Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Our two favorite people have been making headlines lately!
They've certainly been doing great for themselves!!
Our boy KHJ has been garnering much attention lately.
With him dropping his second mini-album Lucky and 
rumors of him scouting for the next new drama to star in, 
we know he'll definitely be in the spotlight for weeks to come!
Hwangbo is certainly not lacking in popularity either.
Her sitcom is widely watched and her musical is highly anticipated.
Let's wish them much luck on their separate endeavors!!

*btw, how fun is this pic??
LVK, you sure can make me smile!!


fudgeorange said...

Nice one VK, as always!!! haha. The lucky guy's in Vegas to watch his very own showgirl? ;)) Thanks! :) Happy WFP!

Anonymous said...

im looking forward to the lodon 2012 olympics .......... :) reunion?

Becca said...

Love it to pieces!!!