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Heaven may be hidden in the clouds... but I see it every day, just by being with you.

Layout #4!!!! *w*~~~
The original theme was from Billion Studio,
and was edited/ssangchufied by me ^^

The theme is from a quote I saw..
"Heaven may be hidden in the clouds... but I see it every day, just by being with you. ~♥"

Isn't this art so beautiful??? T-T ♥
Thank you so much to Falling Uphill who drew my dream scene of Joongbo *w*
For a couple of days I was looking for an artist to commission.. I really want a new layout for their second anniversary *w*

I'm so happy ~~♥♥♥

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Soccer Youth Kim Hyunjoong In The Eyes Of His Friend

Source: http://minihp.cyworld.com/25258639/1526761323
Chinese Translation: Ýåìà@TripleSTW
English Translation: SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun

F4 Kim Hyun Joong hyeong nim imnida. Kekeke
(Note: The blogger that wrote this diary addressed Hyun Joong as hyeong nim. 'Hyeong' is used for a male calling another male elder than him, i.e. elder brother. 'Nim' is the highest honorific form to address somebody you really respect or someone you are very closed to, so the person writing is a male and probably he is a closed friend of Hyun Joong wor... not a girl ^^)

In the photo is Hyun Joong hyeong nim who just woke up early in the morning, haven't washed his face,
and driving his porshe to Apgu-jung. keke
He loves to exercise, keke
Especially soccer, keke
He said from now on will always come out to play, too bad I am going to be enlisted soon. keke
Also, he is wearing his very precious new soccer shoes which he will only wear when playing soccer. Keke
Just that everytime when finished playing soccer and driving, he always forgotten to take off the new shoes. kekeke

HyunJoong A Fan Of 4MEN

a little bit late posting this ^^;;

Credits to artsnews.co.kr + dk@SS601.com + (English translation) Ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com + ss501ufo.blogspot.com

Popular idol group SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, without prior notice, went to 4MEN's concert venue.

On March 13, 14 at the SH Theater, 4MEN (Young-jae, Shin Yong-jae, Kim Won-ju)'s first individual concert [The 3rd generation] was carried out, and ended amidst much talks.

Having usually been a fan of 4MEN's, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong had revealed that he wanted to go watch the concert just 30 minutes before the 2nd part of concert on the 13th night at 7pm, through his manager.

Just after releasing ticket sales in a week, all tickets for the 3 concert stands had been sold out, despite not having any invitations for a good spot (to view concert), Kim Hyun Joong expressed his acceptance even if he wasn't sitting beside sound amplification systems (to get good audio), and just enjoyed the concert happily.

Photo credits:

Fishing Godfather Lee Duk-hwa VS Fishing Genius KimHyunJoong

credit: seoulntn news + ode@ss501ode.bs + quainte501.com

Stars spend time to fish, and gradually, those who fell for the fishing relaxation, and the magic that those hands could produce to do so, have been becoming obvious.

(only HJ part)

Korea International Fishing Fair secretariate has said, "Ever since a high school student, Kim HyunJoong had begun fishing as a 'fishing genius'." and "As group SS501's member too, Kim Hyun Joong who has to partake in singer activities, drama filming etc across the city, he still forks out time amidst his busy schedule to go to the vicinity where there is sea, and just enjoy fishing without any hesitation".

Besides Kim HyunJoong, there is also in addition, Ju Jin-mo, Kim Rae-won, Jo Han-sun, who also enjoys fishing, these 4 thus earned themselves a nickname "Fishing world's F4".

Through these various leisure activities that celebrities carry out as part of their hobbies despite the hectic schedules and irregular involvements, stress could be reduced. With an occupation as a celebrity, health could be easily affected negatively, leisure sports could bring about stress and relaxation at the same time. It is a very beneficial hobby activity for health. We look forward to seeing news of victory from them this year.

trying to practice for buin? :o

Hyunjoong Is The Most Ideal Son In Law

Source: SS601
Translations: julieann@HJC + odeds@501ode.bs

KARA's members Han Seung-yeon and Kang Ji-young's fathers have chosen SS501 Kim Hyun Joong as best son-in-law, this has attracted (much) attention.

