Saturday, January 24, 2009

Joongbo Episode 2 Quotes

Episode 2

HJ: Today, there weren't many fishes around.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I think they were sleeping... but still, the fish we're having right now came from the same sea.

HB: *eating the fish* It's really delicious...
HJ: It is delicious... I should've caught this myself.

HJ: After I finish this glass of wine, I'll stop using honorifics.

HJ: Since we're married, shouldn't we do a love shot?


HB: In the beginning, I was worried.. I kept on thinking, how can I live with someone younger? But now my mind changed... I think he can make me happy. He always make me laugh. And I think what makes him attractive is his funny and unexpected replies.

HJ: My wife laughs a lot, and I find it very cool. I love cool people, and to me she possesses all the cool things in the world. That's what I like about her. I'm really happy.

HJ: You really wore a dress.. I didn't think you would... Aren't you cold?
HB: That kind of insincere comment is... really good.


HJ: I told her to wear a dress as a joke.. but she really did wear a dress that looked really expensive with all the shining stuff... so I looked like a servant. I thought to myself that I should've worn something nicer while I'm grilling the meat. So next time I'll surprise her by wearing something cool while she's wearing something simple.

HJ: How do you eat your ssangchu? (L-let-tuce)
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Why?
HB: Say that again.
HJ: Ssangchu! (L-let-tuce!)

Hyunjoong asks Hwangbo to open the bottle with a spoon..

HJ: I think the person that can open the bottle with a spoon is very cool! Please try it.
*hands her a bottle*
HB: This isn't the honeymoon that I imagined... I thought maybe a ring on the side dish.. but you want me to open a bottle with a spoon?
*opens the bottle*
HB: I did it!! I did it!! Do I look cool now?
HJ: Yes.

HJ: Should we make it a habit to look at each other's eyes while we're talking?
HB: After you stop using honorifics.
HJ: I think we have a long way to go! But from now on, I'll try to speak more casually.
HB: Right. That would be more comfortable. You can even call me "Ya!" (Hey!) if you want.
HJ: No, calling you "Ya!" is too much.
HB: Then how about Buin?
HJ: Buin... then what are you gonna call me? Old man?


HJ: As I caught each of those mosquitoes, I felt that I've successfully protected my wife. I'm serious! Those mosquitoes that will drink my wife's blood... Just the fact that I caught more than 10 mosquitoes in one time.. I felt like I saved my family! But when she asked me to stop catching them, I was disappointed...

Hwangbo reading Hyunjoong's Pledge of Love

HJ: I really wrote them sincerely.
HB: Really?... "The Pledge of Love by Kim Hyunjoong"
"Wherever I am, I will get my wife medicine if she's sick."
"I'll never turn my eyes on any other woman."
"I'm confident that I won't give in to temptations and hardships."
"Since I'm married, I'll always be around my wife, just like oxygen."
HJ: I really wrote this from my heart... Oxygen is better than nitrogen, don't you think?

HJ: I think this is the day we can catch that fish.

HJ: This is the fist time that I'm going to the beach with a girl.
HB: Really? I'm honored.
HJ: Because I really don't like beaches...
HB: Why?
HJ: The sharks...


HB: I can't tell you much because we don't know each other that well yet, but I think I gained confidence on a younger man. Actually I'm not the type that relies on men, but I didn't mind leaning on him to make me happy.

HJ: We don't fit perfectly, but I think we fit well enough. At first I thought she was a tough girl, but she was more girly that I expected. I want her to lean on me. Since we're married, I want to take care of her instead of her taking care of me. I want to be a reliable man.