eyes, nose & lips…I can go on and on. Just don’t be
fooled by everything you see in the magazines or posted in the
internet. That’s not how the celebrity truly looked.

One of recent "Hello Asia 2" interviews…HB was asked by Kib…As we can
see, Hwangbo has such a perfect body and is so gorgeous. We would like
to know how you take care of yourself and make yourself so beautiful
all the time. HB rely Ah…photoshop. Just kidding!! Hehe (this is one
of many reason I adore her!)

I do remember reading fan’s account awhile back…when the fans met HB
in person…they’re surprised by what beautiful & flawless skin she has.
Even more beautiful in person than seeing from TV or magazines.

With that being said…sincere thanks to all the readers who left
encouraging or negative comments…I thank you.

Like meme said…Let’s do what we can to support Hwangbo Hye Jung, Kim
Hyun Joong, Ssangchu Heaven and spread the Joongbo love. Because we
are Wild Fancy!


[Photos] Hyunjoong With Trainer + His Luggage

omo~ those arms~~

why do you look like you're going to school to me here, hyunjoong?

[Photos] Hyunjoong Media Article Shots


[Scans] Hyunjoong On Singapore U-Weekly

heeeyyyy i remember this outfit o.o!~~

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rain, rain, go away.


How gorgeous is she in this picture???
We miss that sweet smile Hwangbo. 

According to LVK, Hwangbo’s latest tweet had a very disheartening tone to it.

Estella816 @manycho 첫사랑을 오랜만에 다시만나고 돌아오는길이었어요..이루어질수없는 우리사랑에 슬퍼하며 파란 컨버스패딩잠바에 떨어지는 내 눈물은 잊혀지지가 않네요.. 이정봉의 '그녀를 위해'신청합니다 (없으면 '아직 난 예쁘다'틀어주시던가요)
11 hours ago

LVK's translation: HB twit to @manycho
Returning from meeting my first love for the very longtime... We mourn for Impossible love. I can’t forget the tears that are falling on the my Converse Padded jacket.. I am requesting Lee Jung Bong’s “For Her” (If you don’t have it “I am still beautiful” will do)

Let’s hope that whatever is making her feel blue goes away soon enough.  We love you much Hwangbo and hope you feel better.  Remember, after the storm, there’s always a rainbow!!! 



I've always believed that action speaks louder then words.  And if you're a Joongbo fan, you know that's pretty much their motto.  What they can't say, they feel with their hearts.  

Much has been going on the last couple of weeks, however despite everything, their influences in each other still remains.  Just recently, Hwangbo opened up to her fans through her tweet telling us about her frustrations, her moment of weakness and how it's ok to cry.   Takes you back to the farewell episode, doesn't it?  It was there on Mt. Halla that KHJ told her she didn't have to be strong all the time and when she's sad to be sad, remember?   Obviously, his words left an impression because she took it to heart.

It was also on Mt. Halla that KHJ showed the viewers just how much Hwangbo changed him.  KHJ told his "buin" that  before her, he led a very confined life.  Not many people besides his close friends knew him but she came to understand him and when he went thru difficult times, he thought of her and it helped.  For someone who doesn't say much, he said plenty with those few lines.  

He has slowly opened up since then.  You can see that in the message he left to his fans after the filming of Playful Kiss.  If you've read it, you can honestly see how much he's grown.   Like SH stated "he's willing to open up and not go through difficult times alone."

I've said it plenty of times before, I would love them together but whether they are together or not...I'm truly glad that they left some great footprints in each others lives (not to mention in ours). 

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[Throwback Video] Hwangbo Or Triple S?

Remember this? Remember this?

During a concert of SS501, Hyunjoong was asked, who does he like more, Hwangbo or Triple S?

[Photos] Hyunjoong For SPN


he's looking at me O.O~~~

his pose right here reminds me of hwangbo hehe!

[Photo] Hyunjoong In A Restaurant

credits: meshel@naver + hjbaidu

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Hwang Buin's Swimming Skills



KHJ + JYP Collaboration News + Hyunjoong's Clarification

Little Yonsama Kim HyunJoong to join hand with JYP Park JinYoung?

credits: cbs + yotao@hyunjoongchina + planethyun

Originated from group SS501's Kim HyunJoong due to his schedule to release new solo album in next year has try to privately contacted JYP Park JinYoung, the outcome henceforth is noteworthy.