KARA member Han Seung-yeon and Kang Ji-young's fathers have attended the recording of variety programme to be broadcasted on 28th "MBC My Father".

When the hosts asked "If you were to choose a male idol star as your ideal son-in-law?", both of them picked Kim Hyun Joong. Han Seung-yeon's father quoted an example like SHINee isn't a bad choice too, while Kang Ji-young's father mentioned "Handsome men will be better", that was why he picked SS501 Kim Hyun-joong, and Super Junior's Choi Si-won.

Han Seung-yeon's father also pinpointed out in the programme that, "If I don't have a specific target, I will not marry off my daughter that easily." On that recording day, both fathers even daringly performed the classic act of their daughters' "butt dance", and KARA's new work was also released on that day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Unseen 100th Day Photos Of Joongbo!

i feel like crying... of happiness of course! xD~~~

Last March 22nd, new photos on Joongbo's 100th Day photoshoot were revealed!!!

Yoon Jinhee, the staff at Wongku & Noblesse, & Weddingstyle
OMG Thank you so much T___T
I have two terrible midterms today but that's alright
It's okay.. i kinda feel like I'm gonna ace it xDDD lol!

I just screencapped these but go to W&N link and you can see really HQ ssangchuness!!


buin i wanna read too~~

omg someone make me a banner with this? xD~~



take her away hyunjoong!~

i wonder where the colored picture is at? :o

I think they are spamming their site with new photos ever since they had a big publicity on Shoo's wedding photoshoot :o


Monday, March 22, 2010

Worldwide Postcard Project For Joongbo's 2nd Anniversary!

Their second anniversary is sooo near! Can you believe it's been two years?

shared by jane
(j_girl & justdancenow, thank you so so so soooo much for starting this! ♥)
JoongBo 2nd Anniversary worldwide postcard project

Find 2 postcards (either the same or different) that you feel best represent your country/ city/ state/ town/ province. It would also be nice if it states the actual location but if it's just a picture it should be fine since the postage will already note the origin.

On the back of the card:

Date the postcard "2010-04-29" (the date of their Anniversary)

write/ stick/ copy/ paste/ trace "세계로!" and make it the main focus. We understand that most people don't know how to write in hangul (myself included) but please try your best and find a way to copy or trace it on to the postcard..if you really can't do it then the easiest solution would be to copy and paste it in a document, cut it out and glue/ tape it to the post card..just make sure it's secure as it can get damaged or ripped in transit.

You can then leave the postcard as is or write your own messages/ wishes (in hangul, english, your own language), add stickers, draw little hearts, dogs, cats..ANYTHING YOU WANT UNTIL YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!!

(optional) So that they can match which postcards came from the same sender, sign the card with your first name, last initial and country..ie: Julie P, USA
Or put the same sticker, drawing on both postcards.

We ask that each person mail their own postcard to both HJ and HB. The ideal arrival time is from April 26 - 29. If you're unsure of when to mail it out please email ssangchu1004@gmail.com and we'll help you with that. Please also make sure you have the correct amount for postage.

#301. 11-40 Chungdam-dong, Kangnam-gu.
Seoul 135-100. South Korea

황보혜정 심티컴퍼니
서울시 강남구 청담동 11-40 301호
우편번호135-100, South Korea

Kim Hyun Joong
DSPmedia Entertainment
3/F, Sin Sung Building,
58-8 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu,
Seoul 137-040. South Korea

김현중 DSP미디어
서울시 서초구 반포동 58-8 신성빌딩 3층
우편번호137-040, South Korea

*if possible we would like you to use the Hangul address as it’ll be easier for the Korean postal service to deliver (similar to 세계로 you can cut a print out and paste it to the card) but if not the address in english has also been known to arrive safely.

Once complete, kindly give us a shout here: http://www.freeshoutbox.net/postcardproject to let us know you've participated and also which country you're from. We would also LOVE LOVE if you can scan a pic of your card and send to ssangchu1004@gmail.com as we plan to make a little video of this project.

