Saturday, October 22, 2011

events, come to me!!

"I didn't express it but in my heart you've helped me alot. When things got hard...
There was a few times when I looked at wife during those times and changed the way I was thinking."

Indeed he is a lucky guy!!
To be honest, I'm still getting used to his new look.
Obviously, it's working for him though.
His first performance back on Music Bank and he beat out Davachi for the prize!!
You know what they say...behind every successful man is a good woman ;D

*Sorry for the lack of updates.
Real life has a funny way of interfering one's plan.
It's been a really busy semester for SH and I.
Thankfully LVK has been great in keeping the Joongbo love alive!!
Keep a look out for the massive pic spam of Hwangbo soon!


LvKprogram said...

Thank you meme =p!
With your busy made the time to post

@SH: girl... *hug*

Sara said...

I'm so not use to the way he looks either. Especially in this one...his teeth looks rather odd!! But I love the poster regardless!!!! Thanks for keep us updated!!! Lvk thanks for all the goodies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not digging this song but I'll support him anyway I can!!!! Events, come to me! Thanks everyone for keeping this site awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! seeing ur pic here make me realize something about the lucky MV. in the MV he acted like a bad guy at first but after released by the so-called police he bumped into a hot babe who came from nowhere. then only he got more luckier by winning his gamble and became god of universe.

isn't it the Mv is just like his life story?

we knew how stubborn our shillang before his debut rite. he insisted to be a singer evn his parent against it. but after he got the permission and became artist, he met with buin. then all of sudden his popularity exploded. n now he is one of the most popular korean artist in da world!

Anonymous said...

yeah rite!!! he's one kind of a lucky guy! there u go shillang!
here are the comparison between the MV n the joongbo story. in my POV

parents or myb his old agencies

-bad guy
shillang once said how he lived so lightly before and no care so much

-girl he met at the roadside
buin! he said that he suprise when he knew that hwangbo is his couple in WGM.

- KHJ smile n model silence in car
remember in beach they wrote
KHJ: great hwang-buin
HB : i love awkwardness

shillang's career. how he was struggling with the acting, insane schedule n the conflict of he n his old agency.

-but he won his gamble with the lady stick with him. even the lady only seeing him from aside but he keep her eyes on him.
we noe how buin concern bout shillang's health while he was filming BOF n she keeps pray for his health rite?
in d end shillang's drama was daebak!!!!
n now he's in a better agency.
n i believe with all hint from her cyworld, buin still keep her eyes on shillang.


ur such a lucky guy shillang.
n they're one kind of lucky couple!

kiani said...

Wanna know my POV?
I think this second album is dedicated to the person he loves, hurhur..
There are a couple of songs I really love listening to from his 2nd album. I'm sure you'll all be hearing them soon.
I'm such a sucker for romanticism, it's why I love the two songs 'SMILE and U'.
So be looking forward to it, if you haven't already heard it.
Kudos to SH, meme=p and Lvk.
Honestly, you guys indulge us with much Ssangchu Luv.
Love ya all,

m3ow said...

looking at his cover reminds me of him making HB the prisoner...

"Buin it's not me... you are.... I'll promise I'll visit again... *holding the window grills. (wedding photo epi)

"Name... What you've done??? Ah.... you're caught now..." *filming his buin after he made the star for her. (last epi)

and NOW.... he's finally caught.... hahaha....