Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[Video] Kim Hyunjoong - Kiss Kiss MV


lk said...

Thanks SH!How lovely!HJ & quitar!^^

BabyG12 said...

woot .. woot good SH, ifound everything i want to see here .. so hang around a lot ... lolling lolling.. LOVE YA! KISS KISS ..

Anonymous said...

SH! big thanks:D I want to KISS KISS YOU.. :)


lk said...

Thanks so much LvK,I woke up in the early morning and take your link & go back to sleep!^^

Now I'm awake & happy happy!

for some haven't read this yet,here,HJ KBS radio

cut from LvK,

Q: The title of the song is Kiss Kiss… please answer honestly. Tell me your last kiss
HJ: hmmm…this is month of July… (DJ: ommo…your manager is standing up ^^ HJ look up where his manager is setting )… 5 month ago

My POV is " hmmm…this is month of July",hehe..July..mean recently to me,DJ noona remind him to be careful,so never mind the 5 month ago or 2 weeks only.

other cut from LvK,
"DJ: caller says stop talking about subject & personal relationship. I don’t want to know. Don’t tell me . pass
HJ: that right!"

(I bet the caller is HB!hahaha!)

A few points to declare his loyalty like,
"9 months drama kiss"(work only)

"No. The girl is not my type and I have no interest. I end right away."
(remember his love contract?)

"sharp object we can’t look straight in the eyes. When I do make me nervous than start to having tingling feelings between in the eyes "
(who did he looking at in WGM while he took the flu shot?he was looking for comfort,support & reliance from Buin to me)

"Q: Girl who’s going to reject him…he would not approach
HJ: Nope . If I like the girl…I go after her till I live or die (he meant he would not give up easily)
DJ: really
HJ: Yes"

( I don't have to highlight anything here,we all know,right?Buin,don't lose me!)

"Q: I think HJ is weak towards girl who cry
HJ: Yes. You are right. I don’t know what to do. I do everything she ask me too"

(this make me remember the "thumb" from HB I'm still beautiful's mv)

"When friends over & bottles are every where…even thou I am drunk…I have to clean up before go to bed. If really messy…I call cleaning ajumma"
(didn't him mentioned the best wife will wait for him and his friends when they went out drinking late,take care of them & clean the mess for him in Japan FM last year?)

HAHA!two dogs?will the other one named "Jins"?^^

LvK,Thanks again for the lyrics,I think is same as HB's song,"I'm still beautiful",nothing seriously in their relationship,"Is It Still Beautiful" is it a reply?^^

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Love, did you watch Happy Together where HJ said he looked at woman's alcohol tolerance---> *gigling and thinking about HB*