Friday, July 22, 2011

Hyunjoong's It's Fortunate Performances On Must and WGM

Thank you for the heads up me!


Anonymous said...

Thanks SH!! I was smiling with tears welling up in my eyes when he sang this song.

Segyero!! *sniff sniff*

arnabgilasecretthoughts said...

i cant explained how happy i was when i knew that he sang this song...!!!
after a long time, at last i see some joongbo moment coming from him...kikiki ^^

Anonymous said...

The moment he sang this song, i can't help but reminiscent of his days during WGM. It was such a beautiful memory we (joongboers) had shared together...

He sang it beautifully with deep emotions. I realized, this song brings out his 'soft and gentle' voice.


jae said...

The song sure bring back WGM memories !!! Feel sad but also happy ^^
Good luck KHJ shillang and HB buin for your carreer and love life! fighting!

Anonymous said...

he looks sad and tortured on the new video.. pity him.. sure there are lots of things going on his mind when he sang it.. there must be slide shows of precious moment during WGM in front of his eyes at that time.. kekeke ;p

Lil' Sue said...

Hmm...I read some comments on youtube saying that Joongbo ended up 5 months ago? anyone can justify this??

lk said...

Hi me & JBRs,I'm reading it too,

As what I think,AGAIN.. he said "since this is July" blah..blah..blah,did he practice it like a script,will that be easy as 5 month?anyway,he is not just the liar,cheater and actor too now!

the girl groups are nothing,exaggerated by the news only,he using his "best defense" again,Sorry Lee HYORI and thank you!^^

The best things that cheer me up are,

*I'm your by Jason Mraz

lyrics cut from the song

"I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I'm yours"

"Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free"

"Look into your heart and you'll find that the sky is yours
so please don't, please don't, please don't.
There's no need to complicate
'cause our time is short
This,this,this is our fate, I'm yours "

Ok siblings!Don't you think these sounds like them?HJ can't wait!!^^

*"HJ says that he really admires those people who are able to say I am me and you are you and who is able to enjoy life."

Not just that me & you thingie,he wish he could able to talk free I bet!Buin!You're mine!^^

*"But he says confidently that even if he bets everything for love and may loses, he feels that he can make a comeback for another 40 years at least. MC says that his fans would have been stirred positively by what he just said but that they would really hate the woman he loves. KHJ laughs"

I think he is betting right now for his beloved Buin!But we love her!^^

*"MC says he should have done well when he did have a girl. He did not say anything"

Remember,Buin said that to him in WGM?!^^

*the description of the girl that he hates.HAHA,I know who!Kekeke!

Over all,this is a nice/excited interview to me,just wish him take good care of his health while away home,still need to earns money to raise his family of 6 and pay the tax!hehehe!^^

Anonymous said...

just one more song HJ... just one more song...please... and you have to sing that song while playing the piano... your buin's request... the song "I MISS YOU" (by kim bumsoo.. not sure)
if this comes true, this will be the BIGGEST HINT ever... then i will say... THIS IS IT... THIS IS REALLY IT IS... IT'S REALLY REALLY REAL.. omg... what a love story... unbeatable...

Anonymous said...

Ok.seriously Hyun Joong after the im-jealous-of-KDW, the backview and drinking capacity,after singing Dahangeida,wearing identical rings, and all the Segyeros uve been doing, I refuse to be shaken. I know at the rate ur going,u cant just bare it all. U will surely kill fans by telling them youre still dating. But u cant just stand there and lie. So u compromise. U make half thruths and half lies confessions. Yes that’s what uve been doing. And we understand  To the World!! and yes im still waiting for you to play I Miss You by Kim Bum Soo :)


Cee said...

"Q: The title of the song is Kiss Kiss… please answer honestly. Tell me your last kiss
HJ: hmmm…this is month of July… (DJ: ommo…your manager is standing up ^^ HJ look up where his manager is setting )… 5 month ago"--shesaysblog

Here, he says he had his kiss 5 months ago, if you do the math that's in the month of February. But for me that's not really an important factor. The action of his manager is what really caught my attention. I believe in that saying "action speaks louder than words" and here I think the manager knows something and he didn't want HJ to reveal the truth. Because if he revealed the truth, that he had his last kiss last week or last month, then that would create quite a stir. I mean, he is in the middle of promoting his album and some fans do not want to hear that he kissed someone recently because that would really disappoint them. Other fans might go crazy and stop listening to his songs or may even stop supporting him. I mean it sounds absurd, but things like this happen. So, i think the manager stands up to warn him. When HJ saw that movement, I think he gets it, so he just blurted out 5 months ago so fans won't make a big deal about it. Because fans would go "Oh 5 months ago, so it means he is SINGLE, yes!!!!" ……

Then, here comes another interview. He talks about how he had broken up with someone that he dated for 3-4 years. The fans might have been bawling at this revelation! Other fans, actually speculating that they broke up 5 months ago because he revealed on his previous interviews that he kissed someone 5 months ago. Seriously, this is the kind of revelation that fans WANT to hear and I think HJ delivered it well.

"Kim Hyun Joong began, “I’m a human being as well, so I did have quite a few people that I liked. The longest relationship I was in lasted three to four years. We’ve broken up, though.”--ssangchu

But I think people missed something in the interview, the question was if he had experience going after a girl he liked, and he said yes and followed by a question asking how long did he have a relationship with her.

