Monday, July 19, 2010

HyunJoong and JungMin Ideal Type of Girl

Credits : Shirley/shirbogurl + + SS601 +

In Inkigayo 'Take 7' magazine, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min & other artists revealed their ideal type. Kim Hyun Joong mentioned he was a bit nervous since he have not drawn for a long time. He said the first thing he notices about his idea type is egg-shaped face and long hair. The appearnce have to be cute and naive but also possess sexiness. Kim Hyun Joong is attracted to this type of girl. He said "innocent and attractiveness is my ideal type." But after looking at his drawing of his ideal type, everyone burst out in laughters because the girl portrayed in the drawing does not look cute or attractive.

On the opposite, Park Jong Min gave a detailed description of his ideal type: posses "pretty collarbone, double eyelid, big eyes like deer, long brown straight hair. A girl that can converse with me and not fake so I can feel her natural beauty."


Anonymous said...

Once HJ described,HB's eyes were fierce or sharp when looking..but he liked the way HB looked at him with her warm eyes.His drawing revealed his memory of the girl he was once very closed and attached and always lingers in his heart..until now.YOU KNOW WHO without saying ..

Anonymous said...

his drawing is really funny but when you read about his ideal girl you will notice that he referring only one person and we know who is it.. "HB"... :D

joongbo aja!

Anonymous said...

people, stop making HJ draw! that one was creepy!

Anonymous said...

haha...he could be sketching from memory. On the other hand, he may not be an artist like Jun Min, so me thinks he's got a photo in his wallet, how else would the nose and the mouth be on target, kekeke.... to some of us, we can actually see a resemblance to a certain someone (smiling crazy).

Anonymous said...

When Picasso drew his self portrait,it looked very impressive and people don't laugh but when shillang drew his buin wholeheartedly we laugh though they look almost the same style but of course Picasso was a great artist.To me shillang is very talented,without really draw her,we can still guess who she is,right??..