Monday, March 14, 2011

Kim Hyunjoong's Message For Earthquake Victims

credits: khj + hyunbar + wondergirrrl@lovekimhyunjoong

Extending my deepest condolences
to the victims of the Earthquake that happened in the North-eastern Pacific region

I understand that on the 11th of March,
there was an earthquake in the north-eastern pacific.
After knowing about the devastating aftermath of the earthquake,
I am very worried.

Originally the event was to be held today,
and I've been looking forward to meet everyone.
However, because of the disaster that happened,
we were forced to cancel the plans to visit Japan.

I am not sure if every victim of the earthquake are all in a very dire state or not,
but I really hope that everyone will take care of their health
and continue to pray that everyone can quickly go back to live in safe, peaceful times again.

I look forward to the day when I could see everyone in the highest form again.

Kim Hyun Joong.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry towards the fans who were looking forward to seeing him, but this is for the best. I hope that the fans are being safe and taking care of themselves and are together with their families.