Saturday, September 10, 2011

[Downloads] English Subbed WGM Episodes First Season 1-43

credits: muish + tungtung+ amedasia :

Happy downloading! ^^
you will need HJSPLIT to join the files 22+


frecklefacedajumma said...

Your site is the only one I trust to be able to find episodes of WGM Joongbo cuts and chat with other JBers. The episodes are nearly impossible to find anywhere else. I would buy a physical set of JB episodes with English subs just as they appear in Ssangchu Heaven if the company would release them. Should we download the epis and keep our own copies just in case the powers that be crack down? We need shillang to pull a Dokko Gin and make it possible for the episodes to live here permanently.

Kiani said...

Hi SH..
You don't know how happy I am (I'm pretty certain, I'm not the only one) that you were able to re-upload again, JoongBo cuts, so others can upload their favorite Lettuce couple. Cuz I think this is a time others are searching again to watch and upload Ssangchu cuts.
Thank you so much, you're the awesomest. Luv ya.

Ssangchu Couple Hwaiting....
To The World..

Anonymous said...

can u upload it through mediafire? because in my country, megaupload is blocked.. plz??

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to ask you this but, i really hope that you can upload them through mediafire or something else because in my country, meaupload is blocked.. I really hope :p

lk said...

OMG links,
110829 OMG

110905 OMG

110913 OMG

replay for HB from Epi 1,but another "wife" @ 60:18,see the difference between HB & another wife?^^

Anonymous said...

to ppl can't download in megaupload. you can alternately download in torrent. [ JoongBo cuts only ]

Anonymous said...

wahh thank you

Anonymous said...

help pretty pls. could you pls tell me how to download these on hjsplit. million thanks:)

Anonymous said... can i download the ep22 up to last i already download the hjsplit but i dont know how to use it..please someone can help me i really wanted to complete the all episodes..
thanks..ssangchu couple miss you much! the world!:)

Ssangchu Heaven said...

I will try to upload it on mediafire ^^

anon; you would first have to download all files (the ones with the .001,.002 etc)

for hjsplit, you have to open the application (the check mark)

then click join.

select the .001.

hjsplit will find all the files that it is connected to.

after all is joined, you can view the video as an .avi file ^^

hope this helps ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Ssangchu Heaven!..thank you so much for your help I just follow what you've said and it works so i owe you for that..i can now finish all the episodes:)...many many thanks!! To the world joongbo couple!..miss them so much..:)

G3i5h said...

Hi Ssangcho ^^
Thank you for creating this site. Just love this couple ^^

I need help if you can manage? Can you upload the episodes on Mediafire? I have problem downloading it with Megaupload. I'm stuck at Episode 25; I kept downloading but there's always error.

Thank you in advance ^^