Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some Updates

Holy shiyeeet! I haven't done anything on this blog for like two days now.. I feel bad.. I received a lot of messages regarding episodes of We Got Married, and hopefully this post will help everyone.


* Hyunjoong was in a recent minor traffic accident. ;___; But don't worry he's alright, he was apparently on the other side of the car, and he received no injuries. Also Boys Before Flowers just smashed East of Eden ratings in just 4 weeks of airing!!!

* A recent interview with Hyunjoong regarding his ideal woman.
  • He likes a girl that he can comfortably hang out with.
  • He doesn't care if she doesn't say a lot of "mushy" things.
  • A girl that he can meet in a supermarket and they will drink & eat with.
  • Before he liked pretty and innocent women, but now he doesn't care anymore. No matter what age she is, as long as she understands him.
*cough* Hwangbo *cough*

* Hwangbo looks mighty beautiful on her "Colorific" show! Check her cyworld for the gif images :3 (btw her cyworld still has a lot of hearts on it xD)


* I posted episode 1-21 megaupload links under the download section so you guys can watch it in HQ. Those were the original links from Korean Sub Utd. It's already hardsubbed ^_^

* As for episode 41-42, the subtitles aren't released yet. Episode 41 aired two weeks ago because there was a strike in Korea and that delayed the airing of the show. Episode 42 is a Lunar Special where 3 more couples are introduced, and that aired last Sunday. ^_^

You can check Tungtung Fansubs' wordpress here for updates on the subtitles.

* A lot know the fact that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE/ADMIRE/WORSHIP Junjin.. and Junjin is a part of WGM now.. (I know they only appeared in the Lunar Special, but seriously, the PDs know that their weird coupling is too much to pass up.) As much as I love him to be with Hwangbo, I find Lee Si Young very "interesting". Her weirdness reminds me of Hyunjoong's 4Dness xD They're kinda connected too.. Hwangbo & Junjin are very close friends, and Hyunjoong and Si Young are both from Boys Before Flowers. (and very eccentric.) I dunno if anyone's subbing their cuts yet, but if no one is, I might do it. Not on youtube though xD It will be hidden here. :'D


xiahffied_gurl said...

I want to see them again T_T

Anonymous said...

thanks for the updates!.....
i agree... the "junyoung" connection is very evident... hehehe...
aww i miss joongbo! thanks for making it easier for us to watch all the Joongbo cuts.... you really spoil us!....

sshutingg said...

oh manz.. i love this heaven of our ssangchu couple!! i really felt like stepping into their world!! THX for create this blog.. =)

JoongBongie said...

oh hey everybody!!!

@xiah: me too.. ;__; i still have my fingers crossed they're gonna be together!!

@cati: i know!! i love how junjin acts around women hehe~~~
i'm trying to finish downloading all wgm episodes so i can get all the joongbo cuts, but then i'm also downloading boys before flowers and dbsk videos at the same time xD i think i can get it finished in the next 3 weeks or so (.^^.)

@sshutingg: haha! i should have named this the "other world" or like the "4th dimensional world"!!! i'm glad you feel like the blog so far!! (even if it still needs a whole lot of updating xD)

sarangyo said...

glad we can now post comments here. been visiting here for a few days now and i am very thankful for your efforts. i just can't get over for my love for the both of them and wishing and believing they'd end up together.Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into our fave couple particularly for us non-korean fans.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all these...really cool! Any chance you can post their wedding photos too? I can't seem to find a lot of those online. Thanks!

JoongBongie said...

@sarangyo: i didn't know i need to add a code so that the comment thingy would appear O.O i'm glad it works now too! xD

we're in the same boat, i can;t get over them either! esp. the news floating around about their matching rings!!!! i'm going crazy...

@anonymous: why don't you tell your name??? just kidding.. hehe..

oh if you go under downloads, there is a photo section there and it's under 100th day photos ^^

i'm still in the hunt for the other pics, coz i know there's a whole lot more!! i'll update once i find more photos ^^

sarangyo said...

annyeong!! Joongboers probably are a jumpin' with joy cuz I woke up today and whoa !! all the beautiful pictures of our ssangchu couple's never before released wedding pics are over soompi. could you spoil us further and have those lovely pics here? i'm so over the top seeing them cuz you really can feel the LOVE . Thanks a lot and fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for letting watch the sub for the Ant couple. I was surprise how much seo inyoung change and for the better. I really loved all the original cast of wgm. Thanks for the upload and the translation

JoongBongie said...

@ sarangyo: posted the pics~~ i actually saw them at dcinside first, then i HAD to get the hq pics at suwon wedding style haha!

@anonymous: the subtitles came from tungtungsubs ^^
i was crying so much when in young was at the radio show.. that's the first time i see her like that..

annalisa said...

LOL That's such a funny comment you made about hiding the junjin and si young's cut from WGM here. LOL Keep up the good work!!!!

annalisa said...

Thank you!!! x20

Anonymous said...

hello! may i know where are the junjin and lee si young cuts hidden? i need to distract myself from missing joongbo.. :)