Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ssangchu Episode 9

Ssangchu Episode 9
(Episode 17 Original WGM Airing)
Shillang Leaves for Japan


Anonymous said...

i dont really blame Kim 4 making that small cute crane and abanding Hwang Bo

orto.lover said...

to the anonimous just up here...i guess jealousy is a bitch... he loves her and that's as clear as water!!!!

And awwww they are so cuteee together!!!!!! i love joongbooo!

orto.lover said...

hes so sweet....!!!! u just can't avoid to love them both as couple!!!

Marian said...

like the rest this is the nth time I've watched their episodes. I simply can't get over Joongbo. They're such a couple. Hope all the best for both of them.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody knows the title and singer of the song that HJ sings on 2nd vids?
Please tell me! Thank you so much ^^

naz said...

i love them so much, i can never get tired of their episodes! love joongbo

Anonymous said...

they are not akward any more but HJ is now scared of HB, because "she shows her temper since we got closer" HAHAHAHA... love his 4-Dness

Anonymous said...

The song was sung by KHJ again on YSMM with Kang Ho Dong. KHJ sang it so emotinally as almost in tears this time.

Dahaengida – I’m Fortunate
by lee juk
English Translation :

for meeting you and being able to touch your hair
for meeting you and being able to breath, looking at each other
for being hugged and being able to let the tears flow when it's tough

I'm so fortunate...
for the beautiful world that knows you and placing you here

In the violent wind and under a wet roof, I'm not getting tossed there by myself.
Wearisome of daily life and survival,by some chance is not something meaningless
It's because of amazing that always be by my side,

for meeting you...
and being able to make meals we share
for meeting you and being able to hold your hands when it goes numb

for hugging you and being able to give you comfort even though it doesn't help

I'm so fortunate
for the beautiful world that knows you
for meeting you and being able to touch your hair...

Anonymous said...

What does the 2nd family motto "The even of my life" mean?
Does it means THIS SHOW is the even of their life?
Fate and the one and only?