Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Info] How To Purchase A Soribada Card

credit : http://cheezeemelt.blogspot.com/2011/03/how-to-buy-soribada-card.html

Now, let me teach you how to buy a Soribada card. You can buy a card using your credit card. You can choose what card you want to purchase.

NOTE: Please USE IE.

Smart Card: 7,000 won/month, 40 songs + Unlimited listening for 1 month.

Premium Card: 11.000 won/month, 150 songs + Unlimited for 1 month.

First go to this link : http://www.soribada.com.foreigner/

2nd, choose what card you want to purchase:


4th: After entering your email address, click ‘CONFIRM’. A pop window will appear after.

5th: Enter your credit card details. (credit this to Namjachingu_khj, my co-blogger. ^^,)

Pls note that this is depending on your country so better double check your details before you continue.

Now if you can’t scroll down your screen when entering your cc details, here’s the trick. Just slowly highlight the screen down and that should scroll down your screen. ^^,

After you completely entered your cc details, a confirmation screen will appear. Just check the details if it’s correct then click ‘Pay Now’.

Then a screen will appear regarding the card you purchased. Now check your Email. There should be 2 mails from Soribada, 1 contains your recepit no. and other 1 is your account from Soribada. If you only see 1 mail from Soribada, check your spams. ^^,

What you need to put when entering Soribada is just the Serial Number that you can see on your Soribada account sent by Soribada on your email. Then you can now start purchasing and downloading. ^^,