Thank you!
J_Girl & Justdancenow @ Soompi Joongbo Thread

First thing tomorrow I'll try to find the best postcard for my city! xDDD~

Let's all show our love for Joongbo~~! Every Joongboers participation would be greatly appreciated! :) Because remember.. Individually, we are one drop... Together, we are an ocean!


Hyunjoong Playing Soccer With His Friends


[Fanaccount] Cathy's 2nd Meeting With Hwang Buin!

Guys I will be spamming the blog in a couple of hours so make sure to use the archive link on the sidebar if you missed any news!

Let's start of with cathy's (cati_21@soompi) AWESOME FANACCOUNT on her trip to Korea!!!
(..and ladies this is her second time meeting her!! so jealous ;___; Click here for her first fanaccount on Hwangbo's trip to Cebu, Philippines) :DDDD~

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING ALL YOUR WONDERFUL EXPERIENCES WITH US CATHY!!!!!~~~~~ I tried to match the pictures you sent with your fanaccount hehe~! tell me if anything is misplaced! xD~~~)

Here we go!


Part 1

hi everyone sorry for making you wait for this fan account because i am still trying to remember everything that has happenned during the last couple of days im here in Korea....

Before I went to Korea, I called Hwangbo's manager first to check on her schedule..... So I called informing him that I am coming to Korea and I asked him if I could meet her when I am there. Since manager nim knows me because of our Cebu adventure and some other matters hehehe he advised that I call him again once I am in Korea so he can tell me when I could see her. We arrived in Korea, (me and my 3 other friends) last March 2. I called him last March 3 telling him that im there already. So he said okay you can meet her on Friday around 6pm. So I was very happy because he has already set the schedule. When Friday came, me and my friends went to see Hwangbo and believe me the trip going to Shimty office is a little far from where we are staying. We brought cds to be signed, dried mangoes and shirt from the bubblezzangs HJ cap and HB earrings from Kathy_21, apron from Moony, puzzle gifts from Ssangchu class 101, a DVD of MV's from Michsann and some fan letters.....

we arrived in Cheongdam station at around 4pm.

We did not know where to go since we are not familiar with the place so I called manager nim telling him that we are already in the area.... when he answered my call... it seems like he is doing something important so he asked me to call him again later.....

we got a little scared because we are not familiar in the area and there was no one who can help us with the directions.... and it was so cold... we were wearing thin clothes and jackets since the weather forecast said its going to be sunny hehehe...... after 5mins... manager nim sent a sms... asking me where i am... i called him and said my location.... then we hang up the phone again...

it was so cold that my friends and i decided to go first to the nearest coffee shop in the area... during that time.. manager nim and i were exchanging sms.... with his sms we found out that

1.they are not in the office
2. Shimty moved into another office location
3. that Hwangbo has a photoshoot
4. the photoshoot is in another area

those news made me panic! hehehehe

so manager nim sent an sms of the location of the photoshoot and the other details like what subway to go and what area to exit.....
to from Cheongdam... we went to Gangnam..... while on our way, i remembereed that the Bubblezzangs gave some money so that we could give Hwangbo some flowers....
he asked me to go around 6pm since we were early and breaktime is around six.

we went to Gangnam with the address of the place where the photoshoot was taking place.... so we walked and asked for help but we were not that lucky since we cannot find the place at all.... so i called manager nim again to ask.... hehehe then he gave me directions on how to go.... so while we were walking we saw a flowershop... so we decided to buy the flowers for her....

while we were buying flowers... manager nim called again asking us where we are... hehehe... he was waiting for us outside the place of the photoshoot place....
so I asked the lady in the flower shop to talk to hin and make sure that the directions are clear.... so after getting the flowers.... we walked to the direction the lady from the flowershop gave us...... while we were walking... manager nim called again asking where we are....it looks kinda funny because we were talking on the phone and me asking him... go straight, right or left... hehehe.... maybe he had a hard time describing the place so he said... where are you i told him my location and he said to me...just stay there... ill meet you there.....so we stayed in a bank... and after a few seconds.. I saw manager nim waving his hand and rushing to us! hehehe... when he approached... I asked him do you remember me.. we met in Cebu... and he said yes yes i know you! so we went to the place where the photoshoot is ....