Kim HyunJoong's agency main owner Bae YongJun has built the bridge for the meeting between both of them, this has received much attention. After Kim HyunJoong confided to Bae YongJun that he was struggling with the direction of his solo album, Bae YongJun immediately decided to introduce Park JinYoung to co-operate with Kim HyunJoong. Currently Bae YongJun and Park JinYoung are jointly producing drama 'Dream High'.

In the recent media interview, Kim HyunJoong said: "Currently is troubled over the new album's direction. Other than in the area of dance music, I would like to challenge different music style which has not been tried in our country. When I told my thoughts to YongJun-hyeong, YongJun-hyeong offered to introduce Park JinYoung to work together with me."

Hallyu star Kim HyunJoong who is hot in all area 'holding hands' with Park JinYoung who is renown as 'Hallyu star maker', giving others boundless imagination, definitely will create explosive effects. Park JinYoung has produced Wonder Girls and 2PM's album, making them into South Korea top Hallyu star ranking.

Kim HyunJoong explained his brief thoughts towards his new album next year. "Mainly will comprise of dance music. Starting from July has already received around 5 songs from Europe and United States. The production and choreographed is expected to be planned in United States." he revealed.


Hyunjoong Clarifies Rumors About Working With Park Jinyoung On His Solo Album
credits: tv daily + vitalwarning

Despite rumors spreading about SS501′s leader Kim Hyun Joong collaborating with JYPE’s head producer, Park Jin Young, for his solo album next year, the singer has come forth to deny all rumors and confirm that no collaboration has been set to concrete just yet.

“Initial reports about Kim Hyun Joong in the middle of album works with Park Jin Young are wrong. I think what Bae Yong Joon said about wanting to introduce Kim Hyun Joong to Park Jin Young was misinterpreted,” confirmed the singer’s agency, KeyEast.

The rumors about JYP and Kim Hyun Joong working on his album together raised even more interest because of the fact that JYP Entertainment and KeyEast are collaborating on producing the upcoming KBS 2TV drama, ‘Dream High’. However, KeyEast later clarified, “He hasn’t even met with Park Jin Young yet, and we have not made any special plans regarding that matter.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s solo album, to be concentrated in the dance genre, has already received a track to use back in July 2010. It was reported that the production of his new album will be done jointly by producers from Europe and America.

During a recent interview with TV Daily, Kim Hyun Joong expressed, “I want to become a Hallyu Star that has the capability to dance, sing and act. Since I already act and sing, my type of Hallyu will become a new kind of Hallyu.”

Kim HyunJoong Only Stored 40 Numbers In His Mobile Phone

deer@sportschosun.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

When asked Kim HyunJoong about his close entertainer friends, he said “Really just a few of them. Those whom I contact and meet up with are mostly normal (non-entertainer) people.” He stored about 40 numbers in his mobile phone, he likes to memorise numbers so he deliberately doesn’t store them into his mobile phone. His close friends are the SongPa-gu ShinCheonPa neighbourhood friends whom he knew since young and brothers from dancer team, also his health/gym trainer and soccer team members. “My health/gym trainer’s name is Sander. Do you know what is his real name? It’s Kim SangDeuk. It is the exactly the same as the Kim SangDeuk in Alaska in the episode of ‘Infinity Challenge’.” Kim HyunJoong said laughing his head off.

1. Xiah Junsu – Became close with him and Hero JaeJoong because of our similar activity period during initial period of debut. Lee Wan, Kim Bum, Micky YooChun, Hero JaeJoong are the members of celebrity soccer team ‘Men’. Lee Wan hyung went for military service thus rarely joins for soccer. Everyone likes soccer so much so that we can come out to play soccer at our neighbourhood stadium even at 2am. We don’t have specific positions or numbers. Neighbourhood soccer is that everyone is mixed up together and swarm after the ball. There was once Xiah Junru suggested making uniforms with numbers on it and said ‘I want to have route 3’ and then we ‘gave up’ the idea.

2. Micky YooChun – Although didn’t get to meet frequently, he is a drinking (alcohol) companion who will come whenever you call even if it’s in the wee hours of morning. It’s good because we can meet without any pretence. Our nickname for each other is vulgar (?) words. When filming ‘Mischievous Kiss’, Micky YooChun is filming ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, thus we couldn’t monitor each other (drama work). Later when my drama ended, I watched ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, and just as it was getting interesting, it ended, it was quite a pity.

