Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Photos] Joongbo Update

i can actually take this semi mopness he got going on.

lookin cute here too!!

but this full mop octopus head?? 
*points and laughs at hj*
*gets hit by a cucumber*

i'm jealous of your long lashes hwang buin..

love her hair + dress!! stolenshotness!! love her!!


Lil' Sue said...

Buin and Shillang look AWESOME here...too bad..when I went to Buin restaurant...she was not there...(T_T)

kianii said...

SH, it's funny what we call the new style for Shillangs' CF's, haha...
..and did anyone mention that Buin returned to her natural color? I like her best this way, but I guess I had gotten use to what she's been doing to her hair, lol...she's gorgeous whichever way. In these photo's here, she's also not wearing too much makeup.

OMG! I remember you had said you were planning a trip to Korea, glad it went thru. But, so sorry you didn't get to see our Buin. It seems lately Buin's been pretty busy guesting in reality shows. I really would have been bummed out not seeing her either. Did you get a chance to see Jaksal too?

gracia said...

Would you be able to give directions on how to get to Buin's restaurant? Like what area of Seoul?

kdj said...

wow...amazing..if HB can makes a girl's heart skips a bit (that's mine,lol) with that gorgeous look of her, I wonder how strong HJ's heart enduring skipped bitS while they were together in wgm..to me she looks radiantly beautiful with the same natural look back then^_^

and if I have to be honest... while I still can accept that hairdo on pretty HB, I can't fairly accept that same look on him, seriously...ssorry ^_*

btw, what I noticed from this post (thanks for sharing SH!), it seems like HJ & HB were exchanging their usual hairdo, weren't they? Shillang usually go with more natural looks, Buin was the opposites...but here we see the reversal of that normality for both...teehee...are they hinting us with how they work their hair now? ^^

BabyG12 said...

Shillang ... can u pls change your hairstyle ... lol .. its look like a mop covering your beautiful head ... ha..ha..ha.. but as usual your smile is still killing me softly ...

Lil' Sue said...

Kiani: Originally Ms Auditor and I planned to go to Jaksal. But we only managed to go to Simsontang and also HnB company (Hyun Joon baby) to buy piro piro pillow...Actually Buin was somewhere in Gangnam subway station shooting for Muhan girls..(the black swan)on the day we went to Everland...we passed by but too bad...we just missed it!! (T_T)