Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ssangchu Santa News!

This is Ssangchu Santa and I give happy news! 
There have been requests for full episodes on SHTV
and since all of you are on my nice list, that wish shall be granted! 

Merry Ssangchu Christmas to all!
*flies away in a lettuce sleigh*


kiani said...

Ssangchu Santa!
You are the best!
Peeps are pouting for Ssangchu Love.
It's a perfect gift.
....but wait...
I wanna get on the lettuce sleigh too..

lk said...

Thanks SH!Ho!Ho!Ho!

BabyG,LvK,Kiani & all!OMG!OMG!I...I..I'm really a genie or genius?!My hands are shaking right now!!!

Kim Hyun-Joong Fan Meeting of 2012 *< 2012

KIMHYUNJOONG Fanmeeting in Seoul> Time: January 21(Saturday), 2012, 6:00 p.m.*

Remember my comment here guys!!!

Dear all JBRs,we've been guessing on this album jacket a bit,and this is my POV,

this ticket is from Las Vegas's lotto,similar like this,

the DATE,bought on the "Sat Jan 21 2006",result on "Tue Jan 24 2006",

Guess when will the next Sat Jan 21st?,54/587654/calendar-for-2012-january-vector.jpg

Ya,six years turn,(which is six yrs difference to me)and check the "06" & "16" beside the "date",HJ 06/06/1986,HB 16/08/1980 Hmmm..06,16!also circled the 06 at the bottom from a different ticket. Ok!Should I expected something in Las vegas on 21st of Jan 2012?!All JBRs know the JB London olympic 2012! I wondered,how could HJ found this lotto ticket?Remember,Buin said "lotto" on the first off stage interview in WGM?And..May I referral to this is their wedding plan?!

JBRs!OMG!OMG!Will this be our JB time?!January 21(Saturday), 2012, 6:00 p.m.

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