he asked us to stay in the waiting area..... i could not believe that it was happening already! im going to see her again!

a few seconds after manager nim went inside the studio.... Hwangbo in a ruffled white dress appeared.... gosh she looked so gorgeous as always.... more beautiful than the last time I saw her.... she looked so tall with her high heels on.... and her hair was curly.....I gave her the flowers I was holding and the first thing she did was hugged me..... her hug was as tight as her hug to me during the first time I met her in Cebu..... Hwangbo felt my jacket was cold.... so she touched my face/cheeks.... and she looked so concerned and she told me... omo omo you are cold... you are wearing very thin clothes.... i was so shocked and so touched by her concern... i only said... kenchana.... its okay... i feel warm when i saw you.... then she hugged me again (i felt like crying during this moment) .... she also hugged my friends... and they all feel so touched (my friends are not HB fans by the way but they became one right after they meet her)...... then she asked us... why are you here and how long are you staying.... i told her.. i came to see you and we leave on monday.....

I asked her... do you remember when you went to Cebu... we went to the airport to meet you... she said ...yeah I remember Cebu but there so many of you...sorry I cant remember you... I told her its okay... manager nim knows me.... and she said sincha... and I said yes.. manager nim and me we are chingus... and manager nim said Yeah... and Hwangbo laughed so hard hahahaha.......
then I gave her the gifts..... I told her the gifts came from different parts of the world like Portugal, Philipppines and Quatar....
she could not believe what I was telling her... but I told her... believe me we love you.. a lot of people from all over the world loves you.....
then I gave her a bag full of dried mangoes... and she was so happy to see the dried mangoes... hehehe then I gave manager nim his own bag of dried mangoes from the Bubblezzangs.... Hwangbo was surprised that even manager nim has gifts... I told her again... he has gifts because were chingus and we all laughed agian! hehehehe....

guys its 4am here in korea... and i want to look good when i see kim jong kook tomorrow hahaha hopefully...
so wait for the next part okay.... you will be so touched! i was! time to sleep.....


Part 2

so there we were talking in the waiting area....
then I remembered I brought some arisong cds to be signed.... ( thank you sis vandy heart and bluelyre for giving us the cd's)
so i ask her if she could sign thecd's for me.... my friend gave me a good idea to put post it on the cd's hehehehe
so that she can just copy the names of the persons who ask for her autograph....

hehehe... remember tpws?.... hehehe she wrote her name correctly now... its apol and tess!

then Hwangbo was really touched when she saw a Lady in Black album in the pile.... it was the CD Michsann sent for her signature... she even told her manager.... and I said yes.. its very hard to get nowadays! hehehe and she really cant believe Michsann has a copy.....

after signing the cd's... i asked manager nim if we could take pictures....
and he nodded... that being my signal hahahaha... we scrambled to get our cameras ready.....
so the first one is a group picture....
i will need to put some smiley's on my friends faces before i post them so be patient.....

then I asked her.... can we have a picture together?.....
and she said yes of course, you are special!
that line made me really really warm and fuzzy inside!

did you see how I almost embraced her with one arm lol!
her waist is soooo tiny!
she looks like a barbie doll.....

sorry friends.... we only took some limited pictures since we asked manager nims approval.....
ill post the pictures when i get home.....
my friends also took individual pictures with her.....
while they were taking photos jins came out! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
i was able to play with jins..... i was talking with manager nim about jins while they were taking pictures....

so after the picture taking....
Hwangbo said.... so everything is okay? i think she means that can she leave..... then I remembered that Lech-22 gave me some printed pictures that was unsigned during our Cebu adventure.... so I said WAIT! (actually i shouted WAIT! lol)
I have some printed pictures with me... is it okay if you sign them I asked her.... and she said sure sure.....

when I took out the pictures..... she immediately said... i dont like the picture, I looked ugly here (lol... please dont misunderstand.... the was smiling when she said this.... but the random comment made me smile!) I told her... of course not unnie! ippoda... you are beautiful... i said to her

I said... these are the international fan groups that was formed because of you....
the first one she signed was the Ssangchu Baidu picture.....

she said... ssangchu baidu.... i said yes... they are your fans from China and Hongkong and Taiwan I think ( am I right Islanders?) they are Chinese fans who loves you..... I told her.... remember you were supposed to go to China.... and she said... no i never went to China.... I reminded her for the Muhan girls.... and she remembered... and said..but I did not join.... I told her... yes they were so excited to see you... they prepared for your visit.....

