Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm so sorry I haven't done any of the requests yet, but I have a lot of time today and I will do as much as I can! I will post the updates here ^^

I apologize in advance for any wrong spellings + weird writings etc I'm multitasking right now haha! I gotta type fast!


Anonymous said...
why can't i download all the song.
can u please help me.

I'm in the process of uploading them all on megaupload. I think there's 30+ songs that were played on the blog since it started, so hopefully the song you like is there ^^

Anonymous said...
So, if it possible to subbed eng of this mv plese upload to. i really want to watch this mv with subbed because it is so beautyful joonbo's mv.
Thank you so much.

You can watched the subbed video here: ^^

Anonymous said...
loved HB and RSW pics ! Thank you !!! Happy Valentines !!!

Belated Happy Valentines as well!! Sorry it's super late ;__;

Anonymous said...
hey promise dont ever dele this blog =D


Anonymous said...
ep 42 pls =)

Oh! That's right. But after I uplaod 42 and 43 there will be no more TungTungSubs video since they dropped the project. ^^;

hanabi said...
Can you also upload infinity girls ? just start from ig ep 70 IF YOU CAN ONLY .. no pressure !! even if you don't sub it ... missing HB so much .. Thank You !!!

There's a youtube channel where you can watch A LOT of Hwangbo's new and old videos.
You can check it out here: I always watch IG there x3

blackclip said...
i can't download ur BG music :'(
can you make all of them downloadable? :X
i like them all! :D

I will post the megaupload links later on this post. As soon as I finish uploading them all ^^

Anonymous said...
create a link for us to view the past achives can ?

Ahhhh... Okay! But the links are actually scattered throughout the site haha. I will organize it!

lisha said...
do you know the song that the show(wgm) uses as an opening song? the one that sounds like it was accompanied by a big band with trumpets? i think the start line go "tonight, tonight, baby... ooh what you like tonight?..." if you know the title and if its at all possible to have a dl link to it... im compiling all my wgm vids.. and i wanted this song for my dvd menu... thanks and more power!!

I don't think I remember this opening.. I know Propose - Any and Pink Martini - Sympathitique. What episode did you hear it from?

clo06ud said...
Hi i was wondering if you can upload subbed episodes of the lunar special :(
and or if u knoe anybody whose subbing it :)
please and thank you

I believe TungTung has the Lunar Special as a pending project. ^^

Anonymous said...
My requests ....
1.BBQ photos
2.I heard that it is the SS501 members helping HJ to fold the cranes. Is it true ?
3.Can you download the cut in Infinity Gril about HB being asked to choose a member of Big Bang she likes the most, but of course she just kept silent and the IG girls teased her she only loves HJ.

Many thanks...

1. Here they are:






2. Yes! SS501 members helped him fold the cranes
3. I don't think I came across that episode of IG! I must see it now O.O

HWEEYING. said...
Do you have a download link for JoongBo cuts (episode 37 and 38)? Need it you know... :(

I deleted all the episodes on my hard drive and I'm in the process of downloading them all again. I'm still on episode 23 though ^^; After a lot of the things in the blog here is finished, I will post the cuts on megaupload.

Anonymous said...
Hey, will u upload WGM ep 42 onwards? with subs. Been waiting for ages...hahahaha :)

I don't have the time to sub them myself unfortunately ^^; But there was a youtube member that messaged me about going to Viiki to sub. I think they have some of the episodes subbed there. But I'm not really sure...

Anonymous said...
i really fall in love with them!!! they are so hilarious, with tricks, teasings, caringness (tho tried not to be too obvious) etc
really driving me crazy haha
kinda sad that they had stopped acting for this show
hope you could upload more episodes of joongbo so that I could watch all of them

Will do! ^^

Anonymous said...
hi! can you download (I'm fortunate) the one that he sang to Hwang Bo for failing to play the piano Bogoshipta.

You can download it here:

I absolutely love this Joongbo site. It has a very nice, simple layout... I can only hope you update it frequently with equal amount of dedication.
My request is:
I love the songs that are playing on this website. I often just leave the blog open while doing my other work on the net. Can you please upload some WGM songs as well as some ss501 songs? Thank you.

I'm trying my best updating it ^^;
I will have a better list of the song downloads, and hopefully Megaupload files work on everyone. :D

Anonymous said...
Hi there, thanks for uploading the episodes. Do you happened to have Episode 22 onwards? Do you mind sharing it? I can't seem to download it elsewhere :(
Appreciated it if you do and thanks for the hardwork.

They will be uploaded soon, sorry for the wait ;__;

Apple said...
Hi!(: I'd very much want to watch WGM starting from the very 1st episode but I couldnt download them from megaupload cos I'm dont have their premium membership. so I'd like to ask you where else can I get to watch them & download these videos? thanks alot!:D
p.s I seriously love hyun joong.(:

I don't think there are download links for the subbed Joongbo cuts, but I do have some of their episodes for online streaming under the "Watch Online" tab. I will get on to uploading all of the episodes as soon as I'm not busy anymore!~~

Anonymous said...
hey! thanks for uploading all the hwangbo cuts, i just found out about this awesome couple on the show :D i was wondering if you will be uploading episode 20 anytime soon? or anywhere i can stream it?

Yes, yes, they will be uploaded soon!~

Anonymous said...
Please just promise to take your time to upload the remaining eps. Many cuts in youtube have been removed. Trust that they will be gone soon. I don't know how to keep the cuts.

I promise!!!~~~ and yeah, youtube's been deleting a lot of videos!!! T___T They deleted possibly about 100 videos on the Marriedsubs account.... I'm trying to keep my dailymotion profile on the downlow as much as possible, hopefully they won't remove it either!

Victoria said...
No request, I just wanted to tell you that I am absolutely in love with your "Ssangchu" shrine. It's so pretty and organized! I found your videos on YouTube last week, and have been indulging in all the Hyun Joong/Hwan Bo cuteness ever since. And finally, last night, I arrived here. I'm done with episode 1 - 5, and I'm about to start episode 6 right now...hope you don't mind me lurking around! Oh, and thanks so much for making all this available for everyone. ^_^

Thank you!!! I'm glad you like the blog!!! JOONGBO LOVE FOREVER WOOOOOOTZZ!

Anonymous said...
hi. i just wanted to ask if you would still sub "we got married" after episode 42 and forth. tungtung fansubs is quitting the project. i was either wondering if you were going to lend a hand or if there is any other source for full episode subs? thanks a lot.

I don't have much time recently for anything.. so subbing the show is impossible ;___; But you know you can check youtube and there's a lot of individual couple cuts, and they are subbed. You should check them out as well~~

Anonymous said...
Hi!! Firstly, thank you very much for creating this site! I love all the photos you find and videos you post ^^*
I was wondering if you could post the deleted scenes of joongbo?
Thanks in advance!!

They only showed deleted scenes of Joongbo on the Chuseok special, but the fan accounts of the deleted scenes are on this post:

kirin said...
hello sweetheart ^^
would you upload we got married ep 42? tung2 fansub nearly finished~ on the stage of encoding it
love ya <3

Will do! I realize I have a lot to do today haha!

Anonymous said...
Hi...can you pls upload all the ssangchu episodes?? thks=D

That's the plan ^.~

Anonymous said...
does anyone know if hyun joong has a cyworld account? and if does, can you pls give me the link?

Hyunjoongie doesn't have a cyworld account, but he does update on the SS501 fansite.

Anonymous said...
Hi can u post those new song that you have added to ur playlist recently ? =)

I will ^^

Anonymous thank you note said...
just keep this site forever and never delete this site regardless of whatever what!!! thanks so much! (:

I won't delete it ever!!!

myghostgarments said...
hey thanks so much for making such a pretty site! i like to turn it on and just listen to the playlist when i'm working on homework. is this site defunct now though? are you not going to continue uploading the rest of the episodes? i notice all the comments are from february..Y_Y i hope not.

Nuuuuuu~ not at all. I just ahd difficulty finding time because of my midterm exams + projects + papers + other stressful college stuff X___X

I won't give up on this site!!~~~~


Xue said...

I've only found out about WGM joongbo recently. And i am really glad to have discovered your site! Please keep it going, especially with the episodes you are uploading now, cause it's really hard to find them sometimes. Thank you for the efforts!

To joongbo!

bb said...

just wanna say your blog's great :)

me a joongboholic and of course, a believer too.

to the world :p

Anonymous said...

oh, my god. how kind you are replying all our comments one by one. I think I am talking to the air. You are the greatest site owner.

re the clip of IG about teasing HB, here it is :

It's an IG ep 69 cut
Hope you enjoy it.

You have given us so many joys. Now I could do something for you.

naz said...

yeah love love love ur site!!
i miss the JoongBo couple soooo much it makes me wanna cry lol..
this couple n BOF is driving me crazyyyy..!!!
currently planning to go to Korea
just cant thank u enough dear!
keep up the good work
love from Malaysia ;P

Ssangchu Heaven said...

xue; i'm glad you like it~~

bb; thank you so much~ i'm forever a believer also *w*

anonymous; thank you, that's really a nice thing to hear <333 i really appreciate it!!!

and woohoo! thanks for the help!!! i'll update this post now hehe

naz; i miss them all the time ;__;
oh! i hope you enjoy korea once you go there!!!

and thank you so much ^^.

lisha said...

thank you for taking time to answer... Propose and Sympathique weren't the song i was looking for but i'm glad i can add more to my WGM BGM collection thanks!!! ^__^

Anonymous said...

hi, could i know where the wedding photos were extracted from? thank you! the wedding photos are pretty.