Monday, November 7, 2011

[Photos] Hyunjoong For Hang Ten

i actually appreciated the goldness of his mane because of this photoshoot!
he got a lot of great shots here, don't you think?


lk said...

Thanks SH!Ya!I think so!^^

meme said...

SH!!!! have you been? Still cramming and getting adjusted??? I totally don't miss it =D

I totally agree with you about his hair. To be honest, I'm still getting use to his new hair color, it's taking awhile...but it's working for this shoot!!!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

lk; no prob ahihihi~

meme; yes, that's the perfect description cramming while adjusting hahaha! xDDD

how have you been meme!!!

and me too! i really do feel he looks better with dark brown, or light brown.. but not blonde lol