Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[Video] BTS Coupang CF

I saw a few comments a few posts back that HJ recently had a nosejob and it was evident on the 2nd coupang vid.. I have to disagree though ^^;;

This pic was on my archive last September 2010.

 I have to agree, his nose varies from a lot of angles, but I think his nose looks the same o.o My nose looks higher at a certain angle as well ^^;; And makeup also can change the shape of a person's nose. 

Maybe HJ had done his nose before his debut,.. We can never be sure... but recently, as in this year,.. I don't think so..


Anonymous said...

i had suspicions before that he had a nosejob when i saw him in BOF coz his nose really varies in diff pictures so when i saw him in person, the first thing i observed is his nose. What I observed is that his nose is really not too high for a male and it is just the effect of make up. He looks natural though and his skin is so nice.

there is a rumor that he suffered a broken nose when he got in an accident during bof so his nose was fixed or what they say reconstructed and made it back to his original nose...not sure though

anyway, whether he had a nosejob or not, he's still gorgeous and number one to me...no big deal

Anonymous said...

i think, during the couping lil prince cut, his nose is a bit diff. And i think that they did something to his nose, maybe to make it look more like a lil prince. just for that segment. that's what i think. coz during the dinner/take away segment, his nose looks same, back to normal.

I go agree that he is not anything to his nose recently. I mean, how can one go out play the rough game of football and not protecting his newly done nose? ;)

just my 2 cents..


Freeze said...

I don't think he's done anything to his nose at all. It's just the effects of angle, lighting and make up. When he smiles his nose oso will seem wider-which is only natural. And the coupang cf with papa baek? It's jus gravity pulling the sides of his face to the side, which will also pull the eyes flat, and so further accentuates the sharpness of his nose. He's oso afraid of sharp things so if he can help it, he wouldn't go under the knife. I don't think so.

wink said...

I personally admire KHJ's character. But I still think that with the photo comparison, he had his nose done recently.

By the way, Baby(another khj)had the same effect of makeup during his fashion show last year. His nose looked terribly thin on the pics so it seemed he had a nose surgery but in fact it was just a terrible make-up.

Back to KHJ, with soccer game photo you can see his nose bridge becomes so high.

However, though I feel strange looking at his face right now compared to his cute old days in WGM, with his big heart and compassion for Japan Tsunami, I love him no matter what his nose has become. And I strong;y feel that he now matches with HB more than ever! Do you guys remember what HB gave interview during Thailand fan meeting, "I love the guy who's handsome, kind and can do charity together with me."

This couple is a match made in heaven. (So I think I can stand his nose. Hehehehehe LOL)

Rachel said...

nope - it's obvious he hasn't done any nose job. it's too natural. and the pic just varies from angle to angle and from facial expression to facial expression - just like any real pictures of ourselves. if you look at your own pictures, you will notice that it varies. i have to agree with Freeze up there.