3. Gummy – A close sister who even my mother knows. Not long ago, I went to Gummy noona’s mother and elder brother’s oyster specialty store at BoonDang, and drank by myself.

4. SS501 – Will release an album together next year. They are my brothers whom I must go together for my whole life. Recently, HyungJun said at the press conference for his musical that I didn’t reply the text message sent to me when I was at China Guangzhou Asian Games, it was a misunderstanding. I didn’t see the message because my mobile phone battery went dead. I didn’t bring my charger so I couldn’t send any reply. Charger will be the first thing I will pack in whenever I go overseas in the future.

All about Kim Hyun Joong: One of the new generation star representing Korea

Credits: Daily Yomiuri + Lafone@liezle.blogspot.com + quainte

As a leader of Idol Group SS501, he frequently visited Japan in the past.

On the other hand, once he showed his other face as an actor in Korean remake version of “Boys over flowers” in TV, his noble “prince style” acting immediately established solid popularity in Japan. Recently, he was invited for Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony to sing (“Sunshine Again” ) which proved that his popularity has been expanding through Asia. On the occasion of his visit to Japan, we, Yomiuri, succeeded to see him for interview in spite of his tight schedule.

As he frequently visited Japan, he directly replied in Japanese to our questions if they were not too difficult without translator. His visit this time was to attend the Sky Perfect Award 2010.

Leader : As I got accustomed to Japan, I feel as if I were in Korea. I come to Japan mainly for concert activities, fan meetings, and so on for which I have much fun. I am very happy to be able to visit Japan again for the award.

Q : What do you think of Japanese fans ?

Leader : They are very passionate in supporting. I am very grateful. There is no difference between Korea and Japan in terms of fever. However, it is unique that Japanese fans paste our pictures on fans for cheering, while Korean fans use pen light, or balloons. I have never seen that Koreans waves such fans. Therefore, I was astonished at looking these fans with our pictures on them.

Q : Playful Kiss

Leader : Though Japanese comics are dramatized to Korean version, I still read an original Japanese comic many times. I feel bonded with Japan. From Korean’s viewpoint, the storyline seems to be a bit strange; that the heroin live in the house where the hero lives, even with their fathers’ relationship. For me, it’s comic !

The drama shooting started in summer, ending the cold weather season. I feel as if I experienced the four seasons. Though I was one of four guys (F4) in BOF, in Playful Kiss, I was only one male lead. Therefore, I was always under pressure, very hard from mental and physical viewpoints.

Though in Korea, the broadcasting of Playful Kiss already ended, it will start in December in Japan. On the other hand, a special version of this drama is now on air via YouTube for all over the world. This is the first opportunity for Korean drama to use YouTube for on-air.

Leader : I am very happy that countless number . of people in the world will be able to see this drama thanks to the brandnew format of broadcasting.

Q : How do you feel about attending the opening ceremony of Asia Games in Guanzhou?

Leader : It is a great honor for me to attend and sing a theme song on this occasion of Asian sports festival where people from through Asia come together, though I feel some pressure to sing a song in Chinese.

Q : Your solo album will be released in Asia at the same timing ?

Leader : Yes, I will also sing in Japanese. I hope that many people will enjoy it.
Acting allows me to live other’s life. As a singer, I can show you myself on the stage. Both of acting and singing means two wheels for me.

He makes his efforts in charity activities. Immediately after the ending of Playful Kiss, he had a fan meeting to see the final episode together with his fans. The full amount of the revenues were donated to support the activities of female high-school football. He is also expected to participated in “Message to Asia “, a charity event scheduled in December at Tokyo Dome where Bae Young Joong ssi will also attend.

Both of them also joined Japanese TV, “ Twenty-four TV” (another charity event TV program which lasted 24 hours) in August this year.

Leader : Both in Japan and Korea, the gap between rich and poor has been expanding. In Asia, there are many children suffering from lack of opportunity of learning, or poor environments. There are, of course, many people much active than me in charity activities. However, I can make the maximum use of my position as my fans can also support to help me. With the support from all of you, I would like to give support to the children in Asia.

