Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a walk down memory lane.

Thanks for making good memories for me.
Don't lose me.
It's most fun when it's just the two of us talking to each other.

Anyone whose watched a Joongbo episode will have to admit to their undeniable chemistry.
To understand each other in such a short amount of time....
it just goes to show that their friendship was pretty special, doesn't it?
Where ever they may be....I really do hope that don't lose each other.
Thanks LVK for being so awesome!!
Your artwork always manages to make me super nostalgic.

*Many have been wondering how and where to watch OH MY GOD
Miss Auditor has the videos posted up on her site.
If you haven't visited her site, do so.
It's pretty awesome and is very current with all things pertaining to Hwangbo.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick updates..i miss them soo soo much..

and yes..oh my god is a must watch...last episode is reallie funny~ ^^

sara said...

aww. LVK you are so unbelievably awesome! These photos look so real!! Thank you Meme and SH for doing your best to update us!

mei said...

AMAZING. I adore it to pieces.

Anonymous said...

i miss them.i've been watching other couples to satisfy my cravings, but nothing beats their chemistry.i still go back to re watching their cuts.thanks for the updates SH :)


BabyG12 said...

LvK u r jjang, meme and SH you are superb with the updates, LvK if its not too much to ask, can u PS photo of them with coincidence accessories? Like the recent spike black shoes NH04 spotted on them, KHJ during Manilla fan meet n FB in Muhan Girl ... thanks anyway..

Anonymous said...

Oh please update and add more to the spazz archive.

Ssangchudream said...

Dang LvK, you're good job! Hwangbo looks like a doll in the first pic. Plus HJ has good hair in that one too!

lisa c. said...

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frecklefacedajumma said...

You're brilliant. Love these pix. KHJ is so grown up looking now. They look even better together than before.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for meme n SH for the updates,,,n to LvK you are amazingly great!!! always love your ps pic. I try to watch the other couple but they can't makes me fall in love n happy like ssangchu couple even watching it everyday fill my heart with warm love...<3<3<3