Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kim HyunJoong’s ‘Kiss’ is sweet? Lee SeungGi's ‘Nine-Tailed Fox’ Mysterious?

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Viewers, especially female viewers have become very troubled in choosing their TV channels.

Not long ago, fans have been excited when they heard news about typical HoonNam* idol star Lee SeungGi and Kim HyunJoong’s drama comeback. However, unfortunately, both dramas have become head-on rivals broadcasting during the same timeslot. Both drama genres are romantic comedy.
*Hoon Nam is a term used for guys who are nice, warm hearted, etc. Can’t find a good English word for it atm.

Both Lee SeungGi and Kim HyunJoong are especially popular among older female fans. Both of them are singer-turned-actors, and similarly went through the same path that the dramas which they have acted in are a huge success and their value was enhanced. Their names cannot be missed even in conversations of some of the attractive celebrities. With their popularity and celebrity qualities, it is hard for them not to gain advantage.

From mid-August to end-September, the battle between Lee SeungGi and Kim HyunJoong’s drama is an opportunity to fight for pride and recognition through viewership ratings.

Lee SeungGi has started with ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox’ on 11-Aug. With a huge success of over 40% viewership rating last year with ‘Shining Inheritance’, this is Lee SeungGi’s second time as leading actor. This summer TV series is a fantasy romance drama, Lee SeungGi acts as a guy with strong refreshed character.

Kim HyunJoong has been selected for MBC Wed-Thu drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’, which originated from a Japanese comic. It will be broadcasted 3 weeks later than Lee SeungGi’s, from 1-Sep onwards. From then on, the intense competition will commence.

Kim HyunJoong’s acting experience is shorter than Lee SeungGi’s. His only drama being ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which was broadcasted last year. But ‘Boys Over Flowers’ has broke through 40% viewership ratings too. All thanks to the wonderful viewership rating records, this competition is being called ‘40%’s Competition’.

Even though they went through similar paths in the entertainment industry, their roles in dramas are poles apart. Lee SeungGi acts as an orphan who lives in a rooftop house, and despite his situation, he is an ‘upright man’ who doesn’t lose his healthy beauty. While for Kim HyunJoong, he acts as a ‘perfect guy’ who has good family background as well as talents.

Besides fans, broadcasters are also concerned with the competition between them. An outsourced production representative said “When planning for the drama, Lee SeungGi and Kim HyunJoong are the stars who will be listed first to be the main lead actor. We will be able to see the outcome of the competition as there will be viewship rating figures announced.”


Anonymous said...

Waah! so much competition, and two of my favorites. I remember SeungGi best when he serenaded Hwangbo in Xmen, although he wasn't chosen, he was adorable. Seems KHJ is now only beginning to compete among some of those idols that adored Hwangbo back in the day, lol.
Even then, I'm supporting KHJ and his new drama.

Anonymous said...

There's a poll on KHJ's thread to vote for up coming drama, it looks like his drama is 3rd. Seems SeungGi's drama is in front. Wonder what happened to KHJ fans?

babypam_08 said...

OMO! Just third? Can you share the link so we can all join forces? I'm worried. I want this drama to be successful.