Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a dose of the good stuff.

It’s been one of those weeks. 
You’ve had those, right? 
Where nothing is going the way you want it?
I’ve been coming home late from work tired and frustrated.
Frankly, I’ve been very bad company.
Tommy was smart enough to leave me alone.
I take that back.  My moodiness was what probably scared him away for the day.
He left a note saying he was “playing ball” with his boys.
Underneath the note was a dvd disc labeled “your medication.”
I was curious enough to see what the idiot was up to this time.
Surprisingly enough, it was the Farewell Journey/Sudden Olympics episode.
Not that I could ever forget, but KHJ & HB together, they were so much fun.
It didn’t take but a minute before I caught myself smiling.
And that’s how he found me…in front of the TV laughing my tired ass off.
Afterwards, I asked him why he chose that particular episode.
Because this is the episode that showed just how well your boy knew her," he said.
"What ever they are now, they were friends then and they got each other.
You’re my wife now but you’ll always be my friend first. 
We get each other.  I figured if this doesn’t work, I’m screwed.  
Btw, if this shows up on the blog tonight try not to make me sound like a lameass.”

*And just like that, all is good again.
It's amazing how a dose of Joongbo can make everything go away.
Thank goodness for the small things.


LvKprogram said...

meme =P
BRAVO! Your post is always amazes me.
And sweet Mr. Tommy!

mei said...

Tommy's back!! Us old readers are a big fan of his!!

LVK I totally agree, BRAVO. Thanks Meme. Reading posts like these always makes me miss them more! 2012 Olympics!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha..this post plastered a big grin on my face (though I'm at work now). Hee =P

*thumbs up* to Tommy.

kiani said...

Hi meme=p
You and I both, LOL,
But you're the lucky one,
the lucky one,
cuz you have Tommy,
Tommy, remember?
Glad he knows which Heart string to pull, LOL.
Remember we luv ya :)

azian fauzialiana said...

i hope they will meet in another anticating but hard coz they bz..miss joongbo..

meme said...

LVK...your pictures always amazes me!!
I don't know if we can call Tommy sweet but I'll keep him around a bit more!

Mei-Hi. You're his fan because you get him in small doses =p

Anon-I'm glad he can amuse somebody =)

Kiani- Hi. Thanks for keeping the chatbox alive since were so busy to update! How's it going?

Azian fauzialiana-right? I'm still crossing my fingers!! It has to happen!!

Anonymous said...

this is the best!! thanks Meme for the update :) I do that too!!!When im worn out, i take out my ipod, lie in bed and watch their cuts and i feel better suddenly :)


vaugnbloom said...

thanks Meme!!..i've been down lately and your blog entries made me are so lucky you have mr. tommy by yourside to cheer you up and we have our dose of joongbo love everytime were down!!

Ssangchudream said...

And here I thought it would be a dvd full of semi nekkid Lee Minho pics...but I guess that would be something near professional jealousy, eh? =P

Tommy is totally the unwitting hero of the fandom. The fact that he may be the only male involved in this fandom doesn't negate his awesomeness. hurhur

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but I felt like crying after reading your post. It is amazing how these two can uplift my spirit as well whenever I feel really tired and just can't seem to fight off the bad feeling for days. It is because of this very reason that I've remained loyal to this ship for 3 years now. Big bunch of thanks for this meme.

xXxKenjixXx said...

Aww, seems like I'm not the only one needing a dose of Joongbo when I'm down. I just love reading the post between the two of you, it never fails to put a smile one my face. Thanks! You made my day.

meme said...

Hersheys you are most welcome!!! The thing about Jonngbo-ers is that we really do all think alike!

Vaugnbloom-I'm glad I was able to help!! Hope all is well and things pick up for you!!!

Ssangchudream- hey buddy! How's it go? Pictures of Le Min Ho would've have been nice but wgm episodes aren't too shabby...I'll take that! Please don't blow up Tommys's rather large already.

Anon-happy tears only, right??? I'm on that ship right with you...I've been stuck for the last three years also!

xXxKenjixXx-hello!! Glad I made your's good to be useful =D

J.J. said...

