Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kim Hyunjoong to release solo debut album in June

Actor and SS501 member Kim Hyunjoong will also be releasing his solo debut album this year. He is the fourth SS501 this year to be releasing a solo album. He follows Park Jungmin (“The, Park Jungmin”), Kim Hyungjoon (“Girl”), and Heo Youngsaeng (“Let It Go”). Kim Kyujong is the only SS501 member to have not announced an album release so far, and he will be focusing on his acting instead.

Kim Hyunjoong’s solo album will be released in June and he will make his official debut as a solo singer. A representative from his agency, Key East, said to Newsen in an interview on April 8th, “A variety of songs have been selected and he will soon go into recording.”

He will be focusing on the recording of his album and will not participate in external activities.

Heo Youngsaeng announced that he will be releasing a dance track for his solo debut. What kind of song do you think Hyunjoong will release? - newsen + uni koreaboo


Anonymous said...

i wish to see him rocking.

afayscute said...

me too....the way he play the guitar in WGM..aaaaaaaaaaaa....totaly love it.............ROCKK!!!!!!!!!!!