Friday, July 29, 2011

[Photo] Hwangbo ABS :)

If only my abs are like hers as well!

Hyunjoong also posted a pic of his abs recently:


meme said...

crap. another thing to be envious about!!

kiani said...

@meme, ain't that the truth, lol.
She's got that bod. I know I'll never have, I swear, some people, keke.

Hey! How come you never grace us with your presence in the chat box?

lk said...

Thanks SH and Hi meme!^^

meme said...

Hola Kiani....I have nothing to contribute so i just lurk and read all the juicy tidbits you guys have =)

Hi IK!!!!

lk said...

Hi JBRs!@Hershey & mommy E,I think there is nothing for the actress Hong Soo Hyun,first,if they've something,I don't think he will named her and don't she mind to get anti/negative?also,why mentioned through BYJ,same agency,called her sumbaenim.Maybe he meant he admired her acting skill?I'm sure she got the attention lately as they wanted,good promotion I bet!

QUOTE:"as he is her fan. It is HongSehWon-sunbaenim"

Second,he didn't say there was only two of them at the dinner,right?

QUOTE:"He had dinner and couple of wines with her."

There're many interesting things in those radio's show recently trans by cheerkoo,appreciated!

some highlight & the real HJ I like,

In Kiss The Radio Program

*yes to if I really like someone, I will definitely make her mine.

(that's what we like you so much shillang!)

*Because his ideal female is someone he can be as comfortable as a friend. But he says that maybe in 5 years things can be different.

(my POV,diff in 5 yrs is,he will be the father of his children & ajusshi to the young group?hehe!)

*Some fan asked KHJ if he ever had drinks/meals with Lee HyoRi. He says he did as they were once in the same agency together.

(how many yrs she left already?another smart ans from HJ)

*Another radio listener asked KHJ's help in getting the girl of his dreams,KHJ says he believes that sincerity will be communicated. Instead of spending money, he would encourage truthfulness and sincerity and belief and credibility.

(HJ,you sounds so expert!this is what you experienced with your Buin?^^)


*In acting out how to get the girl, Lee Teuk play the girl and says to KHJ that she is busy so make it fast. KHJ says I know you are busy so I will say it quickly. I love you. I want to make you shine 10 times more than the brand name bag that you have next to you. In 10 years,I will try so hard that brand name bag will increase 100 times.

(I like your confidence!How comfort & effort that your gf/Buin gave to you.beside,brand name bag is an example,I make you shine is the major thing he meant I think)

Sorry!I will skip the last kiss thingie,I'm not bad at math,HJ!I know your formula.Kekeke!

And for the secret 110730,LvK my dear,will you be able to do the trans?I found HJ & friends looks fishy when I heard "HB",it could be sound alike,but curious me!from 10:09

*he hold FS's shoulder so naturally that I've never seen him with other female in any show like that @ 4:12,when his fake punched she fell & he step up toward her @5:14,which he usually won't,just stand shy maybe?FS is Buin's BBF.right?!^^

trans cut from HJ soompi

*MC Lee says like if they have see any celebrity females because of KHJ. One of KHJ’s friend says that truthfully KHJ cannot have ?entertainment life?(I think he may be saying that KHJ has no time to date??) But MC Lee asks again…The friend says that he has seen about 3 or 4 celebrity females because of KHJ. They did not ask for names. People notice that KHJ’s face color changed to dark. KHJ says that this is not OK. Another attending star says that this could be a bad thing to the woman whom he may be seeing now. (KHJ did not deny and he did not acknowledge either…He just smiled and that is it. )

I guess this part is from here,@13:51,hehe!HJ!You're a liar,a cheater...
oh!I wrote a lot again,that's it for today my siblings!

My E babgG,how do you like it?E skull,did you hear HB like me?

@meme,how about this?Fun to read?^^