Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ssangchu Clips

Hey guys! This is SH ^^ Belated happy thanksgiving ^^ I missed you all! 

I have been trying to find a way to upload Joongbo Clips/Joongbo Moments on Youtube, but a minute after it is uplaoded, it already gets blocked. Facebook has a nice video uploading application, and the link is on this badge right here. ------------->

The name is Ssangchu Heaven TV hahaha xD I don't know what else to name it, if you have any suggestions comment below ^^

Finals week will be next week so I hope you guys get good grades! Study hard, we can do this! HWAITING!!! TO THE WORLD!!


kiani said...

Thank you!
I'm so excited "Wow" Ssangchu moment clips on Facebook.
Another milestone, haha..
Siblings, shall we have a contest?
Shall we keep the title 'Ssangchu Heaven TV' or does anyone have any suggestions like SH asked?
Hmmmm...I'm not very creative :(
..but think we should keep Ssangchu Heaven in the title :)

With the coming Holidays, everyone please stay warm and enjoy the festive foods (yummy!). Not a very good time to be on a diet, haha.

fudgeorange said...

Ssangchu Heaven TV's great! :) thanks SH!

jdchong said...

thank you sh :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Ssangchu Heaven TV means more spazz moments shortcut! LOL! You are doing it for us so we don't need to go through the whole episode and as we joongbooers know 1 ep could turn into an entire day or night of rewatching our fave couple! To the World SH!

Anonymous said...

SSANGCHOO HEAVEN MEMORIES..good right...hehehe

Ssangchu Heaven said...

I miss you guys! I'm glad you liked it! Oh I like SH Memories too!