Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong reveals that he was in a relationship for 3 years

On July 26th, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong guested on KBS Joy’s ‘Lee Sora’s Second Propose‘ and revealed that he was in a relationship for three years.

Kim Hyun Joong began, “I’m a human being as well, so I did have quite a few people that I liked. The longest relationship I was in lasted three to four years. We’ve broken up, though.”

He went on to reveal that he was bad at expressing his emotions. “I don’t greet her if I like her a lot. I feel like it’ll be obvious that I like her if I say anything, so I purposely avoid it. Still, I make sure to sing a special song for her when we go for company get-togethers at a karaoke. …But it’s always at the end of the day, so she’s asleep.”

He continued, “I don’t want to lose her, so I’ll be more enthusiastic with my actions. I’ll try to come up with a coincidental meeting and naturally fit myself in. When I confess, I ask questions like, ‘Do you want to see a movie with me or do you want to just end it here today?’ If she says yes to the movie date, then it means we’re dating.”

Kim Hyun Joon had also previously revealed that his last relationship was five months ago.

Fans commented, “Then did he date the girlfriend he broke up with five months ago for three years?”, “Seeing him talk about company get-togethers, maybe she was a labelmate?”, and “I didn’t think we’d hear about this on TV.” (Allkpop, Nate)


meme said...

SH...hello!!!! What??? He loves to keep us guessing huh??? I'm so confused???? Sigh!!! Shakes my fist!!!! Btw, I don't comment as often but I'm still your biggest fan!!! Thanks for keeping us updated!!

lk said...

Thanks SH!Love you!^^

lk said...

BabyG my E & JBRs,darn it!Woke up3:00 in the morning,coz I care!hehe!I think Hj did his plan successfully,people not focusing on,"he is a boy with nobody but a man with somebody now!"(My POV,I've never think HJ is a little white rabbit,he'd been through a lot and a grownup ever since I watched WGM,and Buin is the target) Who is that somebody?Why all the bombs/mv/missions that made us think of HB even for better or worse?Not just our JBRs,reading comments from other news forums,HB's name is pretty hot!(sorry Kara's rumors,does he been the radio's show with her a few days ago?they all talked easily in that show!So!nope nope)Bit by bit approaching for their goal!Beside that "weird party" thingie,Hmmm..did he mixing it up proposely due to something?I found all great so far from his come back!Have you seen YS,HJB & JM's come back had these kind of talk?HJ really hurry for something I sure! @BabyG,take it or what is up to you,I posted about the radio's show yesterday,have you seen it?
Come on!HJ said that "I'm yours"!
I reposted here just in case my dear!

S said...

"When I confess, I ask questions like, 'do you want to see a movie or do you want ti just end it here today?'

In the early WGM days, didn't he say that he wanted to ask HB to go out drinking after filming but she had already left before him? muahahaha!

"He went on to reveal that he was bad at expressing his emotions," and that he expresses them through songs instead.

Many argue that he was indifferent and didn't like her in WGM in the beginning. But he sang to her three times.

The long relationship was definitely his fist love. Nothing new there.

I'm not too worried about his statements.

missgayda said...

Hj is pouring his heart out and its up to his fans to give meaning to it.
he wants his fans to know that "HEY THERE IS THIS PART OF ME". and i respect that. coz i know deep in my heart what to believe and i know all of you is with me on that.

kiani said... live...haha...

Shillang is driving some people nuts, keke..
Yep...I agree with you, with the Ssangchu couple it's all about believing with the heart and not the eyes or ears, ROTFL...

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

i still believe and will always do..that HJ and HB is in and still in a relationship..mybe his new agency is ok with him dating...hehehe...joongboers!!! help me..i want to give our HB her burfday postcard...but no idea to write the add of simsontang(her restaurant) in hangul or english...can't write in hangul can i write it in english? SH heLP!!!! u guys...HELP!!

Cee said...

"Q: The title of the song is Kiss Kiss… please answer honestly. Tell me your last kiss
HJ: hmmm…this is month of July… (DJ: ommo…your manager is standing up ^^ HJ look up where his manager is setting )… 5 month ago"--shesaysblog

Here, he says he had his kiss 5 months ago, if you do the math that's in the month of February. But for me that's not really an important factor. The action of his manager is what really caught my attention. I believe in that saying "action speaks louder than words" and here I think the manager knows something and he didn't want HJ to reveal the truth. Because if he revealed the truth, that he had his last kiss last week or last month, then that would create quite a stir. I mean, he is in the middle of promoting his album and some fans do not want to hear that he kissed someone recently because that would really disappoint them. Other fans might go crazy and stop listening to his songs or may even stop supporting him. I mean it sounds absurd, but things like this happen. So, i think the manager stands up to warn him. When HJ saw that movement, I think he gets it, so he just blurted out 5 months ago so fans won't make a big deal about it. Because fans would go "Oh 5 months ago, so it means he is SINGLE, yes!!!!" ……

Then, here comes another interview. He talks about how he had broken up with someone that he dated for 3-4 years. The fans might have been bawling at this revelation! Other fans, actually speculating that they broke up 5 months ago because he revealed on his previous interviews that he kissed someone 5 months ago. Seriously, this is the kind of revelation that fans WANT to hear and I think HJ delivered it well.

"Kim Hyun Joong began, “I’m a human being as well, so I did have quite a few people that I liked. The longest relationship I was in lasted three to four years. We’ve broken up, though.”--ssangchu

But I think people missed something in the interview, the question was if he had experience going after a girl he liked, and he said yes and followed by a question asking how long did he have a relationship with her.

