Saturday, April 2, 2011


HELLO AGAIN EVERYBODY!!!!~~ Welcome to the new blog n.n Hope you guys like the new look!!!~~~

I really hoped that it would come out faster but again, things didn't go as planned ;__; I asked Quiss to make the art~ I really wanted the roller coaster ride HAHAHA! Here is the full version on her deviantart page:

(I still have to fix the links but I didn't want the blog to be out for more than a week.. ^^; I will fix it soon ^^;;)

Oh! I just want to recommend something... I watched a Thai movie, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love... T_T Ladies, it was unexpectedly good!! It was the first Thai movie I watched and I was very moved.. I seriously was listening to it's OST, "Someday" while making this layout.

I do not know how much longer
That I have to survive with all the
I've been hiding all the truth in my heart

Every time we meet
Every time you turn my face to
Although I look indifferent
Do you know how much I have to force yourself?

Can you hear my heart calling for you, love you?
But I could not open my heart for anyone to know
Can you hear it?
My heart kept waiting there for you
Waiting for your open
and hope you will realize ..

Though I love you
Although I feel
but deep inside, I do not dare to tell you

I really recommend this movie!!! I guess it's because I can relate? hahaha~

[If you want to watch it you can get it here: Movie Subtitles] WOOT!

Also Yongseo couple officially left today.. I'm very sad about that... I really like this couple... It was so touching how Seohyun finally learned to open up, and how Yonghwa, who was more experienced in relationships, helped her realize what it is to love and be loved.. I'm gonna miss them.. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

The new look is really awesome!!!
Thanks a lot SH!!!

Anonymous said...

ur blog is the best..!!

Like it much.. <3

meme =p said...

I knew it would be fabulous!! Your hardwork was definitely worth it.
I thought the evolution of their relationship was sweet and believable. They weren't nearly as fun as joongbo but I thought they were just as sincere!
Thanks again SH!!! You are very much appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely layout ^ ^ I too liked YongSeo. IMO, Seohyun isn't half as endearing and cute with Soshi unnies as she was with Yonghwa, so it was really nice watching her open up to that extent with him. I'll miss watching them~

Anonymous said...

Wow, new look!!! I like it. Just one request, can you please make the font in the posts a little bigger or darker. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SH!! So love the new layout.

J.J. said...

So sorry I pulled a vanishing act~
school is not cooperating with me this sem, fighting it with all i've got and then some so that's why I haven't been here.

I miss everyone terribly. Great site update!!! <3

<3 <3 <3 Spring is here~

kiani said...

SH..yes, I love it, the new everything, but I agree with anon above, the font is kinda light, I thought I was the only one, keke...other than my poor eyes, every things great, or is there something I can do to my computer.

@JJ, sorry, and spring is here, that doesn't help any, haha...but putting forth your effort will be good. Good Luck..

Hi meme=p, missed you...
heck...I missed everyone..

Anonymous said...

a different style! it feels older and sweeter, love it :) thanks for your hardwork sh!

Anonymous said...

love the new lay out..


OniME said...


ze said...

SH....i love the new 'look' of your blog..... it's so refreshing.... thanks for recommending the Thai movie....i am already downloading the first part from YT ^_^

Anonymous said...

really lile the new design of your blog!! :D

Anonymous said...

*like ^^v

rui said...

love yr layout^^

LvDMay said...

I LOVE the new layout!! It fits the whole joongbo theme well and it's so cute!! I really do love it how you decided to put joongbo mvs instead of random songs. It's not like I don't like the songs from the previous blog, but I LOVE the JOONGBO Mv's more!!!!

fudgeorange said...

SH!!! Welcome back! Thanks so much for updating your wonderful blog! Sweet!^^ Let's just be careful, because 'ants' might crawl out of nowhere. Just kidding. ;)

Loved the new layout, from the header to the mixpod!(extra liked the mixpod!) Yay! *hugs* Cheers to all JoongBo/Ssangchu MV-makers! Thanks for keeping the sweet ssangchu vibes through the MVs. Thanks SH, for featuring them on mixpod!^^

"A Crazy Thing Called Love" was also the first Thai movie I've watched. I agree with your 'review.' :) To those who haven't seen it yet, try to check it out. Interesting & heart-warming.^^

Segyero! ^^ To the world! -- Coupang! lol.

~~ fudgestrawberry ~~

Anonymous said...

Hi SH!! Thanks alot for bringing this blog back with this new lovely blogskin. *dances around in joy*

babypam_08 said...

Hi SH! That rollercoaster scene was one of my favorites haha! It was really fun to watch them. They really had a good time in that episode. Im so glad you're back. I haven't visited your blog in a while and I got worried coz I couldn't access your account. But here you are! Thanks for all the effort! :)

lk said...

Hello SH!Great to see you back!Everything is great beside the font size!Oh!Thanks for the update too!Have a nice day!

danlyne.L said...

the rollercoaster is uber cute!! nice!! ohh i love that thai show too!! if only the guy's voice not so "teh". P shone! hehe!!

BabyG12 said...

Good job SH ..