Friday, May 6, 2011

Joongbo Fanfics! ♥

Next week is the beginning of summer vacation for a lot of us, and with that I would like to share with you the ssangchu reads that I have enjoyed and loved! *w*~~~ 

I know many of you are familiar with these titles, but since the Ssangchu community is still growing, we don't want new fans to miss out on these awesome fics hihihi~ Enjoy! :)

by 只想戒毒
  • Original, in Chinese: Link
  • Translated to English by ydwlai: Link
  • For non-soompi users, archived by nonie: Link
What I Remember
by chonsa,
Wedding Debt
by  不见不爱不痛 translation by witchwitch,  shared at
Bo's Service
by: Tahrehsi

The Beauty Of Winter
by Pepero

After We Got Married
by: Marla Guibao

If you have more joongbo fanfics that you recommend for fellow Joongboers, please don't hesistate to comment below so I will add them on this list as well ^^ Thank you! TO THE WORLD!


kiani said...

SH, there are really some wonderful JoongBo ff's out there. But they are from other blogs, wanna know some of my favorites?

BabyG12 said...

SH ... tq so much ... luv it n luv u too ...i had read the chapter 5 n 6 but cldnt manage to find the earlier n the rest .. been looking 4 them high n low .. tq... tq.. ( 90 degree bow) Kiani ... just tell SH n lets share the love ..

LvKprogram said...

My all time favorite Joongbo fan fiction is by Comel.
Comel is amazing writer.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

kiani; of course!! ~~ i would love to read them!

babyg; no prob ^^

lvk; your favorite?! then it's a must read!! :o i will go right ahead to your link!! thank you :o!!~~

J.J. said...

HHHEEEEELLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :) I've missed you guys. Sem's almost over so I'll be rising from the dead soon! :)

Good luck on finals/end of term exams lovelies! <3

P.S. I'll be writing again. This sem totes took EVERYTHING out of me!

Anonymous said...

hi SH, may i know where is the first pic from? i don't remember seeing it. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow Joongboers!
Just wanna share this Fanfic site by NONIE & 只想戒毒 & ydwlai (credit to them for sharing it to everyone). This is so close to REAL, anyway here it is: