Sunday, November 27, 2011


Wow, it's been awhile since the the last update. We're so sorry here at Ssangchu Heaven.  
Real life kind of does have a funny way of interring in all the fun things we would like to do.
Regardless of the lack of updates, it doesn't seem to stop our devoted Joongbo family from visiting.
It's always good to see the chat box always full of chatter and "spazzes."
In the States, Thanksgiving has just come and gone.
Most of us are still recovering from the massive feast and "BLACK FRIDAY"
but we still would like to use this time, even though we may be a couple days late,
to give thanks to all the Joongbo fans and family here at Ssangchu Heaven.
It's great to know that there is a group of people out there who can 
share our interest and spazz with us!!  So, from the SSangchu family...
Thank you for being you!!! TO THE WORLD!!!!


mei said...

We love you guys at SH. Thanks everyone at SH who makes an effort to update and inform us. And I'm especially thankful for finding Joongbo!! They are a source of great laughter for me on a daily basis!! Love ya everyone here!!!

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly!! TO THE WORLD!!!!

jdchong said...

ssangchu family rocks:)

to the world.....

Kara said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you too!!!! Love you all to pieces!!!!! To the world!!!!

lk said...

Hihi!miss you & happy weekend!^^

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving and to my ssangchu family, sarangheyo~


fudgeorange said...

Yeahhh! Baby come on! LOL!

Ssangchu family rocks! :))

Thanks meme for the blog entry! A few more days and it's Happy Anniversary to Meme and Tommy! :)

Freaky coincidence: HJ's dance perf. on MAMA - was ballroom dancing related-- something bit similar to what HB & the rest of muhan did few months ago :) I mean, wasn't expecting to see HJ dance somethin like that, well at least not this year....

I could just imagine the ssangchus practicing and performing such dance routine... hahaha! :) how we wish to see them collab again!!!

kiani said...

Geez! just wanna say LOVE YA to SH and meme=p for your love. mind is channeled to the chat box the moment I come to Ssangchu Heaven, even so, that I don't even see that you have updated, how crazy is that?
But, just thankful Ssangchu family can come here to share their love for our Couple. <3

meme said...

Mei, anonymous, jdchong, Kara, ik, Anonymous, fudge orange, and kiani- thanks for all your support!! Joongbo is definitely well loved!
I hope them much happiness this holiday season!!! Also to the ssangchu family guys rock!!!!