Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SS501 'Let Me Be The One' Music Video

You know after watching this, I feel hopeful... The boys look happy, and it made me feel like maybe this time around they will be happier. They may not be in the same companies, but I feel like they will still go on as SS501.


Anonymous said...

Joongbo fan here first,than KHJ, to SS501. I saw this MV, it brought tears to my eyes, thinking...damn...they were in their prime, JUST REACHING THAT PLACE. I could tell how much they matured by watching their performance. They were better than they have ever been. I thought, How could DSP do this to them? Maybe it had to do with company resources (IDK). Sorry to their fans, I know it's all water under the bridge, and we all need to move on.
I can only wish them the best of whatever their desires in life might be.

Anonymous said...

Oh, *tears* SS501 Forever, in the near end of the video, :((

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UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

i cried...seriously...i cry.... watching them 2gether...and i hope.....they will be 2gether as 1~
3evah! love them!!!!!

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