Monday, May 9, 2011

[English Subbed] Hyunjoong Interviewed By Children

the prettiness question HAHAHAHA XD
oh hyunjoong...

i also wish Joongbo mommies, and Joongboer's mommies a wonderful mother's day!!..
even though it's late and all ^^; suri..


Lil' Sue said...

OMoooo!!! Is this for a Mothers Day programme?
This is sooo cutee....(T_T)
Now Uri Hyun Joongie is 26 yrs old..I am very happy to see him responding to these kids...I can see his warm expression just like before...


comel said...

**Roll on the flooR**
i don't know why but his answers are all funny and very frank.
ya, hyung joong, ya! you're talking to some kids, not your buddies.

Lil' Sue said...

Ya...u are right..looks like he was talking with his buddies and all his answers are very frank.. :D

I bet he must talk like that with his own kids..hahahhahahaha...

LvKprogram said...

WOW bring back my childhood memory!

To memorizing multiplication mom used to sing multiplication song with me just like HJ mom used to sing to HJ.

kdj said...

Cuteness-attack~!! ♥♥♥
Gotta love his answer for the first question & the multiplication.. keke
Now for sure I have no trouble memorizing those multiplication table but I would still download the song if its HJ singing the song! lol^^