Though his smile was very soft, he seemed to feel responsibility for the mission.

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I wish I have posted this earlier... but I hope it's not too late..


There are so many things I am grateful for this year, and I would just like you all to know, that you are a big part of it. Thank you so much for supporting the blog! I enjoy every second of blogging/spazzing/chatting/everything because of all of you. 

I hope all your days are all filled with love and happiness...  and again, thank you, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart..

(((..and *ahem* if you know any black friday sales on dslr cameras please tell me xDDD im gonna be doorbusting every store tomorrow LOL)))


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Hyunjoong's Buddies: Jaejoong, Yoochun, TOP, Minho and Bum

credits: kr news + ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Just like the phrase ‘birds of a feather flock together’, Kim Hyun-joong’s network consists of -literally- ‘beautiful flower boys’. His ‘buddies’ include majority coming from well-known stars in showbiz. Including JYJ members Hero Jaejoong and Mickey Yoochun, Big Bang’s TOP, actor Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum etc are his buddies as well.

● Hero Jaejoong…

During those times when DBSG and SS501 possess the highest of fame, both did not hesitate to give advices and help to each other. Beginning since the tough trainee days, both had begun to share each’s troubles, and with this built friendship, of course it does not change easily. It differentiates them all the more since both starred across in movie [Heaven's Postman] and drama [Boys over Flowers] in the beginning of 2009 respectively. In 2010 January, both even went for a holiday in Canada together. While holidaying in Canada’s Vancouver, they event spent new year and enjoyed their rest. Both of them even appeared like twins to everywhere they go as they even stayed under one roof together. Even when Kim Hyun-joong’s contract with former agency DSP Media ended, he was rumored to collaborate with Jaejoong to form a new group.

●Mickey Yoochun…

Since Kim Hyun-joong is so close with Hero Jaejoong, it was inevident that he turned into friends with Mickey Yoochun as well. Whenever these three had time to pop, they will gather at the mini ‘inn’ nearby their living area and share their friendship. Recently also, Mickey Yoochun’s drama KBS [Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal] and Kim Hyunjoong’s MBC [Playful Kiss] also gave them the name of “Intimate Rivals”. Both expressed relief that they weren’t fighting during same time-slot, “We’ve heaved a thousand sighs of reliefs when we know we aren’t fighting in the same timing slot. If that was the case we won’t be able to see each other’s face for a few years then I guess”. Both did not forget to monitor and give acting suggestions for each other as they show care for buddy. Kim Hyun-joong says they were rivals beginning since SS501 and DBSG debuted, it’s like being rivals is their fate. We said ‘fighting’ to each other before our dramas began and also promised to meet up to drink after drama ends, but until now we haven’t met up, still”.


They share the senior-junior relationship since middle school days. Thanks to Kim Hyunjoong’s introduction, Top and Jaejoong became close as well. In the MBC University Campus Festival in 2008, the band stage both of them showed had left deep impressions on fans. Kim Hyunjoong played the bass guitar, while Top – the keyboard. They had sung to David Craig’s “Rise and Fall”. After that, Top starred in drama [IRIS] and movie [INTO THE FIRE], while Kim Hyunjoong was busy moving into new agency etc, though they didn’t have time to meet up often like before, they still send frequent messages and make phone calls to each other as they look out on each other.

● Lee Minho, Kim Bum…

Through drama [Boys over Flowers], these two are his friends whom he met during his debut as an actor. As they build fame as ‘F4′, they still really do associate with one another even after drama ended. They all have a common favourite sport which is soccer, and they do meet up at times to enjoy soccer when they don’t have schedules. In addition, they also promise to cheer on for one another by ‘catching it live’ as whenever any one’s drama / movie shows.

Kim HyunJoong, “Those Kisses & Almost Kisses… In Reality, Were…”

credits: nikkan sports + hyunbar + bb@lovekimhyunjoong

To Kim Hyun Joong (24) who is taking the leading role of a TV drama for the first time as “the fussy guy” Baek Seung Jo in MBC’s Playful Kiss, although the 3% rating was far from the initial expectation, to him personally, he still felt that he had gained much (from it).

- What are your thoughts after the drama’s ended?