Hey guys, I just dropped by wondering what's up and I was so pleasantly surprised and gladdened by this post. ^_^
I hope all is well with you, Meme, Ssangchu's and everyone!!! <3

ria said...

That is so sweet :) I always look forward to your updates and to THAT TIME when they will be together AGAIN ;)

I watched WGM WITH my HUSBAND and he believes TOO that they were (or still are) in love. :)

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how joongbo and anything related never fails to brighten our days. Went to re-watch the olympics episode when hwangbo kissed the "prince" on the cheek in the recent muhan gals..TO THE WORLD!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

This has got to be one of the sweetest things I have read in my entire life.. It really is the small things that impacts us greatly.. This post made my day Meme >w< Thank you <3

You and Tommy are so cute together! Perfect couple indeed!!

lk said...

Dear all JBRs,we've been guessing on this album jacket a bit,and this is my POV,

this ticket is from Las Vegas's lotto,similar like this,

the DATE,bought on the "Sat Jan 21 2006",result on "Tue Jan 24 2006",

Guess when will the next Sat Jan 21st?,54/587654/calendar-for-2012-january-vector.jpg

Ya,six years turn,(which is six yrs difference to me)and check the
"06" & "16" beside the "date",HJ 06/06/1986,HB 16/08/1980

Hmmm..06,16!also circled the 06 at the bottom from a different ticket.

Ok!Should I expected something in Las vegas on 21st of Jan 2012?!All JBRs know the JB London olympic 2012!

I wondered,how could HJ found this lotto ticket?Remember,Buin said "lotto" on the first off stage interview in WGM?

And..May I referral to this is their wedding plan?!

Oh!Girls,when I searching for this pic...see the difference?To hide.. on purpose or not?many are like this!

lk said...

Oh!Girls,when I searching for this pic...see the difference?To hide.. on purpose or not?many are like this!

I guess picture ok this time!^^

Anonymous said...

thank you so and i'm down...Water flooded my country...coming to my home...but when i came here i feel better and thanks for all joongbo siblings makes this place really warm...kammsahamnida...
To The World!!!
oaewma thumbs up for all...

lk said...

babyG,Birthday I meant!06=HJ ,16=HB,so we won't think of the others beside them,right?!message to all JBRs maybe?!Buin!I did another mission!Proudly hubby!

Actually,06 there is the year,16 there I believe is 4pm something.That ticket doesn't look fake,That's why...I think HJ spent a lot of time to found this ticket with so many details,he don't say things from his mouth,but did a lot of things from his heart!for example,all his songs ever since his CB,from breakdown to lucky,he been "telling" us their story from breakdown and going to do the "action" in lucky,Boo..Boo..Boo(maybe this is how he calls her privately)'re my treasure,my precious,I love your smile,your yells,I want only dream hot darling..I promised
I will only love you,forever!Marry me!let the world know that "I'm your man"!!^^

LvKprogram said...

I do remember Fashion Designer of General Idea Bumsuk Choi call HB BO. So its possibility HJ call her BOO or his mini album title BU ^_~

meme said...

J.J-hey how are you doing?? Hope everything is well!! Btw...we so miss your fan fics!!! They were great.

Ria-Thank you! Hey..Tommy will be glad to know that there is more than one male watching WGM =D

Anonymous-To the world!! That's for sure!!

Ik- looks like you've been mighty busy. All that spazzing...thanks!

Ssangchuheaven-we miss you. btw...I have single friends I'm trying to pawn off =D

fudgeorange said...

Thanks meme :) aww, sweet! meme & tommy! time flies so fast! :) Several more weeks & it's Happy 1st Anniversary to you both ;)

Thanks SH, Meme & LvK for updating the blog! & to all SH chatbox buddies! yo!

Nice to see familiar nicks still leaving their comments here. :) hi everyone!!!

I recently just watched my dvd copy of ssangchu cuts, watching them on TV or the bigger screen's much better... & they're more beautiful to watch.

Ssangchu's gahun at work this Oct. 20-22 ;) HJ's comeback on 20, HB's play on 22. Events come to us! ;) Appa Ssangchu & Omma Ssangchu workin' hard for future ssangchu kids. lol. ;))