Monday, March 14, 2011

[Project] Ssangchu/Joongbo Relief Fund To Japan

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

As many of you guys know, many families need our help recovering from the natural disaster that has struck our Japanese friends recently. Moony (moonlightcreature@soompi) gave me an email today about the Ssangchu relief fund project for Japan. This is a great project and having a tight community like what we have would really help so much people.

Here are the details from Moony:

The idea of the project is essentially to make a donation to the victims of the natural disaster that occurred last Friday in Japan. I think it’s important we all as a collective group and personal individuals donate to this cause.

Project guidelines:

1. Each person would donate personally to any organization in the scene of this natural catastrophe; this avoids money exchanges, it’s simpler, cleaner and more efficient.

2. We all would donate under a project name Ssangchu/Joongbo Relief Fund To Japan

3. Someone will be assigned of collecting the scanned receipts of each person just so we all keep track of what we donated;

4. Being a Fan or not of joongbo is not a reason not to participate in the project, please join in is that is your wish;

For now these are the guidelines;

Some organizations you can donate to: - Red Cross - Global Giving DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS



GaGa said...

I donated under Red Cross, but can't put Joongbo name on it, is that okay?

So, I will forward the receipt to right?

I'm sorry, I can't do more, been very very busy at work, but for donation, I'm in. I wonder should we sent in all our receipt (one copy to Hyun Joong, one copy to Hye Jung) as part of our 3rd Anniversary project?

Anonymous said...

I hope we can all donate in their namesake as Joongboer's.