“Feel that I’ve good wrap-up for this year. As this is the first TV drama whereby I’m the main lead, so it’s particularly meaningful. I felt a great sense of responsibility during the filming, because the drama evolved from and developed around me, so my condition could affect the entire team’s mood and ambience. Only when I relaxed myself and worked, then the crew could carry on with the filming in a more relaxed manner.”

- There’re unusually many kissing scenes in the drama!

“It just looks that way, but actually there’re not many. There’re many scenes that involved lips nearly or barely touching; in terms of real kissing scenes, there are only three.”

- You’ve been labelled as the second Bae Yong Joon, do you feel any pressure or burden with the label?

“As opposed to pressure, what I feel more is joy. I suppose it’s because sunbae is the first generation of Hallyu star, and I’m also carrying out Hallyu activities, that’s why the label of the second Bae Yong Joon.

We (SS501) were also referred to as the second SechsKies when we first started out, but later, people gradually remembered our name. I suppose it’s the same this time.”

- Amongst the presents that Bae Yong Joon gave you, which left you with the deepest impression?

“Pu-erh tea. Said that’s something good.”

- You’ve even sung the theme song at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. What does that feel?

“As that’s a big stage (platform), and I was representing Korea on-stage, so the pressure was tremendous. I really heaved a great big sigh of relief after the song that day. One whole month of listening to the same song and practising everyday, that was really tiring.”

- Are you still running the chicken eatery now?

“My friends are still running it. As for how much money it’s made, I’ve absolutely no idea. I would go look for them there once in awhile. Times like this, I’d stay in the kitchen to wash the tomatoes or fry the chicken pieces and stuff. But since I always just stay in the kitchen, the patrons wouldn’t know that I’m in the shop.”

- Heard that you’ve moved to Seongsu-Dong in Seoul recently, is this true?

“Yes, I’ve moved, but no, it’s not to Seongsu-Dong. Because many fans used to always hung around my home, so it’s brought a lot of inconvenience to the neighbours at the old place, and there’re also many complaints, so I had to move. This time, it’s a rented place.”

- Why rent instead of buying a house?

“Because I’ve no money. (laughs) There’s someone who’s helping me to manage my finances; other than my monthly allowance, everything else goes into the bank account. Of course, I may earn a bit more than people my age. But when it comes to money, once it exceeds a certain amount, it becomes quite meaningless. I don’t have hobbies like drinking expensive red wine, so that really is the difference between having more money or a little less money? I don’t even have a car. I use the company’s car every time even if I’m doing my personal things.”

- Rumours have it that you’ve a close relationship with Hero Jae Joong, T.O.P from Big Bang, how about you guys forming a group?

“That should be not bad. When we were drinking together, we too joked about this, and talked about holding a joint concert. Although it’s gonna be quite tough (to pull off), but if people really wish to see us together, and if the companies agree too, perhaps it can be done.”

- What are the future plans of SS501?

“Truth is, many people have questioned if we’ve already disbanded. Since we’ve already concluded our discussion about the future activities of SS501, so all of us have joined different agencies. During the time when our contract with the previous agency expired, no agency was able to accept all (five) members. So we plan to have solo activities, and then come together as a group to present to everyone through performance.”

- Amongst the gifts from fans, which one left the deepest impression?

“A 10,000-won bill. That bill’s serial number is my date of birth. Initially I had thought that it was a fake bill, but when I took it for a closer look, I realised that it was real.”

- What do you do when you’re resting or on your off days?

“I play soccer. I’ll play soccer every week. Although I’m not a professional footballer, and I also don’t have a regular or fixed position, but i play attack generally.”

- What do you want or pursue in life?

“I wish to live happily with people. When with friends, we practically go Dutch every time. Regardless of who you are, everyone forks out 10,000 korean won, just like club fees. Friendship can collapse because of money. I feel that amongst friends, there should be no distinction about whose achievement is more, and who has done more, or less.”

[Quainte] WGM Joongbo Cut Episode 3 - Couple's Arrival At Their New Home


"He said he will be back quick so I just told him to come home safe. It was a nice feeling to wait for him... It was nice... Staying home alone didn't feel too bad." - Hwangbo Hye Jung

Download (179.73 MB) : Vimeo l Mediafire

Happy downloading!

[Video] A Look Into Hwangbo's Life - Starcam

adorkable xD~

On another note, you guys might have heard about the current situation between North and South Korea. Times like this, I don't really understand the minds of leaders.. "Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding..."

