Monday, March 21, 2011

Watashitachi Kekkon Shimashita Collection Vol.3 [Joongbo WGM Collection Vol.3]

I was blog-hopping a few hours ago about Joongbo... and I found new scans of the Joongbo WGM Collection DVD... which was very weird because I know I saw everything that's in it!!!! Then I realized it was for Volume 3. And I was like WUUUT?? Did I miss something here??? o.O

And I totally did!!!! :o Volume 3 was released last December 25th.. when I had Internet hiatus D: I knew about Volumes 1 & 2.. but not 3... According to the product details, it contains deleted scenes from the previous volumes. See, I don't know if Volumes 1&2 had missing clips from the Korean broadcast, or if they actually meant deleted scenes I haven't seen before. Did anyone get the chance to purchase this DVD yet?


  • Because I'm so weird... I calculated the minutes under the episodes I have uploaded on dailymotion to the minutes on Vol 1 & 2. There is a chunk missing in Vol 1 & 2..
  • According to, CD 1 includes the farm episode, mid-autumn special, chuseok games, ssangchu olympics. CD 2 includes Ant Tour and the SS501-WG blind date :)

Here are the links about the previous volumes btw:

and the scans! credit as tagged :)


kianii said...

OMG! December 25th,2010? I think I may have read something about it in Joongbo Soompi around that time, but my brain didn't click. But it's Joongbo you say? Well I wish it was eng subbed, that may have been the reason why my brain wasn't in gear, lol, *my bad*. Now I'm thinking I should just order the 3 volumes even tho' they are in Japanese.

SH, maybe you can be our fearless leader and request for an eng-subbed version, a petition, so we can all sign it. I'm certain it will be a hit.

Which reminds me, there was a petition a few post back that SSangchudream & friends had drawn up for Joongbo fans to sign and mail to MBC for release of uncut footage of WGM JoongBo. Did we all get a chance to do this?

I think this may open the door for us die hard Ssangchu Couple fans, keke.

JoongBo fighting....

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if HB has any share in it, since the label is DSP. just curious that if DSP doesn't like HB then why promoting them so much in japan.

kianii said...

...Didn't know where else to post my rant, keke.
I was on Joongbo Soompi, reading an update on the JoongBo Relief Fund Drive. I was sad *sighs* to read that only nine Joongbo fans (yes, 9) have thus far donated, with the total @513.00 (USD).

Anyway a deadline has been established for APRIL 29 (Joongbo 3rd Anniversary). The primary goal is 10,000 (USD).
Final objective, 30,000 (USD).

There are many of us who love our Ssangchu Couple, else we wouldn't be popping in here for updates, ney?

I hope we can all come together and give to this great cause, the victims of the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami need our support. It aches my heart, when the thought of many of these people, grandparents, parents and worst of all, children who are hungry and homeless.

Where do they go now? When I am thinking this, I think of Hwangbuin, the photo of her, holding a sign that says "PRAY FOR JAPAN".

Hwangbo for many of us who have followed her as fans, know she is a selfless person, who gives to others and has volunteered herself countless times for many charities. I think this is one of the many qualities that Shillang (KHJ) fell for when he started liking her. She is a very compassionate person, someone I wish I could be more like.

On the other hand, our Shillang is making tons of money now, so he gave a generous amount of money to this great cause. I'm sure he didn't give it a second thought, as the people of Japan have given him much love as an idol.

Other fans are also raising money, and if they can do it, WE CAN, right? Which brings to mind, just recently the fans of PK (yes, Mischievous Kiss) raised money for a children's charity in Malaysia. This was just before the Japan catastrophe.

So, with all this said, we are the GREAT FEARLESS JOONGBOER'S, our ship has sailed thru thick and thin. Let's do this, show our love to JoongBo and let them know we still stand UNITED under the same sky with them.

In conclusion, to those who may have already donated, and to those who still wish to donate, PLEASE email your receipt to Moonlightcreature (aka Moony) who decided to take on this great cause, I'm sure it's not an easy task, as we all have lives, right?
LOLZ...sometimes I wonder, keke, as we all meet each other here *whispers* (some of us secretly).
Yehhhhhh...thanks to SH, the enabler to our SWEET addiction, haha...(SH, you know I love you, right?).
..oops...went off track..but Moony is keeping a tally of our donations, so please email your receipts to:

LET'S GO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I donated to USredcross through cellphone because it's more convenient so I don't have a receipt.

Anonymous said...

@non above, they sent my receipt thru my email, got it on my cellphone, we do everything by cellphone these days, what would we do without it, lol.

hyeklygen said...

I didn't buy the japanese version of ssangchu cut, but I happened understanding japanese and frequently shopping on amazon japan. So I have kept watching the DVDs' selling pages on this web.

About the vol.3 of WGM japanese version, it was because the Vol.1 & 2 release without all scenes which were on Vol.3. First MBC & Japanese licensee owner had no intention to release the Vol.3. After they got so many complaints from the customers. They finally had the scenes back & be released as a Vol.3.
All the scenes in Vol. 3 ARE WHAT WE HAVE SEEN OF KOREAN BROADCAST. it doesn't contain any edited out or deleted scenes we haven't watched...

I read comments on of Vol.3...although they said the all 3 vols are a completed ssangchu-cut, one of the comments said the one which "shilang's singing of falling slowly"scene wasn't included. bad~

Anonymous said...

Yeah I remember this,basically everything hyeklygen said was posted on soompi. Still...even with the hack editing, must be nice to have it in DVD with the extra postcard pictures.

Anonymous said...

I donated with my friends as group but they are not joongbo so i can't send the receipt

Anonymous said...

I also donated with my family and did not do it under Joongbo. I don't think it matters...