Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Joongbo Episode 1 Quotes

Episode 1

HB: So how do I call you?
HJ: Normally when I have a girlfriend, I call her "Ya!" ("Hey!")

HB: Earn a lot of money for me~
HJ: I have two events this month.

HB: Do you normally grant your girlfriend's wishes?
HJ: Me? I grant them if I want to, and I don't if I don't want to.
HB: For example?
HJ: Like those stupid wishes... "Please catch a star in the sky for me." I really hate those stuff.

HB: Pick a couple shirt. We're gonna wear them together.
HJ: But I don't really like couple shirts...

HB:So do you regret marrying me?
HJ: No that's not it..
HB: Fine I'll just wear them myself.
HJ: No, which one did you like most?

After cutting the couple shirts...
HJ: I'm sorry.. but can you cut this one too?
HB: Aren't we a married couple already? Don't say that you're sorry... *laughs* Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything wrong.. *pretends to cry* Why are you sorry?

HB: What's that?
HJ: Comics...
HB: Because it might get boring.
HB: You can read them in the house right? I'm not making you read them. We came here to fish and not to read comics.

HJ: I wanted to do well.. I wanted to catch at least a tiny fish to show her I can do it... but it's disappointing that I couldn't do it. Because she's older, I wanted to show her that I can also do well. But since I couldn't do anything, I'm worried she'll still see me as a kid..

HB: If I fall to the sea, will you go and save me?
HJ: Yes I can... but then you're already wearing a lifesaver.