Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kim HyunJoong Confirmed For Drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’

Group SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong has been chosen as the final lead for ‘It started with a kiss’ / ‘Mischievous kiss’.

Kim Hyun Joong’s side Keyeast has revealed that they successfully finished discussions with the drama’s production company Group Eight recently. However, although Kim Hyun Joong has not had signed the papers with Group Eight, they have finished and confirmed his partake in the drama. In awhile more, Group Eight will be releasing official notice of this.

To Kim Hyun Joong’s participation in this drama, he has been on a fiery go with many other strong rivals right until the end, with considered nominees like CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa and DBSG’s ChangMin. Though ChangMin was the final consideration along side Kim Hyun Joong right until the final decision, and that his agency SM Entertainment did meet up with Group Eight with quite a keen stand, MBC’s production company has finally taken a firm stand with Kim Hyun Joong as the choice for male protagonist.

Kim Hyun Joong’s character name will be Baek Seung Jo in the drama, and he plays a genius who has never failed in getting a Number 1 across the entire school who particularly excels in physical education and cooking, not just that, he is also a perfect guy who knows almost every thing under the sky. He will be falling in love with a simple girl Moon Ha Ni (undecided for choice) who has never done anything right, on the contrary to him.

The drama’s production company felt that Kim Hyun Joong’s Yoon JiHoo in Boys over Flowers is somewhat similar to this Baek Seung Jo of ‘It started with a kiss’. Though that being the case, Yoon Ji Hoo was a character very sweet and loving, whereas Baek Seung Jo is one who is cocky and proud, totally on the stark end.

As for the female lead Moon Ha Ni, it hasn’t been decided as of yet. Considered nominee Park Bo Young is facing contract issues with agency company, so her participation will be considered with reservations. As to actress Park Shin Hye, KARA’s Han Seung Yeon, f(x)’s Sulli have all been undergoing auditions for the role, which was gaining about a huge amount of attention after this was known.

‘It started with a kiss’ will begin airing after ‘Road Number One’ drama on MBC in latter half of year.

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There are many discussions about his casting, but you know... to tell you the truth, I am quite nervous. I am one of the people that was not exactly impressed with his acting on Boys Over Flowers. ^^; I do know, however, that Hyunjoong is a very hard worker. He will not improve on his acting if he doesn't take more projects, right? As for the female lead, I would like to see Park Shin Hye ^^ 1) She's a great actress and can pull off the naive heroine. 2) I am not worried for love scandals or anything because, you know I really have a big, big feeling Shin Hye and Jang Geun Seuk are meant to be! :D

and LOL, another reason for my happiness is because one of the boys being chosen is the love of my life, Shim Changmin. o.o~ Now that I think about it, when comparing the snarky factor for the character, I do think Changmin is snarkier than HJ. Hyunjoong is more of a witty/funny person in real life while Changmin is witty/sarcastic in real life. Changmin can easily put that in the drama because he is like that all the time. But then again if he was cast and would kiss another girl infront of me, I don't think I will like it that much lol. I think I'm gonna cry if that happens actually!! But afterwards I will forgive him... I love him that much xDDD


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! i'm sooo excited about this new drama! i've watched the taiwanese drama "it started with a kiss" and the lead actor's role is totally adorable! i'm sure kim hyun joong will gain many new fans coz of this drama. kim hyun joong fighting!!!

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