Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog Background Music

Links of the background music for this blog has been requested, and even though not all of them are Ssangchu related, I don't mind sharing beautiful music *w*

(A lot of these songs you might not have heard yet, or you heard already but then it suddenly isn't there anymore... The reason is I like changing the playlist a lot.. ^^; and also it depends on the bandwidth of the site I uploaded it to.)

Darkness Eyes
Fading Star
Rainy Night
Love In The Ice (Korean Version)
Geh Deh Ji Geum
Don't Cry My Love
Like Being Hit By A Bullet
Sweet Dream
Becoming Similar
Romeo N Juliet
Too Much
Why Did I Fall In Love With You?
Bad Girl
For You
Can you Hear Me (Jang Geun Seuk)
To Hope
Saying I Love You
Can You Hear Me (Lee Seung Chul)
Can You Hear Me (Taeyeon)
Nothing Better
My Story
Only Look at Me
Get Hot
Thank You
Haru Haru Acoustic
Noona Is So Pretty

..and also sorry if it's not organized!!! But you can click Ctrl+F to find the song you're looking for faster ^^


Anonymous said...

hello there!

Wow you background music is awesome!

but most of the dowload link is dead.

can you reup it?

Lisa said...

hey!!! u have such an awesome website!!!! eheheh

thanks for all the pics + videos + music!

argh shame i cant download them!

but keep up the good work!! and belated happy new year =D

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me the artist of the song "ONE" i been looking for it..but can't find it..

Ssangchu Heaven said...

@anonymous: thank you!~~ hmm i tried the links but and they are working for me.. which particular song did you want to download?

@lisa: they don't work??? waa let me try and fix it.

@anonymous: one is by epik high ^^

Anonymous said...

Can I have "A little bit of good"? It sounds good!!

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

uR dA grEAtesT....
sinCe we got mp3 is fuLL of korean songs...even i can't understand it...seems like the songs suits my EAr!~

Ssangchu Heaven said...

@anonymous: just click on "a little bit of good" and the save box should pop out ^^

@untouchable: i love korean music!!~~ esp. the love songs and dance beats *w*

Anonymous said...


I fell in love with most of the songs on your playlist. I tried downloading them but it says that bandwidth is already exceeded. Just wanted to ask if you would be reupping them? Thanks!

Btw, belated happy hearts day!

- bubblegum -

Anonymous said...

I love your songs!
But I can't seem to find "Insomnia" to DL.

dbskforever said...

I LOVE ALL THE SONGS ON YOUR PLAYLIST!!! thank you sooo much!!! you must have been getting a lot of requests about the songs on your playlists to have posted them all up....

Anonymous said...

Hi can u post those new song that you have added to ur playlist recently ? =)

Ssangchu Heaven said...

The new songs and a better list are all on under the Downloads Section (Megaupload) Blog Background Music post ^^

i♥ssangchu said...

i think im falling for ur site^^!...g0sh thanks for everything!

sporks said...

hiya! great blog and thanks alot for the songs! can i ask if you can upload the song "happy face" too? can i ask who sang it? i can't seem to find it around =) it's a really awesome song. thanks alot!

ptitegrenouille35 said...

Wouahh !! Lots of great songs... Thank you !!

PS : What song is "Bye Bye" in your player ?? And who are the singers ??

Anonymous said...

thank u 4 uploding all the beautiful song here..^^
did anyone know what are the song at the end of episode 26..

tummeng said...

Thanks for all music.
I like all. ^^
But the song name "If you pretend"
I can't find it on ur list
and can't find it on google too. TT TT
Who's sing this song?

Anonymous said...

Hello, the songs are very nice, but can't locate the song "why did I break up with you"!?

Anonymous said...

hope you upload the song Stand by U. thanks thanks

xswtaznang3lx said...

Hey i love your song list do you think you can give me the names of the artists and their songs?? and thank you for your hard work!

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