Let's keep them in our prayers... 

LVK's Wild Fancy Photo Of The Day


Farmer Couple? xDDD

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Kim Hyunjoong Wonders, "Why do people like me?"

Source: http://www.koreastardaily.com/tc/news/5674 + ode

Kim Hyun-joong took on an interview with Korea Star Daily last week… “Why do people like me? Yeah thats right, why do they like a person like me?”

Can you actually believe Kim Hyunjoong doesn’t know why people like him? In dramas, Kim Hyunjoong always appear as the soft guy, but in reality, he’s actually quite stiffened in personality. Exactly because of that, Kim Hyunjoong has had many bitter-sour love experiences, “I’m rather stiffened, and though I treat my girlfriend nice, I don’t tend to express myself during relationships, that’s why I often get dumped in the end”.

Who could have expected Kim Hyunjoong to be dumped? He continued to add that he “has many experiences of being rejected by girls after confessing. I always get dumped by my girlfriend after dating. Probably she finds no interest in dating me. As compared to opposite genders, I like to meet my friends more, so I guess I tend to neglect my girlfriend more. I can’t choose between friends and lover, but I do seem to enjoy being with my friends more, and times spent together is long too. But, I still treat my girlfriend well when I’m with her”.

Kim Hyunjoong is a man of few words, but is also honest and straight. As soon as he opens his mouth, he’ll speak whatever’s at the bottom of his heart – this, is Kim Hyunjoong’s charm. He also answered frankly when asked about love, “If I’m in a relationship, I don’t intend to be open about this, because this girl might be veiled with the title like ‘oh she’s who and who’s girl’; this is very disrespectful towards the girl, I feel. This might be a torture for the girl, so I won’t want to be public about it”.

He expressed that he’s dated showbiz people, and also non-showbiz people. He divulged his thoughts for destiny, “I believe in love at first sight, and also had such experiences. She just greeted me once only, and then I already fell deep in. I like frank people, I don’t know how to deal with too womenly or meticulous people, so I enjoy dating straight and frank people. I also feel kinda awkward towards junior girls who call me oppa. The girls I dated before is quite different from my ideal type, so far, I had only dated my ideal kind of woman – once”.

Disclosure of Accident: Asia Top Star KHJ's Innermost Thoughts

Credits: Metro Seoul + Baidu Hyunbar + June@LoveKimHyunJoong.com

Singer and Actor Kim Hyun Joong (24) had a motorcycle accident and cheated death, before the commencement of his solo work apart from SS501. The cruelty of such a happenstance right when he had to begin working solo on his own
led to a focused outlook in life.

Heartily enjoys the work he likes, while forgoing all distractions. Harbouring an increasingly calm mentality, and gradually permeating through the whole of Asia.

Rebirth In May

In a recent interview, Kim Hyun Joong mentioned, for the first time ever, the facts about his motorcycle accident.

On 28 May afternoon, on a road in Seoul’s Gangnam, Kim Hyun Joong, driving with his friend on a motorcycle as a passenger, was hit from behind by another vehicle.

Helmets and protective gears fell apart. It was a major accident. His right arm and elbow suffered from 3 fractures. His left knee cartilage was injured as well.

‘It could have been a fatal accident, but luck was on our side. The motorcycle is not a good vehicle to carry passenger but I was travelling with a friend that day. My over-100kg friend flew from the vehicle and I fell atop him. Thus, I landed on the ground with less impact due to the buffer.’

After the release of the final mini-album at his former company, the period before the end of his contract was a critical moment when he worried about the repercussions of the accident.

He was also concerned that there may be discussions about his enlistment. He can only bear his guilt during treatment till his discharge from the hospital. With the end of the filming of the drama, he is currently undergoing a full body check-up. ‘I will definitely enlist. But I shall not receive any further more body check-up till then. I would not want anything, no matter how small, to become a hindrance to my goal.’

Due to the accident, his will to carry out activities is even stronger. Kim Hyun Joong said, ‘I do not like to rest. Happily working, I’ve never had a moment when I feel like resting. I would like to give it all… when I can still sing, dance and act.’

In the aftermath of his accident, the process in which he signed with his new company also became a hot topic. Even though several companies offered him billion-dollar contracts, Kim Hyun Joong chose to sign with his current company which offered a much lower fee.

