Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Recent Me [KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site]

credits: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site + ritsuko05801

■ The Recent Me 1。
2011/09/29 Hyun Joong

Working hard practicing till night time for the release of the album in October.
Will become busy once the activities starts…

This is what I do when I have the time, if I could will be playing together with it~
Those who suspect that I keep playing with the dog and not practicing!
Because I can’t show pictures of myself practicing…I took this instead!!

■ The Recent Me 2。
2011/09/29 Hyun Joong

Don’t you think that it’s amazing?
But when I look at these photos and see the interesting expression of them makes me laughed.
When everyone of you is feeling tired (especially when tired of waiting for my album ^^;;) Please look at these photos and laugh.

In October, let’s run together again!!!!
Ah! Not running but let’s try jumping up like in this photo!!!!!!


Star said...

SH, Thank You very much for the updates! You've been working hard. I don't know whether I'm delusional, if you look at KHJ's 2nd practice photo. The lady sitting at the left hand corner resembles HB.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you.


Ssangchu Heaven said...

Thank you star! but i still wish i can update more ^^;; good thing meme unni is here and also updates ^^

college life is hard huhu~

and hehehe~ i agree too!!!

hi me!

Anonymous said...

HJ is playing with dog and HB is teasing her sweet!!

@SH: College life is tough but crazily fun too, enjoy and fighting! Thanks for updating

lk said...

Hello SH & meme,Thanks!!