I even reminded manager nim that I called him to check her flight... and manager nim nodded in agreement.... I told her Chinese fans loves you and even sent you gifts for your birthday last year......

the next one is the Ssangchu Class 101........ i told her this was another forum by international fans.... and she said she remembered their tweet..... then I remembered to confirm if the twitter account is hers... so I asked her if the twitter is hers... and she said yes yes!

the next one is Hye Jung's Angels.....
I told her... this group is dedicated for you only..... she read Hye Jung and then Angels... i said yeah angel-chonsa!
and she said.... yeah angel!... she said me an angel.... no no no....im not an Angel... I told her.... but you are! to us you are an angel!.....
then she just smiled!.....

the next one is the JOONGBO SOOMPIERS......
okay.... the one written in the post it note was SOOMPIERS only at first.....
hahahaha... but i changed my mind! lol

i asked her after putting her autograph to put Joongbo in the name.....
she said what... i said okay ill spell..... J-O-O-N-G-B-O..... and she said... AHHHHH JOONGBO!
and I said yes! hahahaha and we both laughed!... I said.. you know that forum board has a lot of members from different parts of the world.... we love WGM and We love JOONGBO..... she smiled at me really sincerely and said.....
ahh you girls... so childish and she laughed! hehehehehe..... I dont know how I felt.... but I was like floating... because she knew about JOONGBO! and her smile when she made the comment.... brings warmth to me!

the next one is for JOONGBOHOLICS THAILAND.....

she asked Thailand? I said yes...

a lot of Thai people loves you! they are great! i was able to visit them and we talked about you.... she said.... I might go to Thailand.... I said really she said yes! March 17..... I said... oh... they will be really really happy!..... They would want to meet you..... and she smiled at me... and I asked manager nim if I can call him to get the details and he smiled and nodded......

the last one she signed is for my dear BUBBLEZZANGS....
i told her that this is a group of Filipinas who loves her....
then I reminded her of Cebu again.... and she said... yes yes...
I told her... most of the ladies who went to Cebu are Bubblezzangs!

so after she signed a lot of pictures.....
hehehe I thanked her..... I told her to always remember that a lot of peoplefrom all over the world loves her....
I asked her I she remembered the PAPERCRANE PROJECT.... she cannot understand papaer crane.... so I got moony's apron where one of the charms in the package is a paper crane..... and she said... YES! i remember! and she laughed....
I received so many boxes! one box after another came! my mom did not know what to do! hahahaha she was gesturing her moms reaction and it was so funny!...... I told her that I how much we love you!.....
and then she hugged me again..... and I said we will leave...... I hugged her one last time and she fixed my coat!......
and told us to take care!..... I said thanks to manager nim..... and reminded him that I will call him about her visit to Thailand.... and she said... yes you two contact each other! then she left... leaving me so touched and overwhelmed.....

it was soooooooooooo cold that evening
but that moment with Hwangbo sshi made me feal real warm and happy and giddy all over!

I hope I made everyone happy....
please dont send letters or gifts to the old Shimty address... I will ask the new address and share them to you.....
and FYI.. Hwangbo's english is getting better!

Friday, March 19, 2010

SES's Shoo's Wedding Photoshoot On The Same Location As Joongbo 100th Day Photoshoot!

Sorry for the long post title.. I dunno what title would be better hahaha!

SES Reunion woohoo!
Shoo will be getting married this April and her wedding photoshoot was revealed today!

Guess where it's at?

If you haven't seen the full Joongbo photoshoot yet, go ahead and see them here: