Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Ssangchu Effect

I am very sorry guys for the lack of updates.. ;__; My laptop had been very iffy but now it's fixed. Thank you Lord, thank you ;__;

Today, I had the time to watch a lot of shows I've missed for nearly 3 weeks! As you all know I am a variety dork and I seriously try to watch everything. I do try to filter it though and one place I like going to is Dramabeans. I usually read Running Man screencaps there. (They have 1N2D also but I usually watch 1N2D and read Running Man haha.)

Anyways! What caught my eye today was their Variety Roulette post featuring We Got Married.

I seriously have not watched WGM for month so I read on. If you have watched it continue to the comments section, but if you have not, you can read too because javabeans & girlfriday are funnnny and then continue to the comments section.

The discussion began with a reader asking everyone if they know a couple or season that was any good? The replies would make you so proud--- as there were so many that were touched by the Ssangchu Couple. It's this thing where you feel like 'I actually read this from a place that is not a Ssangchu related website!'

I really felt so proud as a fan because a lot of the readers had our Shillang & Buin as their favorite couple. Or to them was the most realistic.. Or the couple that they felt had the connection..

Then they talked about how Hwangbo was so cool, and how Hyunjoong was adorably awkward but both made their age gap work, and from awkward became the most sincere relationship WGM had ever had...

It's like hearing it for the first time even if I have always known it, you know what I mean? It's like everytime someone tells me how Ssangchu made them feel. I also feel the same way, but hearing about it makes it 500x bigger.. It's gonna be their 4th Anniversary soon but I still feel their heart everytime I watch Joongbo episodes. I feel it everytime.

I will seriously never get tired of it. And that again is another surreal thing!!

It's been nearly 4 years?! What?! I feel like it was just yesterday...

and the Ssangchu Effect is still there?

and there are still more people being introduced to Ssangchu episodes?

It's surreal.. and seriously.. I can go on and on...

It's like I am always reminded that that I am basically a fan of the awesomest couple in TV history!! Like, seriously, THE. awesomest. couple. in TV history!!!! And how cool is that?!