Saturday, September 3, 2011

looks like a keeper!!

This last Monday was the debut of Hwangbo on the sitcom Oh My God,
which many of you fans tuned in for the live streaming.
The ratings apparently increased during this particular episode.
So what did you guys think???  Did you love it?
I originally elected to wait until the subtitles all came out before I watched it
but LVK convinced me that subtitles were not needed to see
how great Hwangbo's comedic timing was.  
After watching the first episode, I would have to agree.
She seems comfortable enough in her new role.
Everything looks pretty good for Hwangbo lately.
Let's hope everything stays that way!!


LvKprogram said...

Whoop Whoop Whoop
Welcome back meme!

Anonymous said...

SH, Meme, and LVK??? YAY, It's like a reunion!!

kiani said...

So happy you posted 'Oh My God'
At first, I didn't know I could watch it streaming, so I anticipated for someone to upload to youtube, keke.
But when I was finally able to watch, OMG! it was hilarious, and she gave a new meaning to me, haha...the bathroom scene, she was beautiful with her facial expressions, haha...
But yeah, for those who would like to watch future episodes, the instructions to streaming can be found at Diary of an Angel.
Hwangbo fighting....

Anonymous said...

I'm happy she's back acting and happy about what this can do for her. Hope that she and the show will be a success.

Now I want to see her come back with a fast dance number (something not techtonic though.)

una said...

where i can watch this sitcom?

Lil' Sue said...

This is cool. . . Will definitely watch this :)

Anonymous said...

the long awaited series with HB is finally over..ahhh, can't wait to see the episodes with translation on happy right now..

charmed said...

yes, like una said, where can we watch it? thanks! - charmed

hi sh, btw, although i don't comment much lately, i still do visit the time regularly. life has just been crazy lately but as always, thank you for keeping us updated.

ituaza ;) said...

where can i watch it with subs?