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[Fanaccount] Serving Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong.

The writer said that she used to work at a Korean restaurant (XX Garden) in Apgujung-dong, Seoul as a partime worker. She had chances to serve many entertainers and shared her story when she served Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong.

Many Korean fans assumed that the name of the restaurant she used to work is Samwon Garden, which is famous for Korean Barbecue. Its owner is a famous LPGA player, Park Ji Eun's (aka Grace Park) father. Please enjoy.


Serving Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong.
2011.03.01 20:46

That day was a day that rained really hard. That day I was so busy working at the new building (outside) that I lost my mind. I had to hold the guests' umbrellas, make sure their reservations were taken care of... I was rained on so much... All my makeup was ruined and I just turned into a beast... Haha...

But then all of a sudden, an electronic reservation came in. It was so unbearably busy and a reservation came in. I was throwing a fit while taking down the information, but I found out two hours later that it was a reservation for two people through Kim Hyun Joong. Hehe...

But I had no idea in my wildest dreams that it would actually be Kim Hyun Joong. It is because in the past, there was a reservation under Kang Dong Won's name so I was so excited that I put on my makeup and was waiting around for so long that I kept myself from going to the restroom because I didn't want to miss him!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was instead a grandfather in this 70's saying that he made a reservation under the name Kang Dong Won. So that's why I was thinking to myself that it must be someone with the same name !!!! Yet although the booking information was the same. Or could it have been that he was the grandfather of Kang Dong Won??... I wondered. For a grandfather to say that he was Kang Dong Won.. Haha... These kinds of things end up happening a lot so that's why I genuinely did not know what to think. If I knew, I wouldn't have looked like a monster like I had!!!!!!

Anyways, two hours went by pretty quickly as we changed around the lobby with so many crowded people. So I was greeting and directing the guests through the lobby when a cashier came up to me saying that someone was looking for me to check their reservations. I weaved through the crowd of people and went. (That's not allowed, but it was so busy and I was so frustrated...)

A man in dark clothes and a dark hat that was pressed closed to their face was standing close to the counter.

Me: the name of your reservation-_-?
? - It should be under Kim Hyun Joong.

But I couldn't really hear him with the noise from the rain and the crowds.

Me: Excuse me? What did you say? What name?
? - It is under Kim Hyun Joong.

It ended up being that the Kim Hyun Joong reservation was for a main room.

Me: Sir, you can just head over towards the main building, I said. I just shuffled around trying to tell him.
? - Where is the main building?

He was asking in a scary tone... I immediately shriveled up...
I was looking up to be more thorough of the directions when... ㅡㅡ
It was Bae Yong Joon! I had only heard of him.... it was Yonsama

I was so shocked that I couldn't keep staring... He was very close to me at that point. But Bae Yong Joon had a very intimidating expression on his face... I felt immediately that he had a serious personality... ;;

I was so nervous, I led him to the main cabin... I was politely holding the umbrella for him.
Even on the walk there, he had a quiet expression. Where was that killer smile expression that I had seen on TV for so long?

From there my heart just kept beating... So then the Kim Hyun Joong was that Kim Hyun Joong? >< Oh my God! But I didn't realize that I just had missed seeing Kim Hyun Joong go inside... He seemed to have went into the room when I was trying to avoid all of the busy traffic. Oh my!

But doesn't the car usually wait for him when he's ready to leave? Oohh.....

It was when it hadn't been long since Kim Hyun Joong shot "Boys Over Flowers" so his hair was still blonde and wearing a casual suit... It was really like seeing someone out of a movie... he had a high nose and skin as white as a precious stone. I had no chance going near him with my plain face...

He was really tall, but didn't seem like he was a very articular person... And that was not regarding his acting, but his real life personality.

Since Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong came, there was a large amount of staff that came out in a single filed line. Bae Yong Joon went by really quickly and Kim Hyun Joong didn't know what to do so he just kept nodding and walked by.

+ When the two went to go sit down at the table, everything got really crazy. The two female managers were trying to fight to stay in the room to assist them.
And the female employee that was assigned to assist in that room happened to be a huge Kim Hyun Joong fan, so she was shaking the whole time she was cooking their barbecue on the grill. She still got an autograph at the end... I was really jealous.


Anonymous said...

I read "It was when it hadn't been long since Kim Hyun Joong shot "Boys Over Flowers" so his hair was still blonde.."
So it must be in 2009. But HJ just change his agent company in 2010. Could it be that he planed his career ahead very early. Thats why DSP was mad at him?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, so BYJ scouted him out way back then...

...good chance that BYJ was a ssangchu fan too. Maybe he was flattered by that scene at the skating rink and then became even more interested in signing him on after seeing him BOF.