Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[Fanaccount] Ssangchu Heaven Special Project

Fanaccount by the lovely Kiyaani

With our Buin's musical Nunsensation coming up, I thought it would be a wonderful idea if siblings who chat at SH could together, send our Buin flowers for her special day.

One day we started talking about it among ourselves in the chatbox, and decided why not? We felt like we had a Ssangchu mission. It was during this time, someone had mentioned other HB fans sending flour wreaths, we were like, rice wreaths? This an awesome idea, so I asked other siblings if they were interested in the project, they could email BabyG.

Haha..I thought I was being sneaky here. I mean, I was hoping she would be in charge of the project, but for some reason I got that end of the stick, how did that happen, keke..

The day finally arrived to place our order, this was a very scary thing, as I have never dealt with anything foreign.

But the happy feeling knowing we were doing something very close to our Buin's heart, just knowing she could donate the rice to the charity of her choice, was an awesome feeling.

After the wreaths were delivered, her manager twitted a pic on twitter (10/18/2011).
That's when we were like OMG! which one is ours?
The tremendous excitement we all felt, that feeling, that HIGH, was a great feeling.

Our Buin tweeted to thank everyone for the rice wreaths, and get this, our Buin instantly knew where she was gonna donate the rice (an orphanage) why would it be any place else, as we know our Buin loves children, and OMG! *tears*

I think all in all, the best part of this mission, when our Buin posted in her Cyworld the photo of the wreaths along with the words "Thank U, TO THE WORLD", now how awesome is that, how significant are these words to JBer's?

And oh, just wanting to keep in the spirit of JoongBo, thinking of Mt.Halla, the ribbons say, To Our Gift From God "Hwangbo" Congratulations and Ssangchu Heaven International Fans.

Finally, I wanna say thank you to Babyg, missgayda/Z, Hersheys, Gaga#2 (LOL) skullcandy and ellyze, because without them this mission would have not been possible. But really thanks to everyone who come to chat at Ssangchu Heaven, because without you, the place wouldn't be as special as it is.

Siblings, you almost have to have a magnifying glass to see the little poster pasted in the top part of the wreath, but it is there, the flag of each country of siblings whom I'm aware that come to chat at SH.

To the world.


I would like to congratulate the Joongboers that participated in sending wreaths to Hwangbo on her Nun Sensation musical! Like what Kiyaani said, Hwangbo posted a picture of the wreaths with the message, "Thank u, To the world!!"
In behalf of everyone from Ssangchu Heaven, we would like to express our gratitude to our International Fans for naming one of the wreaths after this blog. Really, thank you so much. T__T Words are just not enough to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you. It is a blessing to be able to update about the coolest couple ever, alongside the mighty awesome bloggers Meme and LVK, and to be a part of a community as loving and giving as you guys.
Thank you for all your support! Ssangchu Heaven would not be Ssangchu Heaven if not for you. TO THE WORLD!!!! HWAITING!


fudgeorange said...

Congratulations Hwang Buin! Hwang Bo Hye Jung JJang! Daebak!

Congratulations Ssangchu Heaven blog!^^ & everyone in chatbox!:)

Glad to notice the increase (100%) in followers (as ME would say, try 'bungee jumping' to the left corner). If I remember it right, there were barely 200 followers last year (at least those who actually signed in, 'coz there were/are probably more people who check this blog without bothering to click "follow"). ;)

Thanks everyone for keeping ssangchu love alive! :) Ssangchu FTW! Segyero!

missgayda said...

Sh, thank YOU for having this blog where we can play. I've visited lots of joongbo blogs but this is where i found HOME. Being a part of the rice wreath project is a way of saying thanks to you, sharing the blessing God has given us and showing HB that we love her.
To the world!

Anonymous said...

wah..glad to know that the project was succeed..thank u SH for created this blog where I've found new siblings who have same thought adoring JoongBo couple.. ^^

U are all awesome..!! JJANG..!!

GAga (#2) xD

Ssangchu Heaven said...

*gives everyone a big hug*