"LSL: So that means you had a experience going after the girl you liked.
HJ: Yes I have.
LSL: So how long did you had a relationship [with] her?
HJ: Long time...about 3 years"-shesaysblog

Maybe it's true he really had experience going after a girl before. But he is talking about past experience and he could have been talking about his first or second [ex] girlfriend. I don't think people should speculate that he only had broken up recently with this girl. And don't jump into conclusion that he is SINGLE. Because the question does not ask if he had recently broken up with a girl. This is about his PAST experience with a girl he happened to go after. People shouldn't jump into conclusion that HB and HJ have called it off because of this news. Few might have been shaken because he said it lasted "3 years" and I bet people started counting backward!!! He said it "LASTED 3 YEARS", don't you see there is NO specific year where it started and ends. Meaning, he could have dated this girl when he was in high school and that relationship "lasted for 3 years." Or he could have dated this girl while he was the leader of SS501 and it "lasted for 3 years." So tell me, that 3 years where did it started and ended? --CEE

Anonymous said...

@Hersheys... the backview? 'am sure of it... it's from HB's "I am still Beautiful" single cover...( but sad... they PS the tattoos which adds for her being cool...)


fudgeorange said...

thanks for posting SH!cool comments and posts! nice one CEE!:)

DAEHAENGIDA: We all know this is one of Ssangchu couple's major theme songs -- the first paper crane episode. :) This song was, is and will forever be part of WGM-Ssangchu couple's OST. We're claiming it. :) I think we have enough "rights" (lol) to claim it, after all, this song "happened" on WGM. It was sung with a purpose, with effort...lyrics were memorized while folding a crane. It's like the theme song of the first paper crane, as much as "Falling Slowly" was/is/will forever be the theme song of paper cranes no.7 to 1000.(now I wonder about the theme song of paper cranes 2-6, lol -- mature?). Some people remember events through songs/music...

Interesting "coincidence:"

Flashback 2008: Shillang sang this song (acapella) to buin before he left for Japan. He exerted extra effort when he prepared for this "event" -- something to make up for his shortcomings since he wasn't able to memorize bogoshipda.

Three years after. present time 2011. KHJ sang this on MUST show, with string accompaniment -- guitar, violin, cello, piano; and drums too. Daehaengida with the works! memorized, felt. A week later, he also left for Japan as he started his album promo tour.

Weird isn't it? So did she also help him pack his things? ;)

Daehaengida was one of the songs that pinched my ssangchu heart. I'd even imagine the "relief" they'd feel when "the day" comes -- and HJ singing it while she walks the aisle. The violin accompaniment on MUST made the song even more poignant than it already was.

I loved HJ's rendition of Daehaengida. I literally jumped off my seat due to excitement, when I saw him singing this song. I couldn't believe it, I couldn't even type well due to giddiness. haha. :)

TO THE WORLD!!! Daehaengida! claimed, signed, sealed, delivered!

lk said...

,I wrote more in,baby pls check @this is what I found after the promotion of Break down.

I think from the beginning of his solo comeback, he planned step by step to reveal their relationship.

First to break the aura of his idols such as the nose job .. ... as the same as the other guys eat, drink,play, it takes like a ordinary guy been fooling around ..

Another example is, he has a girlfriend .. they will be very close together... in time may be .. more than three years .. but you do not know it "fans" ..

At the same time, he can not talk .. so complete,so,he had mixed half true and half false, to add with his first love & current lover may experience .. like to tell his fans he is a man ..he eat and have feelings good to drink,if he announced we get married next month,his fans may have not accepted more or less , but they are also ready for something since this preparation!Beside,he need to work together in the public and in private,he need the attentions,what & how he doing in this come back its cost his future,also her future.. but it seems very successful,daily headline newspapers too!Right?!

His honesty has always been half and half of it! In the end had a few girlfriends? I do not think he is innocent rabbits,see how he chasing his wife would know, but fair to say that I saw him with HB in & after the WGM,he really love her,more than I think he could,he did a lot of years .. She also gave up a lot.whoo..whoo..

Do not just look at the negative view of him .. from you as their fans to see,HB completely is his ideal type,right?
Plus some add on is "looking at the backview" "will be fun to drink with" but somehow "want to stay home" who is she in your mind my dear?!^^

Oh his album & MV,in the message is also very interesting huh!In the Come back stage,especially in that part of Kiss Kiss,

Seen it,female dancer acted like our Buin,what he tries to tell?I post in tudou,coz they usually not "bang" & last!

In the programs,
clear the rumors of Lee and Cheng, singing "Fortunate",we all know how important and how delicate of this song to them.and he likes to sing to the woman his likes,isn't it very clear to who?

All along, he is unwilling to hide that,but no alternative but they do act to protest, to the fans & hints,
This is why we can see them a lot of coincidences ... and he treated the JBRs especially good!

I have no doubt that they've been together,like everyone else .. will be laughs & fights a lot,but that's life,right?!
Pls don't mind the words of these,he didn't contact her,and the 5 months, 10 months, his girlfriend of three years, not together, break up things like this!Because now has not permitted it as the right time I guess!No matter how,the two are happy couple in love & hapiness as I see!

Although this is only my POV,but I think .. near! he can not wait any longer,being increasingly forced his fans to understand,
did he plans to accelerate?So hurry to burst,an explosion after another!Our long waited good news in this year or early next year?^^

BabyG,I tried,see if you like it and the JBRs like it too?!I'm never a good writer but a good counselor!my head bounce there & here,think a lot but hard to explain to the others if I'm not with them in person!^^

m3ow said...

just want to mention something... remember the radio interview with Choi....

lee hyori is a noona as mention...
Jung somin is a dongseang as mention as well....

what about hwangbo?? she was mention but...
if you are thinking the same as me... hahaha...
she is the buin...

Anonymous said...

fudgeorange... Shillang also sang I'm Fortunate on Kang Ho Dong's talk show during BOF period. At that time he sang it with a lot of emotion and tears in his eyes too!!!

That's why I had my chills when I saw him singing the sam song again with the same amount of deep and raw emotion as 2 years ago.

It 's the sign that he sang it intentionally and for SPECIAL SOMEONE.