Friday, March 13, 2009

Ssangchu Episode 12

Ssangchu Episode 12
(Episode 20 Original WGM Airing)
Vacation With Alshin Part 1 - The Couple That Always Lose


myghostgarments said...

i love this episode, seems like they are more relaxed around eachother. i want to play that game where they try to make eachother fall over on the beach, but i don't really understand how to play. can someone explain please?
p.s.Thanks for making this page! i love it! i'm so glad that i can get all my joongbo fix when i need it ^__^!

Anonymous said...

hahaha... HB has so many faces, sometimes so cute and sometimes so bad, very funny. But this 2 women have the most beautiful face in asia, even when their hair is all wet and no make up. And ofcourse HJ is the sexiest man alive ;-)

ItadakimasU said...

love how HJ catch HB when she fell backwards in the game

Anonymous said...

Yes, HJ reacts very quickly when HB fell. And when they have to go into the water, they want to be pushed by themselves. So lovely.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what song they played when alex and sinae were sitting together towards the end of the episode?