His pride as an artist led him to refuse the high pay but accept a domestic car, which in turn led to further misunderstanding from some fans. The gift of a car in replacement for higher pay was suggested by representatives from his new company.

‘I do not work with the aim to earn money. If I do, I shall have to bear all the negative effects. What I want to do is to display my stage and my work to all of you.’

Pre-Enlistment: 5-year Plan 

On 12 November, he participated in the Asian Games Opening Ceremony with a stage performance of the theme song ‘Sunshine Again’, gaining the chance to show himself to 1 billion viewers.

‘It is the biggest stage in my life. Besides the billion who viewed on TV, there were one hundred thousand spectators on the spot which created such a grand stage that I felt overjoyed and lost for words, with the thought that my name would appear on such a stage.’

His drama ‘Playful Kiss’ was highly popular overseas, but the low domestic rating was still a bitter pill to swallow.

‘Now I am more confident. The next drama will bring about even more difficulties, thus the main issue here is to become an actor with the right attitude and mentality.’

Now, he is preparing for his solo album to be released in May next year, and planning to attend a 3-month music studies in the United State early next year.

‘I would like to learn more about stage performance, dancing and singing, while building up my physique. I have already submitted a learning plan to a famous teacher from LA Millennium Dance School, and shall present a music that is different from SS501.’

24 hours a day, he wonders about his future plans. He said, ‘My future 5-year plan is already in place. Each year, I shall participate in a drama and a movie, release 2 albums, hold a concert tour, and release a Japanese album.’

‘On the eve of my enlistment 5 years later, I prepare to hold, for all my fans, a large-scale free performance.’

KHJ, "Seems like I’ll have to delay my wedding plans to about 10 years later."

Credits: ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com + http://news.nate.com/view/20101122n03719?mid=e0101 +http://spn.edaily.co.kr/entertain/newsRead.asp?sub_cd=EA31&newsid=01102086593168344&DirCode=0010301

Singer cum actor Kim Hyun-joong revealed his love and wedding related views.

Many people plan for how they’ll turn out to be like some 10,20 years down the road. Kim Hyun-joong, too, is not too different.

He says, “I was expecting myself to be able to marry before 30″, “I don’t even have time to be in a relationship now and I have no girlfriend too, so it looks like it’ll be impossible” (to get married before 30).

Kim Hyun-joong will be 26 next year in Korean age. Though he has completed shooting for drama [Playful Kiss] recently, he still has overseas promotion schedules, as well as schedules like preparation work for his discography to be released in May next year; he’s busy as ever.

He added on too that he “will go into army for sure, and after releasing from the army I need to re-affirm my position as an actor so I’ll take on a work. It looks like I’ll only be able to go into a relationship at that time. Around 35 years old?”, “In the end, it only seems like I can get married at 40 years old”, as he dissects.

Actor cum singer Kim Hyun-joong has revealed similar thoughts to this.

Recently, during an interview held with E-daily SPN, Kim Hyun-joong says, “I need to go into army about 4~5 years later”, “Before that, I wish to fulfil every single matter”.

These days, military problems have once again been highlighted as a socialized problem in showbiz. Similarly for Kim Hyun-joong where he has to deal with pinnacle activities, military duties which he has to perform also thus turned into a burden. However Kim Hyun-joong showed no signs of hesitation as he firmly expressed his going into army. But, he wishes to also fulfil and make his activity plans and targets come true before his enlistment into army.

Amidst his many targets, there’s one – which is to “open a free concert for fans”, as he explains “Fans who will be willing to fork out money after watching the concert will have their money collated, to which I want to donate it away”.

“I also want to do not dance music, but another kind of music”, as he divulged that he has plans at the moment for a very musically-filled transformation to come.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

[Quainte] WGM Joongbo Cut Episode 2 - Jeju Island Honeymoon Part 2

Credits: Quainte Subbing Team

Man, I miss them... T__T

"We don't fit perfectly, but I think we fit well enough. At first I thought she was a tough girl, but she was more girly that I expected. I want her to lean on me. Since we're married, I want to take care of her instead of her taking care of me. I want to be a reliable man." - Kim Hyunjoong

Download (153 MB) : Vimeo l Mediafire

[Scans] Hyunjoong For Marie Claire Magazine