Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong "In haste To Build Up Body, Had Blisters on Palms"

credits: TVReport + xiaoyudian@hyunjoongchina +

On the 6th broadcast of 2TV "Performing Arts Live" (literally trans from Chinese) Kim Hyun Joong who was still having his album activities, in regards to his abs muscles, "Was very eager & in haste to build up my body, when at home, I lift weights, went toilet did 10 times, came out did another 10 times, kept practicing continuously. During that time, I was too seriously practicing that the blisters on my palm that were formed that time were still very obvious now." He even showed to everyone.

He claims that "Abs muscles are actors & singers basic options." During the program Kim Hyun Joong even broke the news that "before he dies, he wants to get the body build of RAIN in "Ninja Assassins", and he will hit that goal before he reach his 30s.


Maria Matira Reyes said...

oooohhhh... RAIN again???/ why oh why shillang!!! hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I agree! I can't imagine him big and buff. I like the way he is now.