"LSL: So that means you had a experience going after the girl you liked.
HJ: Yes I have.
LSL: So how long did you had a relationship [with] her?
HJ: Long time...about 3 years"-shesaysblog

Maybe it's true he really had experience going after a girl before. But he is talking about past experience and he could have been talking about his first or second [ex] girlfriend. I don't think people should speculate that he only had broken up recently with this girl. And don't jump into conclusion that he is SINGLE. Because the question does not ask if he had recently broken up with a girl. This is about his PAST experience with a girl he happened to go after. People shouldn't jump into conclusion that HB and HJ have called it off because of this news. Few might have been shaken because he said it lasted "3 years" and I bet people started counting backward!!! He said it "LASTED 3 YEARS", don't you see there is NO specific year where it started and ends. Meaning, he could have dated this girl when he was in high school and that relationship "lasted for 3 years." Or he could have dated this girl while he was the leader of SS501 and it "lasted for 3 years." So tell me, that 3 years where did it started and ended? ----CEE

kiani said...

@untouchablegurl, Yes you can write her address in English. I did last year. Good luck. Yes, you can send to the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

I agree with CEE totally! If you read the translation made by LVK, it is very clear that HJ was referring generally to all relationship experiences he has ever encountered (not particularly abt the previous one).
Read it hear:

Thank you LVK!

So... I am not worried at all. More importantly, HJ said: he has dated his ideal type of girls and only ONCE!

Ssangchudream said...

Yeah, I'm not sure where the confusion lay here. The 3 years relationship could be a much older one like with his teenage love. The one that ended 5 months ago could have just been for like a week --just enough time for some hanky panky. hur

And the one he kissed could also be an entirely different person. So there really is no inconsistency in what he's saying. It all boils down to HJ being a manwhore. ho ho ho...I kid! Altho with a face like that, who could blame him for being one? I would totally be one if I'm him. =D

KArasu said...

first time I read the translation of his statement I was like 'huh, what kind of things he talked about..'
why I had a feeling his relationship was turned up and down..his statement earlier 'bout 5 months, 10 months and now 3 years relationship..very inconsistent right..ah, I forgot 'cause he's a cheater, a liar, and a killer.. :) back tracking from the first time I got hooked by this couple (JoongBo)..after watched PK, am googling all about HJ, found some WGM's scene cut on youtube..tried to download all scene cut (am pretty patient that moment) went to soompi, tried to read all comments but I've gived up already..follow HB's twitter @Estella816 even hangul letter weren't shown up on my cellphone..I still remember the first spazz 'bout them since I becoming Joongboers..that was segyero gesture on Coupang 1st CF and there're a gif that shown HB's same segyero gesture of sooo many coincidences huh..
As u have watched their cuts on WGM, I bet u're all guys had a thought that there're something between them..u can saw love, true love..(is it just my thought..? I don't know..)
and then when he launched his new mini album, there're hints comes in a row..make us in Ssangchu Heaven..his statement ever dating a celebrity for 10months, couple accessories (again n again), his U-Zoosin cartoon story, street dance mission, the greatest love drama, daehaengida song, etc etc..what I've been missed..? :D
and the latest statement that he had a relationship for 3years, I guess he talks 'bout HB..and last night I read @fudgeorange tweet, she reminds me of HJ depart to Japan, like in WGM, he also sang Daehaengida before he left right..? coincidence again..well I write too much, hehe..I still believe that they are together and belongs to each other..can't wait for the year 2012..I hope this MV represent what I've feel right now..waiting for their greatest love moment.. (Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce)

Anonymous said...

EYES NEVER TELL can laugh or smile..that's not enough until the eyes smile together...words can change but eyes and face expressions will define whether one told the truth or lies..sometimes the answer:......I don't want to share with others..(me)the incy wincy spider...

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

kiani!!! thanks!!!!!! alot!! wish me luck! wanna send it tomorrow! finger cross..and hope she will receive mine!

kiani said...

Our Buin's birthday is coming up soon, August 16th.
The address is below if you wish to send her your birthday wish.
I know someone had requested her address.
Here it is:


kiani said...

@ssanchudream. LoLLing at your comment, rock..

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I always thought that him expressing his last kiss was for "Please" MV LOL since that was about 5 month ago... I didn't even connect it to "experience in chasing and lasted 3 years" girl cause that is obviously his first love. Anyway, it's always like having 501 different conversations at once with him LOL

yvy said...

Other translation of this part here:
It's clearer cause the translator translated all the conversation (included cut/edited parts).

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

kiani!!!! ottokei!!!!
i already mail the postcard to her..but i got the add from MissAuditor...her add was...
Shimty Company/Simsontang, 66-4 1F Nonhyeon-Dong, Gangnum-Gu, Seoul 135-010, South Korea!!!
OMG!!! ottokei....its not the same??

gelly said...

hi there, have you seen the infinity cut at the ep where they guested u-kiss,? hwangbo asked something on how would he spend with his money when he have 40million?, i remembered wgm,the einstein research!!ahahaha lol

fang said...

no matter how he tells his love story, in any angle...WE KNOW BETTER!

*rolls to the floor in ssangchu happiness*

isis said... like these give me a headache cause I jump to comclusions easily. And I'm the jealous type so imagine what the JoongBo implications are doing to me. *hmph* *pause* Aah~ but what better way to get my blood circulating huh? *sigh*